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What do you think of Joshua Ruiz 2 being on for December?

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Great! I know it's in Saudi Arabia, and that isn't the best location, but I just wanted to see the fight, not too bothered where it is as long as the officials, timekeeper, etc, all do there job properly. December is a good time for them to fight, Joshua gets a full 6 months to not only train but recover, man does he need it, after that. I think Joshua wins the rematch, physically, he will be ready, will have a good 12 week camp, but mentally, will he be prepared? He can't get sucked into Ruiz's fight, because if there is one thing we learned from the first fight, it's that in a slugfest, Ruiz will always win, hold up against Joshua's power, and Joshua can not hold up against Ruiz's power, Joshua has to box, and I believe if he does that, he will win. If the following two things happen, the third fight is highly likely and mandatories are the only thing to stop it happening, and those two things are that Joshua wins, and it is another great fight that people want to see again.


Sorry for late response. When I heard the location, I knew some fans wouldn't like it. Why don't fans like that it's going to be there? I know that there were fights in the past that got offered in Saudi Arabia but never materialized. I heard that was a potential location for the Fury Klitschko rematch. As the fight goes, I am still making a decision on who I think will win the rematch. On one hand, I think Ruiz will make it his fight and get another stoppage. On another note, I think that Joshua will come back with a new game plan and beat Ruiz. Hard fight for me to pick at the moment.

Thoughts on Progarias dropping out of WBSS?

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No worries man.

Well a lot of the people involved might be less experienced than they aught, they'll probably have a known referee, judges, but the commision, timekeepers, inspectors, etc, plus, who wants to go to Saudi Arabia to attend a fight? Personally, as long as everybody does their job professionally, I'm not bothered, I just want to see the fight. Saudi Arabia is becoming more of a boxing location, with Khan vs Dib, and Groves vs Smith.

I think Joshua can make a lot of adjustments, but the biggest mistake he made was when he went for the finish, not realising Ruiz was far from finished, he got caught a couple of times, should have been enough of a warning, but he went for it, got caught again, and that left hook changed the fight.

I think Ruiz is somewhere is between the two big fights we've seen him in, he is better than he looked in the Parker fight, but I think he was made to look better than he was against Joshua, and I don't think he can beat a fully focused Joshua on his A-game, can make it a great fight, come closer than most of us thought before last time, I think Ruiz being underrated was a factor, but I think Joshua is better, will win this time as long as he does everything right.

Disappointing, but this is why there aren't a lot of tournaments in boxing, these disagreements. You?

I agree as long as the job is done the right way it shouldn't matter where the fight is.

I agree. I also think he gets too anxious to get the stoppage and exposes himself. If he can avoid that he should be good. It happened against Klitschko as well but he got lucky with that one.

I still want to rewatch that fight, I heard some had Ruiz winning. I think I had Parker 7-5. He did way better against Joshua that's for sure.

I'm disappointed. Tournaments in boxing are great ideas on paper, but something like this is something you have to worry about. In a perfect world, the tournaments in boxing eliminate the problems, like you get the fights you want within a year and you don't have to worry about splits and there's a bonus for the winner. Do you think this is the end of the WBSS?

Usyk vs Takam is back on for October 12th.

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He's better than he used to be in terms of being too anxious to get the stoppage, but he still took a risk that backfired against Ruiz, you can't assume the opponent is done just because he went down heavy, because that isn't always the case, Joshua needs to accept he doesn't have a good chin, he has vulnerabilities he can't get rid of, and he can't afford to take risks that a fighter with Ruiz's chin, durability can.

I had it a draw, Parker got the nod, anybody's fight, I think Ruiz would beat Parker in a rematch, Ruiz didn't have the right team around him against Parker, and that wasn't Ruiz at his best. Ruiz was underrated, I would not be surprised if he beat Joshua again, I'm just 60/40 on Joshua getting payback.

No, but it is bad for it, hopefully it won't be the end, especially if Donaire vs Inoue is a good fight. You?

Yes I saw, Usyk is up against it a bit, been injured, first real fight at heavyweight, been out for 11 months, but I still expect him to not only won but win well.

How about Gvozdyk vs Beterbiev? Or have I already asked you that question, apologies if so.

That's true, look at Corralles vs Castillo that's a prime example of that. I used to think that it was Joshuas gas tank that was the factor of him getting knocked downs in terms of being too tired, but I realized his chin isn't the best.

I can see Ruiz beating Parker now. Do you worry that fame and everything went to Ruiz head after this? That's what I hear some people saying.

It's definitely a stain on the WBSS, but I'm thinking after Inoue Donaire it probably will. However if it does continue I feel that for whatever weight class is picked, we won't get most of the fighters we want in that division in the tournament.

I expect him too as well.

I'm leaning towards Beterbiev, what about you?

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Yes, and if he wants to improve his stamina, he can lose some muscle mass, sacrifice a little bit of strength for stamina, but the chin is not something he can do anything about.

That's definitely a concern, I've seen him in his mansion, giving his wife and kids a great life, spending big on his family, been on TV shows, he's a happy man, great to see, but has he become normal and civilized? Very easily done, nothing to say he can't get his head down and train 100% for a better Joshua than last time, have a great 12 week camp, but definitely, I'd question if he has the hunger any more. Ruiz also said Joshua is not a good boxer, I strongly disagree, I'm not the one who's fought Joshua, Ruiz knows a lot better than me, but that seems like a foolish way of thinking. What do you think?

It's a very tough call, but I'm leaning towards Gvozdyk, I might change my prediction though, 50/50 fight.

Also, Parker vs Chisora might be on the undercard of Ruiz vs Joshua II, thoughts?

That's true.

I guess we'll see come fight night. It's hard to tell because whenever it comes to training he can buckle down and have a disciplined camp. He does seem a little distracted though. He hit the jackpot it's hard to deal with overnight fame normally. That's not a knock on Ruiz, but so many more people found out about Ruiz after beating Joshua which isn't a bad thing.

Tough fight to call, I wouldn't be surprised if Gvodzyk wins. It's official right?

I like the fight to be honest.

Also I heard GGG and Dereyvchenko might be fighting soon, what do you make of that?

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I know it isn't, and you have to question his mentality, is he underestimating Joshua?, he said he isn't a good boxer, if he really thinks that, I think that's a bad sign for Ruiz.

Not finally announced, but contracts signed, venue confirmed, no reason for it not to happen.

So do I, Chisora doesn't seem to be shot, he would make it competitive, bring a better fight out of Parker.

Great match up, could be a 50/50 fight, and I believe it would be for the vacant IBF title, hopefully that fight gets made. You?

Also, did you see Kownacki vs Arreola? If not, I recommend the fight, it was a very good one.

I can see that a little. He does say that he can't box well, not a good sign for Ruiz.

Is there a date?

I think Parker wins a one sided decision, I could be wrong though.

I think Golovkin wins by UD. Hopefully we can get an undisputed fight down the line.

I have not, I will watch when I get the chance.

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I think it's on a Friday, some time in October, 18th or 25th I think, in Philadelphia, that's what I read on Boxing Scene.

That's a long way off, all the belts are divided, one is vacant, Canelo has one, Charlo, Andrade have the other two, so an undisputed middleweight title fight won't happen any time soon. A unification fight between Alvarez and Andrade is definitely the best fight to be made at 160 in my opinion.

It was good to see Pascal drop and beat Browne as well, he has a weak chin, and he couldn't stop Pascal landing clean, simple as that, and that's why despite his skill, speed, age advantage, he lost. That was a good night of boxing, good win for Omotoso, stopping Stevens in 3 rounds, but Stevens shouldn't have come down to 154.

I heard Taylor vs Prograis will happen after all, October 26 apparently, hopefully that's not false information, because it would be a great fight, unification fight between two unbeaten world champions.

That's great, I just saw a fight poster for it not too long ago

I agree on the best fight being Canelo and Andrade, but I feel like Canelo fighting GGG is going to be inevitable. If they both are champions. GGG fighting Drevychenko is a step in the right direction. Do you think GGG fighting Drevychenko is a good gauge to see where Golovkin is at this point in his career?

I knew that Browne would be beaten ( I thought he already should've lost to hot rod) eventually, just didn't expect Pascal to do it. Stevens looks done for now, there's no need for him to fight at 154.

That's great if true.

Do you know what channel Kovalev vs Yarde is on for America? Can't seem to find what channel it's on.

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I'll have a full response later, but is Kovalev vs Yarde not on ESPN?

It is on Espn, it just wasn't updated on boxrec when I was on last. I don't trust the website anymore so I went to another site to see what it was.

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Sorry to interject, but it's on ESPN+ in the US.

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What do you make of Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko?

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Fight I'm most looking forward to! Even more than Ruiz vs Joshua II. You?

Persoanlly, I wouldn't say inevitable, but it's a strong possibility, makes sense. Yes, but let's forget Canelo vs GGG III for now, and focus on that fight, GGG definitely can't afford to think about fighting Canelo, because Derevyanchenko is more than enough of a challenge, this is no tune up, there have been fights for a vacant IBF title that shouldn't have been, Glaskov vs Martin for example, but this is not one of them, Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko is a 50/50 fight in my opinion. I think so, but I think it's likely he's just getting very slightly worse, fight by fight, he is still top 5, I think still top 3, because he is a great fighter, Golovkin, would have to decline a lot, to fall out of the top 5. I think Canelo vs GGG III would be a good fight, but it wouldn't be as close as the first two fights, would be a UD for Canelo, and GGG can't beat him now unless he isn't at his best, not because he isn't good enough, but because he is too old.

His chin is worse than I thought, and if you have a weak chin, you can't get caught like that, and I don't think Browne fully recovered from that 7th round.

If the fight happens, no worries about the WBSS being finished, that's for sure.

I think it's tied between that and GGG vs Drevychenko.

Yeah, we can't get ahead of ourselves. It's one fight at a time for every fighter. I hope GGG can get a good late career resurgence like Hopkins did. He looked declined a bit in his last fight, but this fight will be a better gauge to see that. To be honest as much as I want GGG to beat Canelo, I think the window of that happening closed.


Even though it is getting a finish, do you think this will continue in the future? I like the idea, maybe take some time off, fix the flaws of the tournament, talk with other fighters and promoters to see what they can fix.

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Also, if you still want to be in the prediction competition, here is the vault.

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SalTnutZ1 has 4 points, the rest of us have 2, what with the upsets last week, so you are not far behind.