Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev

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Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev
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Saturday, December 12, 2020
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I think this is Joshua's easiest fight since Molina, far harder than all his fights before Klitschko except Whyte, I think it would have been a difficult fight if it happened in 2017, but Joshua has improved a lot since then, and Pulev must have got worse at 39, he isn't much worse based on his last few fights, but he must have declined slightly. I think style wise, Pulev is more like Klitschko than any of Joshua's opponents since that win, he is very different to Ruiz, so Joshua needs adjustments, Pulev is hard to prepare for, easy to underestimate when you see him fight, he ties up, stops you working on the inside, his style is ugly, but effective, he makes you look bad. I think for a few rounds, Pulev will give Joshua problems, but Joshua has fought a lot of good fighters with different styles, and based on the Klitschko fight, Pulev is an on top fighter, who isn't adadptable.

The early rounds will be interesting, especially the jab battle, I think Joshua will be busier and faster with his jab, but I could see Pulev hurting Joshua with his hard, jolting counter jab, it can definitely break his nose, and I think Pulev will negate Joshua's right hand in the early rounds, will judge the distance, will block the right hand by catching the shot in his own left glove, will position himself to not take that shot, will have a high right hand, block Joshua's left hook, so I think he will frustrate Joshua, but I think Joshua will be patient, keep using his faster jab, out work Pulev.

I don't think Pulev can hurt Joshua as bad as any opponent who's hurt him before, I don't think he can stop Joshua out working him, and can't control the pace of the fight. I think Pulev will start to tire after 4 rounds, he'll have taken a lot of clean jabs to head and body, missed a fair few right hands, been out hustled in clinches, and when Pulev tires, has to step back, is when Joshua will land clean power shots to the head, I don't think Joshua will drop Pulev as soon as he lands a good power shot, but I don't think Pulev can hold up against the right hand or left hook for long. If Joshua can time the right uppercut as Pulev tries to clinch, or is able to break a clinch, create just enough distance to get the shot off, and land it accurately, he knocks Pulev out cold.

I think Joshua stops Pulev in the mid rounds, I wouldn't be surprised if it went to the late rounds, but I'd be surprised it went the distanc, and I don't think Pulev has a shot to beat Joshua given the timing of the fight.

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Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Bullet

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Anthony Joshua TKO5

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I think it’s a solid fight that I expect Joshua to win. Will probably have trouble with boxing of Pulev before getting to him later on. Joshua vs Pulev

Might have a punt on Pulev if the odds are favourable though