Daniel Roman vs Murodjon Akhmadaliev

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Daniel Roman vs Murodjon Akhmadaliev
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WBA (Roman's 5th defence), IBF (Roman's 1st defence) Super Bantamweight World Titles


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Roman is one of the best in the division, he is a unified champion, Navarrete is with Top Rank, so that fight would be hard to make, unfortunately, but I think Navarrete and Roman are the best fighters at 122.

Roman got a great win last time out, against Doheny, unified, it was a great fight, both fighters were hurt, Roman struggled with the movement and skills of Doheny, he was out boxing him on the outside at times, he hurt him bad as well, but Roman used effective pressure, was patient, walked Doheny down, went to the body, put Doheny down a couple of times, and got an MD win. Roman didn't have much of an amateur career, but learned a lot as a professional, has a couple of losses, kept improving, and has proven himself at world level in the last couple of years, he is not in a strong division, but to be a unified champion is always some going.

Akhmadaliev is a good prospect, 6-0, only 24, so he is inexperienced, this shot has come very early for him. Akhmadaliev was a very good amateur, won the Olympic bronze in 2016, had over 300 bouts, was in 2 world tournaments, he had some WSB fights as well. Akhmadaliev has had a couple of 10 round fights, got a 9th round stoppage, he's been fast tracked because of his amateur pedigree, but this is still a big step up for him.

Roman is 29, he is in his prime, Akhmadaliev is 24, with only 6 fights, he has a lot to learn, isn't his prime, Roman has had 30 fights, he's experienced, it isn't as simple as that, because of the vast difference in amateur pedigree, but professional experience is more important than amateur. Akhmadaliev has been at a higher level as a professional, in 6 fights, than Roman had when he had had 6 fights, but certainly not now, Roman has been 12 rounds, 3 times, Akhmadaliev hasn't been 10 rounds, and Roman has beaten Doheny, McDonnell, Flores, all a level above any of Akhmadaliev's previous opponents as a professional.

I think Roman will win this by UD, but Akhmadaliev will learn a lot in defeat, come back a better fighter. Akhmadaliev might well have the potential to be better than Roman, but even if that is the case, I don't think he can beat Roman at this stage.

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Heard Roman has to pull out of this date due to a shoulder injury.