Antonio Cervantes vs Esteban DeJesus

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Antonio Cervantes vs Esteban DeJesus
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Saturday, May 17, 1975
Gimnasio Nuevo Panama, Panama City, Panama
Rounds Scheduled: 
Contracted Weight: 
Titles at Stake: 
WBA Light Welterweight World Title (Cervantes's 9th defence)
Isidro Rodriguez

Official Judging
Harmodio Cedeno 147 - 138
Rodolfo Hill 148 - 136
Isidro Rodriguez 148 - 135


"Antonio Cervantes of Columbia, the WBA junior welterweight champion, retained his title Saturday night by scoring a 15 round decision over Puerto Rican challenger Esteban Dejesus, the top-ranked challenger. Cervantes knocked Dejesus down three times during the fight, and the challenger was badly beaten towards the end. At the end of the bout Dejesus, bleeding from a cut over his left eyebrow, which was opened in the 5th round, was helped to his corner by the Venezuelan referee Isidro Rodriguez. Dejesus was barely able to stand up by himself toward the end of the fight." -Associated Press

Cervantes dropped Dejesus in rounds 1, 12 and 15.Purses - Cervantes - $75,000, Dejesus - $15,000

Post fight comment

"I hit him with all the ammunition I knew I had. Dejesus is a strong fighter." -Antonio Cervantes

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