Francisco Vargas vs Jerry Belmontes

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Francisco Vargas vs Jerry Belmontes
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Friday, December 13, 2013
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Official Judging
Thomas Taylor 100 - 89
Max DeLuca 100 - 89
Fritz Werner 100 - 89


Fight Notes: 

In a ten round action lightweight bout seen live on Fox Sports, Vargas outworked Belmontes to win every round and the bout on the punch count, in terms of punches thrown and punches landed. Belmontes had a good defense in the later rounds, though, slipping punches fairly well, and landing an occasional counter power shot to remain somewhat competitive and in the house to some extent. Belmontes was not hurt, he just could not match Vargas' offensive output of frequent jabs and power shots all night. Neither man hurt, but not a close bout.

Belmontes penalized one point in round 3 for low blows.

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