Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II Scorecard by Champion97

scorecard by CHAMPION97



Deontay Wilder

Luis Ortiz

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Yeah man! That power is a gift.

Have you had a chance to read my breakdowns about game plans yet?

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I have. They look good man. You had the game plan down for Ortiz, but Wilder has that magic eraser.

Hey, it's been a while since I was last on here. I've been very busy lately. What did you think of the fight? I was watching at a casino so I didn't really get to score the fight. How do you think the rematch goes?

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Joshua vs Ruiz? Joshua UD.

I meant fury wilder, but I agree with you on the Joshua fight.

I heard Stevenson is fighting warrington next, great fight!

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I think Fury wins by UD. You?

Yeah man great fight, who do you think wins?

Do you want to be in the prediction competition this month?

I agree I think Fury wins a UD if everything goes fair.

I think that Stevenson wins, but it's hard to pick against Warrington he proved me wrong twice before.

I'm late on it.

What did you think of the Joshua rematch?

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Brilliant performance from Joshua, best he's ever boxed, Ruiz was disappointing, he started camp far too heavy, wasn't in fighting shape, being 283 when he was supoosed to be lighter than last time, was a very bad sign, his feet were very slow, and he couldn't go for broke in the late rounds, but still, Joshua's movement was brilliant, his jab was great, I think Joshua is better than ever, and with the new information that's come to light, I think the first Ruiz fight was an off night more than anyting else. You?

I liked the performance. He did what I thought he was going to do if he made adjustments for the rematch. He didn't do anything that would make himself exposed to anything dangerous to Joshua. I thought that Ruiz had a horrible gameplan. He was just hoping for one big shot, came in very overweight. Which new information came out? I do agree that it was an off night for Joshua.

Do you think there will be a third fight?

Also who do you think Usyk will fight next?

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I don't know if his game plan was the problem, he wasn't cutting off the ring, I don't know if that was just because his feet were so slow, but in terms of being in shape, he was terrible, was gassed at the end, couldn't throw the kitchen sink at Joshua as he needed to, and he couldn't get near Joshua and make him work at a higher pace than he did, so Joshua was able to box comfortably behind the jab. I agree he looked for one shot, he relied on Joshua's vulnerability. Here is the article I was referring to.

No, and certainly not next, I know it's 1-1, and Ruiz could have done better, but Ruiz didn't earn the 3rd fight, I think Joshua has to fight Pulev next, which is a good tune up for him now.

Chisora, I think that will happen in February, I believe they've started negotiating, good step up for Usyk, Chisora is a good balance between fighting another Witherspoon and rushing into a big fight against a top 3 heavyweight.

I just thought that Ruiz all around had a bad gameplan. He came in way too heavy. He didn't really attempt to cut the ring off or go for broke. I think he was just hoping for the one big shot and hoping that Joshuas chin wouldn't take one of the shots. Do you think fame took a toll on Ruiz as well?

I agree, I like the Pulev fight for now as well. It's been meaning to happen for a while now why not next? He's a mandatory for one of the belts.

I like the Chisora fight. I heard they were going to fight next. Chisora is a good name and a step up from Whiterspoon. I wonder how Usyk will deal with the size advantage.

Whats your picks for tomorrows fights? I got Commey and Crawford.

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I don't know if he couldn't or didn't try to, but I don't think he had a bad game plan, but either way, we can agree he came in too heavy. He said before the fight that Joshua isn't a good boxer, if he got that into his head, that will have been a factor as well as knowing he can hurt Joshua. Yes, I think he went off the wagon far too much between the first fight and the second camp.

IBF mandatory, I think Joshua will fight Pulev in May.