Oleksandr Usyk vs Dereck Chisora

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Oleksandr Usyk vs Dereck Chisora
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Sunday, May 23, 2021
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This is a good step up for Usyk, I think Chisora is a level above Witherspoon. I think Chisora will make this a competitive fight, he is definitely a top 20 heavyweight, possibly even top 15, based on his last 4 fights. Chisora is short, but he is not small, fights at 245-260, he is stronger than Usyk's last opponent, I think he hits harder, and he is definitely a better pressure fighter. I don't think Chisora has a good shot to win, I think Usyk is a level above, is the much technically and fundamentally better, and Usyk is younger, has a lot less miles than Chisora, he's beaten better fighters than Chisora, and Chisora has 9 losses, having only fought 1-2 opponents who were better than Usyk in my opinion, but it's an interesting fight with the size aspect, and Chisora has been a lot more active than Usyk in the last 18 months, which I think will also be a factor.

I think Chisora's style is bad for Usyk, because he applies pressure, attacks the body, has a good over hand right, so it will be hard for Usyk to box comfortably and use the ring, Chisora will try to make it his fight, and won't make it an easy fight for Usyk by trying to box on the outside or look for one big shot, he will always be on the front foot, will take advantage of the size aspect, and won't allow Usyk to nick rounds without working hard. It will be interesting to see how Usyk fights after taking the body shots from Chisora and how his chin holds up if Chisora lands clean. I don't think there is a big difference in power between Chisora and Witherspoon, but Chisora has a higher output and is more aggressive, so Usyk's durability will be a lot more tested in this fight.

I think Chisora will be relentless, will make it a tough fight for Usyk for 4-6 rounds, but whenever the pace slows down, Usyk will out box him, and I think Chisora will be the one who tires in the mid rounds, because he will take chances, will miss a lot, and Usyk will attack off the back foot, land shots throughout the fight. I think when Chisora slows down, backs off, Usyk will take over the fight, will land clean in high volume, to head and body, round after round, break Chisora down, and stop him late.

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May 23. Shit. Usyk's had too long of a layoff already, it'd be a real shame if this got cancelled.

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It probably will with all this Corona OOGA BOOGA HULLABALOO going on

I have slim hopes that stuff in May could be hosted without crowds. If we're past the peak by then, I don't see why combat sports can't have one off events.

I have slim hopes that stuff in May could be hosted without crowds. If we're past the peak by then, I don't see why combat sports can't have one off events.

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I sure hope so too!

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Interesting matchup. While most are giving Usyk the edge, I would not be too surprised if Chisora won.