Francisco Vargas vs Brandon Bennett

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Francisco Vargas vs Brandon Bennett
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Friday, August 9, 2013
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Official Judging
James Jen Kin 98 - 92
Max DeLuca 99 - 91
Ray Corona 99 - 90


Fight Notes: 

Francisco Vargas 16-0-1 (13 KOs) vs. Brandon Bennett 16-0 (7 KOs) Fight was the primary undercard bout for Deontay Wilder vs. Siarhei Liakhovich. Bennett entered as a 2-to-1 betting underdog. It was the first fight for Bennett at 130 pounds since January of 2010. Bennett was escorted to the ring by his stablemate Adrien Broner. A clash of heads in Round 5 opened a long slit on Vargas's left eye. Action was paused in the final minute of the sixth to allow the ringside physician to view the cut which had been reopened. Vargas indicated that he could see and action continued. Vargas outworked Bennett throughout the fight. Bennett managed to win a couple rounds by ring generalship but could not keep up with the fast pace Vargas put forth.

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