Sergey Lipinets vs Kudratillo Abdukakhorov

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Sergey Lipinets vs Kudratillo Abdukakhorov
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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Both fighters have one good win, Lipinets beat Peterson, Abdukakhorov beat Collazo, both opponents were past their primes, but not shot, Lipinets got the stoppage against Peterson, but Abdukakhorov beat Collazo by a landslide, it was a TD, but it went 10 rounds.

Based on their styles, Lipinets is likely to be the aggressor, and Abdukakhorov is likely to box on the back foot. Lipinets hits very hard, Peterson and Mikey Garcia both say he hits harder than Spence, so Abdukakhorov has to be wary of his power, but he got outworked at times against Peterson, he is easy to hit, his feet are slow, and I think Abdukakhorov has the skills to beat him. I think the outcome of this fight depends on the durability of Abdukakhorov.

I think Abdukakhorov wins this, and I think by UD, but it will be a competitive fight, wouldn't be surprised if Lipinets stopped him or won on knock downs, but I think Abdukakhorov will use the ring, will land combinations and get back on his bike, Lipinets won't be able to make him fight in the pocket, and Abdukakhorov will win a UD.

was this fight canceled??

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It seems likely it isn't going to be on this card but it will happen at a later date. It isn't on BoxRec with all the other fights and there hasn't been any news about it.

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I think that Sergey Lipinets will win.