Lawrence Okolie vs Krzysztof Glowacki

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Lawrence Okolie vs Krzysztof Glowacki
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Saturday, December 12, 2020
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On paper, this is a big step up for Okolie, Glowacki beat Huck and Cunningham, has fought Usyk, but based on his last fight, Glowacki is shot, he's 34, probably not old for a cruierweight, but he took a lot of damage in his last fight, landed an illegal shot, was decked by an elbow in response, took a sustained beating after the bell, and got pummeled, stopped in the next round. I doubt Glowacki's punch resistance and reflexes are still there. A lot of people aren't sold on Okolie because of his ugly style, you could argue he should have been disqualified against Askin, but I think he's underrated, I wasn't impressed by him against Askin or Chamberlain, but I was impressed by him against Ngabu, who I think was his toughest opponent, I think he's improving.

Okolie can punch, Glowacki had a weak chin before his last fight, Okolie can definitely hurt him, Okolie hasn't been hurt as a professional, he was stopped in one round against Savon in the WSB, so his chin is questionable, but I think given Glowacki's miles, Okolie can definitely hurt him more easily. Glowacki fights dirty, works out of clinches, is a good body puncher, so his style would have been terrible for Okolie a year or two ago, Okolie seems to have developed a better jab, better fundamentals, Glowacki can be out boxed on the outside, he doesn't fight well off the back foot, I don't think Okolie can out jab him, and use his reach, because although his control of distance has got better, I still don't think he does the fundamentals better than Glowacki, but the right hand is there for him, Glowacki moves to his left more often than his right, and he's a target for the right hand and right uppercut.

I think this will be a competitive fight in the early rounds, I think Okolie will back up, use range finding jabs, throw the right hand and left hook, will pivot, but will struggle to be accurate because Glowacki will keep pressuring him consistently, cutting the distance, I think Okolie will pivot, as he lands the left hook, but whenever Glowacki is able to get close the gap enough to fight on the inside, Okolie will struggle to stopping him attacking. I think as soon as Glowacki slows down even slightly, and Okolie can tee off with the right hand, land clean, Glowacki won't hold up.

I think a prime Glowacki would beat Okolie, but I think Glowacki is shot, I think it's still a step up for Okolie, but he will stop Glowacki in the mid rounds.