Artur Beterbiev vs Fanlong Meng

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Artur Beterbiev vs Fanlong Meng
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Sunday, March 28, 2021
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Champion97's picture


I think Beterbiev stops Meng in 5 or 6 rounds, I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped him early, because Beterbiev hits very hard and Meng has a very questionable chin, but Beterbiev isn't the fastest starter, and I think Meng will be at his best in this fight, has a reach advantage, I don't think he can use it to out box Beterbiev at all, I don't think he will win a round against Beterbiev, but he might be able to use it to delay Beterbiev and make it take him longer to break him down.

Jarod Killian's picture

Meng is still a bad motherfucker and a legit tough guy. All fighters respect him out of the ring. He is known for being a tough mofo outside the ring. There's this story that he once was at a bar, and other boxers were present, some random dude tried to pick a fight with him and he bit the dude's nose off. Many boxers say that if they had to fight Meng outside the ring they'd lose badly. Like I don't remember who was the fighter but he said if he had a gun with one round left, he'd shoot himself in the head because he'd be afraid if he shot Meng and missed he'd piss him off so bad that he'd kill him slowly.