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Terence Crawford

Kell Brook

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What did you think of the fight?

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Brook looked great for 2 rounds, but Crawford did great, he was tested there, but he's proven a few times that he can deal with adversity, is a great fighter. The right hook from Crawford was brilliant, made the adjustment with his foot, had great positioning and timing on the shot, and Brook was done after that.

How are you doing with the pandemic?

I thought that Brook looked solid too for the time being. After that right hook, Brook was finished . I felt bad for Brook, he's pretty much done now. What is next for Crawford in your opinion?

I'm doing pretty well during it, how about you?

Final predictions on the Duboius fight today?

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Well for a start, I think his working relationship with Arum is finished. I think Crawford will sign with Al Haymon, he'll want the Spence fight, no doubt, I'm not convinced Spence is the same after his accident, we'll see in the Garcia fight, but Crawford will want the winner of that fight. What do you think?

Not too bad, not a lot I can do in terms of pushing forward with finding the right career, I'm iust trying to keep busy, running a lot, walking the dogs, I'm optimistic about the vaccine resolving this next year.

Dubois by UD, I wouldn't be surprised if Joyce won, the timing favours him down to the ground, he has the age advantage at 35 given he's a heavyweight, he has the better amateur experience, the WSB experience, and he has the win over Jennings, Dubois hasn't had a learning fight, but I think Dubois has potential on another level to Joyce, I wasn't impressed by Joyce against Jennings even if it's the best win between him and Dubois, and I think he wins even at this stage. You?

I agree on that, with what Arum is saying, I don't see it any other way now. I feel that Spence will be able to beat Garcia in a close decision. Crawford might easily beat the winner. It might be early for me to see how Spence is with the car crash.

I'm really hoping for it to come out soo.

I feel like Dubois will win big, his future in the heavyweight division is looking very bright and I don't feel like he's slowing down for now. He has a great amount of power, but who knows. I love the fight.

Also what is your stance on betting on the fights, do you partake or no?

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I think Danny Garcia is a dangerous enough opponent to test Spence after his crash.

I agree on Dubois in terms of his potential, it's only the timing which makes me think it will be a tough fight for him.

No I don't, I promised my parents I would never gamble. Do you partake in sports gambling?

I can agree on that, this is his first back after the crash right?

That makes sense too, this will be his toughest fight I believe. Also do you think Dubois will be the future of the heavyweight division?

I don't go overboard on it but there's some fights I may throw money down if I like the odds for them. I got burned on Kovalev vs Canelo pretty bad. Sometimes here and there with baseball and football but nothing too crazy. Some of these apps offer money back promotions which I'm basically getting the money back if I lose in some cases.

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Yes it is. I'm concerned for Spence's well being, the accident will have shortened his career, no doubt, but we'll see if he has anything left, my prediction is Garcia by stoppage.

Part of the next generation, yes, amongst Anderson and Bakole, but I don't think any one fighter will take over the division.

Fair enough, a lot of people enjoy sports betting.

I'll wait to see how much he has left when he steps in the ring. Has there been any stories about him not looking the best in training or anything?

I totally agree, once Fury retires the heavyweight division will be more wide open then what it is.

I kind of hate it to be honest, I don't do it often.

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No, his team are unlikely to say anything other than he's looking better than ever, we'll havs to wait until the fight, have you seen the picture of him just after the accident?

I believe so, but that's a good point on his team making a statement.

Also do you recommend Jennings vs Joyce to watch?

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Not really, I'd watch the highlights if I were you, the fight got 2-3 stars on here, if you want to break down Dubois vs Joyce, it's not a stinker of a fight, but just fot entertainment, I wouldn't bother.

Some fights I recommend are Zepeda vs Baranchyk and Charlo vs Derevyanchenko.

Taking a glance at the scorecards, it looks competitive that's enough for me to enjoy a fight really.

I'll check those out at some point.

Taking a glance at the scorecards, it looks competitive that's enough for me to enjoy a fight really.

I'll check those out at some point.

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Fair enough, Joyce vs Jennings wasn't a stinker like Pulev vs Fury or Askin vs Okolie, where there's more holding.

Have you seen Foreman vs Lyle? Zepeda vs Baranchyk was similar to that, 4 knockdowns each, it was a classic fight, no doubt.

It's definietly on my list.

I have not but I will check it out after joe joyce fight.

Thoughts on Jacobs vs Rosado and the Saunders fight?

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I think Jacobs vs Rosado is decent, Rosado proved against Sulecki, he's dangerous when it's going against him, he can punch, and it's easy to forget how much of a factor his cuts were in the past, Jacobs could cost himself the fight if he lets the personal stuff affect his mentality, obliges Rosado in a war, certainly gives Rosado a shot, but I think Jacobs is too experienced, is tactically disciplined, and he should win comfortably.

I think Saunders vs Murray is poor, I think Saunders is wasted talent, he gets too much credit for his resume, and the Murray fight is set up to make him look good, it isn't an interesting fight, Murray is shot.

What do you think of both fights?

What do you mean by personal stuff? I haven't been paying attention to the build up for it. I think Jacobs wins, but I'm not sure how he'll win. Rosado has some miles on him in terms of damaging fights, but he is tough as nails. Jacobs has always been a solid fighter with decent to good power.

I think it is a bad fight. I totally agree with you, I remember us talking about how him and Fury were huge wasted talents years back, now it seems like Fury is back on top with a huge win and has gone on to improve on his career while Saunders has been stagnant.

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They don't like each other, that's all there is to it, but the reason I mentioned it is because Jacobs doesn't seem to respect Rosado as much as he should, but it's a question of whether he can be tactically disciplined, I think he can, he's a professional, and Arias trash talked a lot more than Rosado, Jacobs was composed in that fight. If Rosado's miles haven't caught up to him, he can make it at least fairly competitive, I definitely think Jacobs has declined as well, and will all the stuff with his trainer, I don't know if he'll be as hard to beat as before.

I remember you saying Saunders was holding the belt hostage at 160, he's doing the same at 168, 3 opponents in a row who shouldn't be fighting for a world title, I was impressed by him against Lemieux in terms of what he did offensively in that fight, without coming off worse, given Lemieux's power, but Lemieux is poor aside from his power, and apart from that, I haven't been impressed by Saunders since the Lee fight.

What are your thoughts on Canelo vs Smith?

I'm so out of the loop now, what happened with his trainer? I remember all the trash talk Arias did, he seemed to not let it bother him, I thought he could've got a stoppage in that fight as well. Jacobs has declined a bit too but should have enough to pull out a solid win over Rosado. That Chavez fight was disappointing, Chavez jr wasn't doing bad before he "quit".

I know that popularity doesn't tell if a fight is good or not, but I kind of been losing track of Billy Joe Saunders since he's been at 168. I only really hear about him if he's hanging out with Fury. When he fights, I don't know about it till 2 nights before. That Andrade fight would've been nice but that got ruined.

Honestly I like it. It has been a while since I have seen a Callum Smith fight I would have to watch some fights of him again to make a fully confident prediction. As of now I think Canelo can get a stoppage possibly, but I can be wrong on that.

2 questions here

Where do you think Kell Brook went wrong in his career? For me, I always thought of him as a great talent but poorly managed. I don't think we got to see the truly best form of him because of underwhelming competition, then I felt he was never the same after the GGG fight.

How many rounds can you realistically give Lomachenko against Lopez? Like in your opinion. I'm watching that then the Foreman fight to get the full card. I only saw half of the Loma fight.

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They split, and there was a financial dispute. I think size was a big factor in that fight, it would have been Jacobs's first fight at 168 in a while, Chavez missed the weight by 5 pounds and the contracted weight was changed, ridiculous.

I'm looking forward to the fight, win or lose, at least Callum gets this opportunity, he has a size advantage, he's very durable, he has solid fundamentals, he's a counter puncher, a defensive puncher, a great body puncher himself, but I think Canelo's extra experience, his pacing of the fight, ability to break down his opponent, ability to stop himself being a target, is too much.

I think you were right about his fight with Golovkin being a mistake, it was bad for him, but I don't agree he was never the same, he boxed great against Spence for 5 rounds, he was tight at the weight, and the other eye socket went, that was more of a factor. I think taking the Golovkin fight was a mistake, but so was not living the life between fights, he should have stayed at 147 in 2016, fought Vargas, but after he lost to Golovkin, he should have lived the life, but the eye sockets were his biggest problem, which is just unfortunate, must be a genetic weakness.

4, I know a lot of people gave him rounds 2, 6, 7, I thought so when I watched it live, but I revisited the fight, and I thought it was a very easy to score, Lomachenko won 8-11, Lopez won the rest.

That's awful when fighters and trainer split over financial splits. Now that the fight is over how was the fight? I will get around to it within a couple weeks.

Great oppurtunity for Callum. He does the fundamentals really well, I do remember that. Canelo just keeps getting better and proving me wrong different times he fights I'm going to say stoppage for now.

I think it was the genetic weakness too. There was a lot that went wrong it's hard to say one exact thing was the cause. But fighting Golovkin was a bad idea from the jump.

I can't wait to rewatch it I missed the first half.

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I haven't seen it and it isn't recommended as a good fight.

No doubt it was a bad idea, the question is whether it independently ruined him.

It was a fight with 2 halves, Lomachenko turned the screw in the second half, but Lopez finished strong in the last round. The first half was interesting in terms of what Lopez was doing to nullify Lomachenko's offence, but it was one sided, not much landed clean.

Are you planning on watching Dubois vs Joyce?

I gotta rewatch soon I've been so busy lately.

I did watch the fight and was shocked, what did you think of Dubois vs Joyce?

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Brilliant performance from Joyce, he proved he's underrated, his experience was a factor, his jab was great, didn't fight like he was expected to. Dubois had two eye socket fractures, suffered extensive retinal haemorrhaging, it's disgraceful he's got stick for quitting with an injury like that, but I don't know how much of a problem that will be for the rest of his career.

Are you watching the fights live now?

Joyce is the real deal!!! Great fight all around. Also I know it's early but does Dubois career seem in jeopardy now with this injury? I knew something was really serious with him when he took the knee. Normally when I see fighters take a knee they take the 8 count and get up so they can regroup, but if someone has something seriously wrong they'll just take the count and theres nothing wrong with that on his end. I did hear about the eye socket fractures, I had no clue about the hemmorhaging.

I am now Lopez just got the stoppage. What about you?

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Definitely, Anthony Ogogo had to retire, it was a reoccurring issue with Brook, it's a threat to Dubois's career, no doubt. It's not neurological haemorrhaging, but retinal haemorrhaging is obviously still very serious.

What a performance from Lopez!

I remember Ogogo, wasn't he rumored to fight Canelo before the injury and was highly touted on his way up? For me the word hemmorrhaging sounds 10 times worse then any sort of injury for some reason. Then on top of that the eye sockets that will be tough to get past.

Great performance. WHat did you think of main event?

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I don't think he was ever fighting Canelo, he didn't get that far, his professional career was derailed by the eye. It's because the word is associated with a brain haemorrhage, but retinal haemorrhaging is obviously very serious as well.

Good fight, I thought Spence boxed better than I've seen from him, he's not as resilient after the accident in my opinion, I don't think his career can afford another fight like the Porter fight, but he didn't take much damage against Garcia, and I think he's at his best. What did you think of the fight?