Oscar Rivas vs Fabio Maldonado

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Oscar Rivas vs Fabio Maldonado
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Saturday, December 1, 2018
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Official Judging
Mike Ross 99 - 90
Guy Girard 99 - 90
Marie-Josee Guerin 100 - 89


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Champion97's picture


Good match up, battle of the unbeatens, combined record of 50-0.

I thini Rivas is steady away, was a good amateur, is 24-0 as a professional, he wasn't great in his last fight, but he got the win against a good European level fighter. Rivas seemed to tire, struggle to do the rounds against Hubeaux, might be about him being too heavy, at 230-240, he's stacked for a short heavyweight. Rivas is 31, he's fresh, he is probably at his best now, he does have a fight against Bryant Jennings in January, so he might be looking past Maldonado, which could be a bad idea, but if he gets a win over a higher profile opponent, he might be able to make a name for himself.

Maldonado is 26-0, 96% KOs, safe to say he is a puncher. The only non-knockout win for Maldonado was a DQ, not sure why it was a DQ, seeing as the other side threw in the towell, but that's his only win that didn't come by stoppage, he has never been past 5 rounds, been past 4 rounds just once, hasn't been past 3 rounds in over 10 years. Maldonado has a padded record, hard to argue against that, 14 of his opponents have had losing records, and some of them very bad records, he has fought 6 opponents with winning records, but they all had only won 1-3 more fights than they had lost, fought 5 opponents on their debuts, 14 of his opponents had no wins, so his opposition has been terrible, and not just by world level standard. Maldonado's career has been easy, so he can't have many miles, he's a heavyweight, but he is still 38, past his prime, and declining. Maldonado's ability to do even 8 rounds at a good pace, his chin, his defence, offensive versatility, all completely untested.

A lot of Maldonado's opponents don't seem to be durable at all, so he might not hit so hard, but he might, and it will be interesting if he can get off to a good start, hurt Rivas, but if he can't, and his untested power isn't up to much, I think Rivas will win the early rounds, and dominate the rest of the fight, as the guy who has been fighting levels above his whole career, amateur and professional, also the fighter who is 7 years younger and will drag his opponent where he has never been if this goes past 5.

I think Rivas stops Maldonado, maybe in 8 rounds.

Gold's picture

Just in case people don't know, Maldonado fights in MMA. He has a 24-13 record, not really known as a huge puncher as his boxing record suggests. He fought in the UFC from 2010 to 2015 at a low level, he was a top 30-40 Light Heavyweight (205 lbs) at best. In his career he's beat some lower level UFC guys like Vitor Miranda and Gian Villante, lost to some high level contenders and future/former champions like Glover Teixeira, Stipe Miocic, Rampage Jackson, Corey Anderson, and an old Fedor (controversially). He's also lost to some lower level guys throughout his career and lost his last two fights in Russian organizations by KO. I'd be surprised if Maldonado made it the distance, he's only fought bums in boxing and he's old with a lot of miles on him. Rivas had a successful amateur boxing career, has okay pro boxing experience, so I'd be surprised if he didn't stop Maldonado.