Emmanuel Rodriguez vs Naoya Inoue Scorecard by Gold

scorecard by GOLD



Emmanuel Rodriguez

Naoya Inoue

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I guess all the people who talked about how Inoue was overrated and Rodriguez would make him look pedestrian will now say Rodriguez was a bum...what an absolute machine Inoue is. He's going to retire Donaire brutally.

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I think Donaire will be a great opponent for Inoue, to cement himself as one of the greatest fighters at 118 and below ever. Passing of the torch fight. Inoue is the real deal.

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I don't think Donaire will have much for Inoue, but I completely agree it is a great passing of the torch fight given Donaire was the great KO machine in the low weights before Inoue. It is a shame Inoue will be with TR and Nery with PBC because that is one of the best fights in boxing. Maybe it can happen down the road at Super Bantamweight.

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Also, I agree, he has HOF potential in my opinion. He can beat any titlist at Super Bantamweight today and possibly win versus a weak titlist at Featherweight in the future.

Not taking anything from Inoue at all but Donaire has been a champion and have fought way better opposition than Inoue. No doubt Inoue will be the favorite but Nonito is a live dog.

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No disrespect to Donaire who is a future HOF but he's 36 years old and has been boxing since 2001. He's old and shopworn, he's not what he was when he was a top pound for pound fighter at the beginning of the decade. Inoue has fought eleven world championship fights and is a three weight world champion, he's more experienced than people give him credit for. It's just that most people haven't seen his early Japan based title fights. It would be surprising if Donaire fought competitively given what we've seen from Inoue at Bantamweight thus far.

With all due respect Inoue hasn’t fought anyone of the caliber and power of Donaire, it’s true that Nonito is past his prime but still he’s a greater threat that all others fighters Inoue has faced and now he seems very motivated and in great shape. Again he should win cuz he’s younger and in his prime but Donaire is no pushover regardless of his age.

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He has a punchers chance, but that's about it. Donaire even in his prime had questionable ring IQ and became obsessed with landing the big shot. When he faces a younger, faster, and more technical fighter like Inoue he's not going to be able to set up the power shots and won't be able to take them as well as he may have been able to in the past. Donaire has always been in great shape as far as I can remember, just went up too far in weight. I hope you are right and Donaire makes Inoue take the torch instead of laying over, but with Donaire's age and Inoue's ability I don't see it happening.