Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo II

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Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo II
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Saturday, December 21, 2019
Toyota Arena, Ontario, California, USA
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WBC Light Middleweight World Title (Harrison's 1st defence)


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I had the first fight dead even. I give a slight edge to Charlo on this one, he's been more active.

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Harrison won the first fight, boxed very well, he might have the mental edge, and the boxer wins the rematch more often than the puncher. I don't think Charlo is technically that good, he doesn't cut off the ring well, and he struggles with mobile opponents, we saw that against Jackson, Trout, and Harrison. I think Charlo tried too hard to knock Harrison out, made the same mistake against Trout, I don't know if losing will have been more of a lesson for him, but Harrison might have a better idea of how to beat Charlo this time, than last time.

I think Charlo underestimated Harrison, it was a career best performance from Harrison, so Charlo might have more room for improvement. Harrison was injured earlier in the year, he's had a full year out since the rematch, so there might be some ring rust, and Charlo has fought this year, early finish, but it was a competitive fight for 2 rounds, definitely better than nothing.

I didn't see any improvement from Charlo against Cota, I thought he lost the first 2 rounds, because as he has several times, he's looked for the KO without being patient, not tried to break his opponent down. For a come forward fighter, Charlo doesn't go to the body much, and that's the best way to slow down the movement of a mobile opponent.

I think Harrison's game plan will be similar to last time, I don't think there is much he can do differently to last time, but if Charlo does the same thing as he did last time, Harrison should be able to out box him again. Charlo has to make Harrison work, has to apply educated pressure, not hold his ground and wait for Harrison to give him the opening, because Harrison won't give him the opening and Charlo won't be making him work hard.

If Charlo pressures Harrison, pushes the pace, cuts off the ring at least better than he has in the past, and let's the shots go when he's in range, that will keep Harrison occupied. If Charlo goes to the body, that will pay dividends later in the fight. I don't think Harrison can hurt Charlo, so I think if his movement slows down, and Charlo is able to get closer to the target, Harrison can't discourage Charlo.

Harrison will have 12 rounds of movement in the tank, but if his movement has slowed down and his punches have lost speed and snap, he will have to hold his ground to get any weight behind the shots, that's when Charlo can really let the shots go, and Charlo will get the better of it at that range, do damage. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Charlo knocked Harrison out, but I don't think he will, because I think even when he is trying to land shots, he will be aware, have respect for Charlo's power, defence will still be solid in the late rounds.

I think Charlo win a UD.

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I think Harrison wins again.