Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev

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Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev
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Saturday, July 25, 2020
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I think this will be the easiest fight Joshua has had since Molina, still harder than any fight he had before Klitschko apart from Whyte, and I think it would have been a difficult fight if it happened when it was a supposed to, but Joshua has improved a lot since then, and Pulev must have got worse, he is 39, I don't think he is much worse based on his last few fights, but he must have declined at least slightly. I think style wise, Pulev is more similar to Klitschko than any of Joshua's opponents since Klitschko, he is very different to Ruiz, so Joshua will have to make adjustments, but he has fought a lot of good fighters with different styles.

Joshua is probably stronger than Pulev, has more speed, power, and I don't think experience favours either fighter at this stage, both are technically skilled, but I think Joshua is technically better based on the his last few fights. Pulev has a great counter jab, but Joshua has developed a solid jab over the last few years, he uses it to set up the right hand, controls the distance with it, I think the battle of the jabs will be interesting.

Pulev is hard to prepare for, easy to underestimate when you watch him fight, he ties up, stops you working on the inside, his style is ugly, but he is effective, he makes you look bad, I think for a couple of rounds, Pulev will give Joshua problems, by beating him to the jab and nullifying Joshua's response, I think Joshua will struggle to land the right hand at the start of the fight.

I think Joshua will land his jab more often after the first 2 rounds, and he will start to land the right hand. I don't think Pulev will fight like against Klitschko, I think he will try to keep beating Joshua to the jab and be cautious after he takes the right hand, because trying being brave before he was smart got him stopped against Klitschko, and I think clinching will be less effective as Joshua adapts to his style. I think Joshua will out jab Pulev more and more, in rounds 4 and 5, will knock a lot out of Pulev with single power shots, and when Pulev slows down, backs up and stops throwing his own shots, Joshua will throw combinations, and I think that's when he'll stop Pulev.

I think Joshua stops Pulev in 6.