Evander Holyfield vs Anthony Davis

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Evander Holyfield vs Anthony Davis
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Saturday, December 21, 1985
Pavilion Convention Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
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Al Rothenberg


From the New York Times, December 22, 1985:

In beating Davis - ranked No. 9 in the cruiserweight division by both the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council - Holyfield was a masterful boxer-puncher. . . . Davis had difficulty penetrating the defense of Holyfield. . . . When he finally did land some punches, in the third round, he triggered a fiercer attack from Holyfield. A left hook by Holyfield was the start of a series of blows that staggered Davis, who tried unsuccessfully to clinch. Holyfield pushed Davis away and battered him with both hands, bloodying his nose and mouth. Referee Al Rothenberg stepped in and gave Davis a standing 8 count just before the bell ended the round.

Holyfield banged away with both hands from the start of the fourth round. Two hard rights and a grazing left sent Davis to his knee, and Rothenberg waved an end to the fight at 1:31 of the round. The victory raised Holyfield's record to 8-0, with five knockouts.

"Evander Holyfield is the next cruiserweight champion," Davis said. "He's got a good man in trainer Georgie Benton and he's still learning. He's got the will to fight, too. He's very sharp and he's tough. I cracked him some shots, his eyes rolled up in his head, but he came back fighting."

From the New York Times, October 22, 1990:

On Dec. 21, 1985, in Virginia Beach, Va., against his first ranked opponent, Anthony Davis, Holyfield . . . briefly feared he had made a grievous mistake by stepping up in class.

"When I got in the ring," he said, "I looked over at him and thought: 'He looks twice my size. How can he weigh just two pounds more and look twice my size?' I could feel his strength. For the first time I was shaken up by punches. I remember one time I had my hands up and the punch came through the gloves and spun me around."

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