Jeison Rosario vs Jermell Charlo

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Jeison Rosario vs Jermell Charlo
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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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At this point it's hard to pick em at 154lbs. I'll give the slight edge to Charlo on this one but I wouldn't be shocked if Rosario pulled yet another upset. I'm not jumping on no fucking bandwagons here, Rosario said prior to shocking JRock that he had never really done a proper fight camp prior to that fight before so it sounds like he isn't the most disciplined fighter out there and just begs to question how active has he stayed during this lockdown.

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Jermell Charlo KO9

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Jason Rosary vs Jermell Charlo

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Charlo is the favourite, understandable given Rosario lost to Gallimore and only edged Cota by SD, which are the reasons why Rosario was as much of an underdog as he was against Williams. Rosario hadn't done a proper training camp before he beat Williams, I don't know why, but based on the Williams fight, it seems likely his lack of preparation was the reason for his past fights.

I'd be surprised if this went the distance, both are devastating punchers, I think both are fighting a bigger puncher in this fight than they've fought before, and neither are good defensive fighters. Their styles are similar, and I think their last fights were similar, both fough better technical fighters, who were faster in hand and foot, frustrated them with their movement, but they both got stoppages.

I think Harrison and Williams are fairly similar in terms of their styles and their level, so it's interesting to compare those fights. Harrison changed his game plan for the rematch, he fought Charlo in the pocket for a lot of the fight, out landed Charlo, landed cleaner, but Charlo went to the body more than in the first fight, was more varied, did all the damage. Rosario wasn't frustrated by Williams's speed or movement, he did a good job of cutting off the ring, was able to walk Williams down at times, Williams was able to get back on the move, Rosario struggled to keep him in the pocket, but he was patient, kept cutting off the ring, and Williams never seemed to be able to comfortably out box him.

Both fighters landed a left hook off the back foot which hurt their opponents, and capitalised, Charlo finished very well, hit Harrison with a lot of clean left uppercuts, Rosario landed a bullseye right uppercut which finished the fight. Both fighters proved they can do damage off the back foot, and both did a good job of building on it, I was more impressed by Rosario's finish than Charlo's because of how accurate he was with the right uppercut he landed, he finished Williams quicker than Charlo finished Harrison, and I think Harrison made more of a mistake than Williams.

I think Charlo has the better chin, Rosario has been stopped, and I've never seen Charlo hurt, but Rosario seems to have a good chin based on how well he took Williams's shots. I think Rosario has better fundamentals and better technique than Charlo. I was more impressed by Rosario's overall performance against Williams than Charlo's against Harrison, because Harrison was able to have a lot more success than Williams against Rosario.

It could be a 50/50 fight, Rosario will definitely have another training camp, it's hard to give him a 100% pass for the Gallimore and Cota fights, and base him only on his last fight, but I think he's the more intelligent fighter, it's hard to say who hits harder, but Rosario is more accurate, I think Rosario is more capable of setting Charlo up than vice verse, I think Charlo's chin will hold up slightly better for more of the fight, but I think Charlo is more likely to get hit with a shot he doesn't see coming.

I think Rosario will knock Charlo out in the mid rounds, I think he'll be hurt in the fight, might be behind, but I think he'll stop Charlo. I would not be at all surprised if Charlo knocked Rosario out, but I think Rosario knocks him out.