Danny Jacobs vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

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Danny Jacobs vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr
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Friday, December 20, 2019
Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, US
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Title error

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Just noticed the missing vs, thanks pal.

My prediction:

Danny Jacobs will put on a brutal beating on JCC Jr well into the later rounds where JCC Jr's corner will throw in the towel to save him from further punishment. It will be pretty much a shot out and won't be shocked if JCC Jr gets a floored once or twice leading to the stoppage. Jacobs TKO11.

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I think Chavez Jr had a lot of potential, but he hasn't been dedicated to boxing, Jacobs has. I think Chavez is wasted talent, he was a world champion for almost 2 years, he has had 56 fights, but he could have done better in some of his fights.

The only year when Chavez has fought more than once since 2012 was 2015, had no fights in 2018, the Canelo fight was 2 and a half years ago, and the only fight he's had since then was a 1st round KO against a very poor opponent, Jacobs has averaged exactly 2 fights a year since 2012, he's been 12 rounds in his last 5 fights, has fought 4 times since Chavez fought Canelo. Jacobs has been much more consistent over the years, and much more active than Chavez over the last 2 years.

This fight is at 168, I think that favours Chavez, I don't think there is much in it for natural size, but Jacobs hasn't fought above 160 since 2014, all his title fights have been at 160, and all Chavez's fights since 2012 have been at super middleweight or light heavyweight. I think weight will only be a small factor if at all, I think Jacobs will adapt to fighting at 168, very quickly, it is probably his natural weight class.

Chavez will probably try to make this an inside fight, and if he stop Jacobs boxing on the outside, then I think it will be a competitive fight, Chavez might push Jacobs back, but I don't think he can out last Jacobs. If Jacobs can use the ring, keep the fight on the outside, use his jab, I think it's a one sided fight. I think Jacobs beats Chavez whether the fight is on the inside or the outside, it's a close fight on the inside, but on the outside, it's one sided. Chavez has more reach than Jacobs, but he has never used his reach well, and he is not a good outside fighter.

I think if Chavez tries to pressure Jacobs from the start, doesn't try to be clever, but just does what he does well, I think he will close the distance, but Jacobs can fight in the pocket, and a high tempo, a phone booth fight, I think will take more out of Chavez, because Jacobs is more of a professional athlete, Chavez will have to work harder than Jacobs to make it competitive, because he has less skill, and has to rely on physical effort, and not only will Jacobs out land Chavez, even on the inside, but Chavez will be taking the full weight of Jacobs's shots.

Against Canelo, Chavez had the wrong game plan, he didn't try to impose his size, he let Canelo get into a rhythm, let him control the pace, I think he tried to out box Canelo on the outside, tried to be the counter puncher. Chavez can't use the same tactics as he did against Canelo, to even have a chance of a win. If Chavez backs up, that will allow Jacobs to take the momentum, he can attack Chavez without being made to pay. If Chavez tries to make it a stand off, make it technical, Jacobs can comfortably out box him on the outside, win every round.

I think if Chavez fights the same stinker he did against Canelo, he will lose another shutout, and he will damage his reputation more. If Chavez takes the fight to Jacobs, is aggressive, he is more likely to get stopped, but I think he will salvage his reputation at least to some degree, have a lot more success in the fight whether he is stopped or not. I think this is a good fight for Jacobs, I think he will be better at 168 after this fight, there are fights to be made on DAZN, at 168.

I think Jacobs wins by late stoppage, wouldn't be surprised if it went the distance, but I don't think Chavez will fight like he did against Canelo, I think he will make it a competitive fight for 6-8 rounds, might edge a couple of rounds, but the late rounds will be very one sided, and Jacobs will stop him in 11 or 12 rounds.

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This one may get canned, as Nevada is having a dispute over Arizona letting JCC Jr fight while under a suspension in their state. Gabe Rosado likely replacement if that happens.

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Pity if that happens, I think this would be a good fight, but I've heard there have been issues with both fighters missing tests, it seemed like Taylor vs Prograis was off, and that took place, but this seems to be more of a legal dispute.

I think Jacobs vs Smith would have been a great fight, Ryder is mandatory, but that would have been a great fight.

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Jacobs apparently didn't properly report that he wasn't in town when they showed up to test him where JCC Jr refused a VADA test when they showed up in person, NSAC is in the right here