Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Liborio Solis

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Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Liborio Solis
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Saturday, December 21, 2019
Toyota Arena, Ontario, California, USA
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Solis has had a lot more professional fights than Rigondeaux, but obviously nothing like the amateur experience or pedigree, and although he has fought McDonnell, Yamanaka, he probably hasn't fought the better opposition than Rigondeaux overall, given that Rigondeaux has fought Donaire, Lomachenko. Solis's first fight against McDonnell was very close, he is a solid fighter, good pressure fighter, good work rate, good inside fighter, he certainly doesn't have the technical skill of Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux has great skills, is very talented, has exceptional defence.

Solis hasn't been inactive in the last few years, but his opposition has dropped, hasn't had a 10 round fight in 2 years, his last opponent got knocked out in 1 round at 105, the rest had a maximum of 6 more wins than losses. Rigondeaux's opposition has been a lot better than Solis's in the last 2 years, but Solis's recent wins have been more one sided, and he has been more active than Rigondeaux, he's had 6 fights in the last 3 years, Rigondeaux has had 4. Rigondeaux is very, very old, Solis is 37, he is very old himself, but Rigondeaux is 39, I thought he was terrible in his last fight, was clearly behind, I had him a long way behind, and I thought the stoppage was premature, he has a weak chin as well, Rigondeaux.

This is at 118, Rigondeaux has never fought at 118 as a professional, making the weight will be very tough. I think it's unwise for Rigondeaux to cut to 118 at this stage of his career, even if he can make 119, the last pound could be the killer. I think Rigondeaux's natural weight is 122, he was very small at 130, fighters can cut a division or 2 below their natural weight class, but only for so long, and I don't see Rigondeaux successfully cutting below his natural weight at 39. I think Solis is a bad opponent for Rigondeaux because he is rugged, attacks the body, and if Rigondeaux is weight drained, and Solis goes to the body, that will be Rigondeaux's undoing.

If Rigondeaux makes 118 and rehydrates, the weight will favour him because he is used to fighting bigger fighters than Solis. I think the Solis who fought McDonnell would beat Rigondeaux now, but with him also being so old, and Rigondeaux probably being a level above, I think Rigondeaux beats him, giving Rigondeaux the benefit of the doubt in terms of the weight, I think he will be drained to an extent, and it will be a factor, I think this will be a fairly close fight, but Rigondeaux will win a UD.