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PCOM Scoreboard

Updated after Oubaali vs Villanueva, Brant vs Murata II, Joyce vs Jennings, Dubois vs Gorman, Vargas vs Kameda, De La Hoya vs Rios

1. Gold. 14
2. Champion58, JML14. 13
3. Champion97, mike25, NF82. 12
4. Floyd tough competitor mayweather, goosu, petieroach, SalTnutZ1. 11

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Oubaali vs Villanueva

Champion58 - Oubaali. UD. 2
Champion97 - Oubaali. Late. 4
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Oubaali. Mid. 5
Gold - Oubaali. Mid. 5
goosu - Oubaali. Late. 4
JML14 - Oubaali. UD. 2
NF82 - Oubaali. Mid. 5
SalTnutZ1 - Oubaali. UD. 2

Brant vs Murata II

Champion58 - Brant. UD. 0
Champion97 - Brant. SD. 0
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Brant. UD. 0
Gold - Brant. UD. 0
goosu - Brant. UD. 0
JML14 - Brant. UD. 0
mike25 - Brant. UD. 0
NF82 - Murata. Late. 3
petieroach - Brant. UD. 0
SalTnutZ1 - Brant. UD. 0

Joyce vs Jennings

Champion58 - Joyce. SD. 4
Champion97 - Joyce. Late. 2
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Joyce. Late. 2
Gold - Joyce. Mid. 2
goosu - Joyce. Mid. 2
JML14 - Joyce. Late. 2
mike25 - Joyce. Late. 2
NF82 - Jennings. SD. 0
petieroach - Joyce. Mid. 2
SalTnutZ1 - Jennings. UD. 0

Dubois vs Gorman

Champion58 - Dubois. UD. 2
Champion97 - Dubois. SD. 2
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Gorman. SD. 0
Gold - Dubois. UD. 2
goosu - Gorman. UD. 0
JML14 - Dubois. Late. 4
mike25 - Dubois. Mid. 5
NF82 - Gorman. UD. 0
petieroach - Dubois. Late. 4
SalTnutZ1 - Dubois. Late. 4

Vargas vs Kameda

Champion58 - Vargas. UD. 5
Champion97 - Vargas. SD. 4
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Vargas. MD. 4
Gold - Vargas. UD. 5
goosu - Vargas. UD. 5
JML14 - Vargas. UD. 5
mike25 - Vargas. UD. 5
NF82 - Vargas. MD. 4
petieroach - Vargas. UD. 5
SalTnutZ1 - Vargas. UD. 5

De La Hoya vs Rios

Champion58 - De La Hoya. UD. 0
Champion97 - De La Hoya. Late. 0
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - De La Hoya. UD. 0
Gold - De La Hoya. UD. 0
goosu - De La Hoya. UD. 0
JML14 - De La Hoya. MD. 0
mike25 - De La Hoya. UD. 0
NF82 - De La Hoya. UD. 0
petieroach - De La Hoya. UD. 0
SalTnutZ1 - De La Hoya. Mid. 0

Dadashev vs Matias

Champion58 - Matias. Late
Champion97 - Dadashev. UD
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Dadashev. UD
Gold - Dadashev. Late
goosu - Dadashev. Late
JML14 - Dadashev. Late
mike25 - Matias. Mid
NF82 - Dadashev. UD
petieroach - Dadashev. UD
SalTnutZ1 - Dadashev. UD

Lopez vs Nakatani

Champion58 - Lopez. Late
Champion97 - Lopez. Mid
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Lopez. Mid
Gold - Lopez. Mid
goosu - Lopez. Mid
JML14 - Lopez. Early
mike25 - Lopez. Early
NF82 - Lopez. Late
petieroach - Lopez. Early
SalTnutZ1 - Lopez. Late

Chisora vs Szpilka

Champion58 - Chisora. Late
Champion97 - Chisora. Mid
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Chisora. Late
Gold - Chisora. UD
goosu - Chisora. UD
JML14 - Chisora. Late
mike25 - Szpilka. UD
NF82 - Szpilka. SD
petieroach - Chisora. Early
SalTnutZ1 - Szpilka. SD

Allen vs Price

Champion58 - Allen. Mid
Champion97 - Allen. Mid
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Allen. Mid
Gold - Allen. Mid
goosu - Allen. Mid
JML14 - Allen. Early
mike25 - Allen. Early
NF82 - Allen. Mid
petieroach - Allen. Mid
SalTnutZ1 - Allen. Mid

Whyte vs Rivas

Champion58 - Whyte. UD
Champion97 - Whyte. MD
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Whyte. MD
Gold - Whyte. UD
goosu - Rivas. UD
JML14 - Whyte. Late
mike25 - Whyte. SD
NF82 - Rivas. Late
petieroach - Whyte. UD
SalTnutZ1 - Rivas. Mid

Nery vs Payano

Champion58 - Nery. Mid
Champion97 - Nery. Early
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Nery. Early
Gold - Nery. Early
goosu - Nery. Early
JML14 - Nery. Mid
mike25 - Nery. Early
NF82 - Nery. Mid
petieroach - Nery. UD
SalTnutZ1 - Nery. Mid

Lipinets vs Molina

Champion58 - Lipinets. Mid
Champion97 - Lipinets. Late
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Lipinets. Late
Gold - Lipinets. UD
goosu - Lipinets. UD
JML14 - Lipinets. UD
mike25 - Lipinets. UD
NF82 - Lipinets. Late
petieroach - Lipinets. Mid
SalTnutZ1 - Lipinets. MD

Ugas vs Figueroa

Champion58 - Ugas. Late
Champion97 - Draw
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Ugas. UD
Gold - Ugas. UD
goosu - Ugas. UD
JML14 - Figueroa. SD
mike25 - Ugas. UD
NF82 - Ugas. UD
petieroach - Ugas. UD
SalTnutZ1 - Figueroa. UD

Plant vs Lee

Champion58 - Plant. Late
Champion97 - Plant. Late
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Plant. UD
Gold - Plant. Late
goosu - Plant. UD
JML14 - Plant. UD
mike25 - Plant. UD
NF82 - Plant. Late
petieroach - Plant. Early
SalTnutZ1 - Plant. UD

Thurman vs Pacquiao

Champion58 - Thurman. UD
Champion97 - Thurman. Late
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Thurman. SD
Gold - Thurman. UD
goosu - Thurman. UD
JML14 - Pacquiao. SD
mike25 - Pacquiao. SD
NF82 - Thurman. UD
petieroach - Thurman. UD
SalTnutZ1 - Pacquiao. UD

Davis vs Nunez

Champion58 - Davis. Mid
Champion97 - Davis. Early
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Davis. Early
Gold - Davis. Early
goosu - Davis. Early
JML14 - Davis. Mid
mike25 - Davis. Early
NF82 - Davis. Early
petieroach - Davis. Early
SalTnutZ1 - Davis. Early

Ramirez vs Hooker

Champion58 - Ramirez. UD
Champion97 - Ramirez. UD
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Ramirez. SD
Gold - Hooker. UD
goosu - Hooker. UD
JML14 - Hooker. SD
mike25 - Ramirez. MD
NF82 - Hooker. MD
petieroach - Hooker. UD
SalTnutZ1 - Hooker. UD

Farmer vs Frenois

Champion58 - Farmer. UD
Champion97 - Farmer. UD
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Farmer. UD
Gold - Farmer. UD
goosu - Farmer. UD
JML14 - Farmer. UD
mike25 - Farmer. UD
NF82 - Frenois. SD
petieroach - Farmer. MD
SalTnutZ1 - Farmer. UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Is it too late to switch my pick for tonight Champ? Because I'd like to switch to Rojas by late stoppage if possible please?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Hi champion, could you change my prediction for the Khan-Vargas fight to Khan beats Vargas by UD?

Thanks in you advance.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

No problem

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Damn, I keep forgetting to add some of my predictions..

I like Ioka MD and Rosales UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Want to change my pick to Oubaali by MD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Ouballi UD
Browne UD
Thurman MD
Mungia UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (March 2018)

1. JML14 (15)
2. Gold (14)
2. SalTnutZ1 (14)
3. Boxing Purist (12)
4. Champion97 (11)
4. Champion58 (11)
5. martin eden (10)
6. EndOfMe1994 (9)
7. what_is_the_default_password (5)

JML14 wins PCOM!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Is there a difference in this game if you pick KO or TKO ? I always write KO and by that i mean KO,TKO or DQ...so a win inside the scheduled distance. I've noticed you put KO by my name and TKO by others so.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Not at all, it doesn't matter. Nobody gets any points if it is a disqualification, but that rarely happens, you can predict a disqualification, and get 3 points though.

Great that you made predictions, but maybe make one for each fight in the prediction vault, up to you, but the more fights you make a prediction for, the better chance you give yourself of winning!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Yeah i plan to make a prediction for every fight in the fault...but i want to do it week by week...but i can do it for the whole month in once if you prefer that.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

It is 100% up to you pal! Great to have you involved, the more participants, the better!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (April 2018)

1. Champion97 (33)
1. SalTnutZ1 (33)
2. JML14 (32)
3. Champion58 (29)
4. EndOfMe1994 (26)
4. Gold (26)
4. mike25 (26)
5. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (20)
6. what_is_the_default_password (9)
7. Boxing Purist (5)
8. martin eden (4)

Me and SalTnutZ1 are the winners of PCOM April 2018!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (May)

1. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (31)
2. EndOfMe1994 (29)
2. mike25 (29)
3. Champion97 (28)
4. Champion58 (27)
4. Gold (27)
5. SalTnutZ1 (25)
6. JML14 (22)
7. what_is_the_default_password (12)
8. Boxing Purist (0)
8. martin eden (0)

Floyd tough competitor mayweather wins May's PCOM!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard


Just made a tracker for you to use if it helps. Here...


Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (June)

1. JML14 (49)
2. Gold (41)
3. SalTnutZ1 (40)
4. Champion97 (35)
5. Champion58 (34)
6. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (33)
7. EndOfMe1994 (31)
8. Chrisvilla (28)
9. mike25 (26)
10. what_is_the_default_password (3)

JML14 wins PCOM June!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion Of The Month (July)

1. Champion58 (33)
2. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (29)
3. SalTnutZ1 (27)
4. Gold (25)
5. Champion97 (24)
6. JML14 (21)
7. EndOfMe1994 (5)
8. mike25 (4)
9. what_is_the_default_password (2)
10. Chrisvilla (0)

Champion58 (dad) wins PCOM July!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Congrats father Champion!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Cheers mate! Pity about Dib, best name in boxing Billy Dib, but Farmer deserved to win.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Beltran beats Pedraza TKO. (Mid)

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Alexander beats Berto UD
Love beats Quillin UD
Kovalev beats Alvarez UD
Bivol beats Chilemba TKO (Mid)
Diaz beats Rojas UD
Frampton beats Jackson UD
Rosales beats Barnes UD
Fury beats Pianeta TKO (late)
Dogboe beats Otake UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Love looks to be clearly on the way to losing a wide UD, ****.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Wow, I had a terrible first weekend in the league lol.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion of the Month (August)

1. Gold (34)
2. SalTnutZ1 (31)
3. Champion58 (28)
4. Champion97 (27)
5. JML14 (24)
6. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (21)
7. Matchroom (10)
8. EndOfMe1994 (4)

Gold wins PCOM August!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Congrats Gold! I was so close, yet so far!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Thanks! This next month is going to be a great one, really stacked with good competitive fights.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

You're going down Gold, next month will be my month!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I'm coming for both of ya! Haha

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Ioka beats Arroyo UD
Nietes beats Palicte UD
Estrada beats Orucuta Late
Khan beats Vargas Mid
Porter beats Garcia SD
Ramirez beats Orozco Late
Dadashev beats DeMarco Late
Golovkin beats Alvarez II SD
O'Sullivan beats Lemieux Mid
Munguia beats Cook Early
Gonzalez beats Fuentes Early
Joshua beats Povetkin Late
Campbell beats Mendy II UD
Tanaka beats Kimura UD
Groves beats Smith UD
Charr beats Oquendo Mid
Ortiz beats Molina Early

Not seeing Ortiz vs Molina listed anywhere?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Great you're still involved, 7 competitors, not bad.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I would like to change GGG beats Canelo to Canelo beats GGG by UD?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I'm leading by 1 point with a big weekend to come woo hoo lol!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Still have my lead, a whole 2 points now!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Does Ortiz vs Molina still happen?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

3 point lead now, almost there Kumite! Kumite! Kumite!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion of the Month (September)

1. Matchroom (41) 1.Champion97 (41)
2. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (38) 2.Champion58 (38) 2. SalTnutZ1 (38)
3. Gold (35)
4. JML14 (32)
5. Boxing Knowledge (27)
6. EndOfMe1994 (5)

Matchroom and Myself are winners this month!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Great call/pick Champ to come from behind and tie it up! If Groves held on until the 9th you would have won! Congrats!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Pulev is fighting Fury not only in Bulgaria, but his hometown in Bulgaria. There is a reason why Miller wouldn't take the fight, he didn't think he would have the power to stop Pulev and he couldn't get a decision there. I think Hughie is in the same boat as Miller. Props to him for taking the fight, but unless he dominates thoroughly he's not gonna get a decision in Pulev's backyard, and he doesn't have the power to KO him.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

It's too late to add now, but Catterall vs Davies would have been a really interesting 50-50 to pick.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion of the Month (October)

1. Boxing Knowledge (54)
2. Matchroom (53) JML14 (53)
3. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (52)
4. Gold (49)
5. SalTnutZ1 (48)
6. Champion97 (46)
7. Champion58 (42)
8. goosu (6)

Boxing Knowledge wins PCOM October!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I won 3 grand on Donaire on a 500 dollar bet, wish I would have picked him here too.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Prediction Champion of the Month (November)

1. Boxing Knowledge SalTnutZ1 (42)
2. Champion58, goosu, JML14 (35)
3. Champion97, Gold, TheAlterPlace (34)
4. Matchroom (33)
5. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (32)
6. TheIceManJDog (24)

BK and Salt both win November!

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

he doesnt deserve 20 points? take that off bro thats unfair

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Matchroom should have 11 points not 26 right?

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Sucks that me and Gold got robbed of a Fury UD BTW.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I see now that it is some sort of sick bonus. I'm fine with that assuming that you've added up the points possible, so it doesn't give them a strong chance of winning. Seems fair enough.

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

I'm not put it for some of these even though I swear that I was...
Ramirez UD
Rosales UD
nietes UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard

Ito UD
Shiro Mid
Inoue UD

Re: PCOM Scoreboard


1. TheAlterPlace (51)
2. SalTnutZ1 (48)
3. Floyd tough competitor mayweather (43)
4. Boxing Knowledge (42)
5. Champion58 (41)
6. JML14 (39)
7. Champion97 (35)
8. mike25 (32)
9. TheIceManJDog) (29)
10. Cfcsonster (28)
11. goosu (27)
12. TheUndefeated (26)
13. Matchroom (21)
14. Hart eartH (6)

TheAlterPlace wins December

Re: PCOM Scoreboard