How many rounds did you give Loma?

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How many rounds did you give Loma?

I gave him round 2 and 7-12. I know my score on round 12 is controversial, but I thought Loma did the cleaner work. I feel that a lot of Lopez shots in the rounds hit Loma's gloves and knocked him back, but didn't land clean. Could've been 50/50 but I gave it to the champ.

Round 2, a lot of people missed a 3 punch combo that Loma landed at the end of that round because the cameras were behind the fighters. That was the only good combo in that entire round. So Loma won that round in my book.

Watch HERE to see where Loma won round 2:

I think it was at least a draw. Lopez did slightly more damage overall I guess, but round for round, I had it a draw or 7-5 Loma.

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One clean combination does not a round make. From what I remember, Lopez won the round with his consistent work rate, where as Lomachenko's work rate in that round was very low. Lopez was landing with his jab and shots to the body. Also that 3 punch combo comprises 80% of what Lomachenko landed that round. He only landed 5/11 to Lopez's 11/35 in the round. I don't really see how Lomachenko won the round but then again, scoring is subjective.
As for round 12, no. Lopez clearly hurt him to the body towards the end of that round. Quite honestly, if not for the headbutt causing a pause in the action, Loma probably would have gone down for the count. Loma was doing good work early in the round, but half way through Lopez was able to take control of that round. Again, scoring is subjective and your score is your score and I respect that, but I just can't see how Loma won that fight.

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Round 12, alright I'll admit maybe it was Lopez's, but round 2 I still say is Loma.

Yeah, the combo was 80% of punches he landed, but I didn't really say Lopez land ANYTHING good that round. Loma more than negated everything he did with that combo, and landed two additional punches. That's a round for the champ.

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I think people don't give enough credit for rounds 6 and 7. Round 6 Loma clearly won imo, Teo landed an uppercut to end the round, but it was blocked.

Re: How many rounds did you give Loma?

4. 1-6 and 12 were definitely Teo's. I think Teo won 7 too.

Re: How many rounds did you give Loma?

1. Lopez
2. Loma (close)
3. Lopez
4. Lopez
5. Lopez
6. Lopez (close)
7. Lopez (close)
8. Loma
9. Loma (close)
10. Loma
11. Loma (best round)
12. Lopez (best round)