Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz

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Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz
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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Gervonta Davis vs Leo Saint Croix

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Leo Santa Cruz UD12

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Davis is a heavy favourite, the damage and age, size, power, technical skills, are all well in his favour, professionalism, fight count, round count, favour Santa Cruz, I don't think those aspects would matter if it was at 135, but at 130, Santa Cruz has a better chance of getting to the late rounds, when they will matter, he has the much higher punch output, which will definitely be a factor. The key questions are how drained will Davis be at 130?, how does Santa Cruz take Davis's power? If Davis is drained to the extent that he can't take body shots, and Santa Cruz's chin holds up, Santa Cruz has a shot, but Davis has been training for 3 months, the fight has been postponed twice, which definitely favours him, he'll struggle to make 130, but not as much as if he'd had less time. Santa Cruz has a great chin, but none of his other opponents hit as hard at 118-126 as Davis does at 130, I don't think he can take many shots from Davis, he's a great athlete, I think he can recover, but he'll need every bit of his fitness to get through the rounds, and I think Davis will play cat and mouse, won't rush the KO, won't risk emptying his tank, but will keep consistently land single shots to head and body, keep landing the jab, stopping Santa Cruz attacking the body, will let Santa Cruz try to fight his way out of trouble, keep Santa Cruz on the back foot, and will break him down.

I think in the early rounds will be close, Santa Cruz will out work Davis at times, might win a round or 2, but Davis will push him onto the back foot, Santa Cruz will be made to work a lot harder, Davis will do damage even with his jab, will keep Santa Cruz on the outside, Santa Cruz won't be able to attack the body won't be able to hurt Davis, Davis will defend well, will land single shots to the head and body consistently. I think whenever Santa Cruz throws a single shot, Davis will land a counter, and whenever he throws a flurry, Davis will be defensive, and attack when he stops throwing. Santa Cruz will be fighting on grit and fitness after 4 rounds, I think Davis will put him down in round 5, he won't be able to avoid or defend the shots, Davis's low output will allow him to get through a few rounds, but the body shots will take away his legs, make him an easy target, and Davis will stop him in 8 rounds.

vc1088's reply was before prediction was changed from Davis UD to mid.

I think I still have faith in Davis' power. As long as he has remained disciplined (with him you never know) I think he stops Leo late. Although I think you prediction and analysis is really good for this fight.

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Thanks man. Davis will have been training for 3 months, it's just a question of where he was at when he started training.

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do we know who the judges are for this one