Jessie Vargas vs. Manny Pacquiao Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Jessie Vargas

Manny Pacquiao

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What did you think of Pacquiao's performance?

Not his best in my opinion.

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This kind of victory is pretty much what most of us expected. Did Pacquiao seem to be past his prime to you?

I thought Pacquiao would have a good performance that was one sided. The fight was one sided as my card shows but he does look past his prime. He did enough to win rounds.

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That doesn't surprise me, putting the rounds in the bank is the main thing, but it seems to me looking at many scorecards as if Vargas was able to get the better of Pacquiao for a large portion of the first half of the fight, even though to me, of that's true, it doesn't mean anything negative, because Vargas is a very good fighter, we knew that. I think Bradley vs Vargas II is a good idea now, they both could do with a win, both have a lot to gain, but little to lose now, and after the unusual ending to the first fight, you just get that sense that there could be some unfinished business there. There are a lot of options out there for Vargas, and I highly doubt this defeat did his reputation or his career any harm at all. The talks of Mayweather vs Pacquiao I find very irritating I have to say, I have no problem with Pacquiao resuming his career, but I just get a sense that this is personal, and this fight was more about Mayweather than it was about Vargas, in my opinion, if Mayweather comes back to try and reach 50-0 I don't even think Pacquiao is the most deserving opponent, I believe Khan is, that would be a very interesting fight, and believe it or not, many Mayweather fans would be very nervous about that one, I definitely believe Khan has an inconvenient style for Mayweather. I heard that Kell Brook is very interested in fighting Pacquiao in a unification bout, I love the idea of that fight, it's a 50/50 fight in my eyes, but obviously, Kell would be the underdog. I think there a lot of considerable options for Pacquiao, but what he has left, must be questionable.

I mean he put rounds in the bank but he wasn't on top of his game. He did show flashes of his old self though. I thought he struggled with Vargas the first half. Then after round 6 it was all Pacquiao. It wasn't a domination like he did to Margarito where he looked good while getting a one sided decision. It's just that Pacquiao had an impressive one sided decision in my opinion. It will be interesting to see where Vargas goes from here. To me I would like to see Mayweather fight Thurman or Brook ( if he still wants to fight at 147). I personally think they are the number 1 and 2 welterweights ( that's if you still consider Brook a welterweight). If Brook vs Pacquaio were to fight, I would pick Brook to win. Based off Pacquiao's last fight it's very questionable on how much he has left

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I know what you mean, one can't really learn about a fight by looking at a document, you have to actually watch it, 10-9 is 10-9 for what it's worth in terms of credit, but rounds can be impressive or not so impressive for a number of different reasons. I think speed and athleticism are things that go gradually from a boxer, it is just apparent that it is harder for them to use these attributes when they approach their late thirties, which is probably why you saw the same Pacquiao as ever, just not quite as seemingly fast as he once was. That doesn't surprise me too much, Vargas is a very good boxer, a genuine world champion, and just a great all round fighter, he does have that style that can sometimes catch Pacquiao off guard with his sometimes unmeasured attacks. I think Vargas is better than Margarito, but it's still a good comparison. I think Vargas vs Rios is a fight and a half, and a great 50/50 fight, which could result in a fantastic clash of styles, there are other worthwhile fights out there for him of course, but I think Vargas vs Rios is the best of the lot. I agree in that they are the top two, I think Thurman is number one, before I included Pacquiao (because he was officially retired for a strangely short period of time), the top 5 welterweights in my opinion were Thurman, Brook, Porter, Spence, Khan, in that order. I can easily understand why you would like to see Mayweather fight Thurman or Brook if he was to make the (in my opinion wrong) decision of making a ring return, but in my opinion, because they have more likely ring time before retirement than Khan does, I think because Khan is better than his record suggests, he is the more deserving of this one big opportunity, and most importantly, he's been as good as promised that fight in the past, fighting Amir Khan was the one thing Mayweather said he would do, but didn't do, he did everything else, all I really wanted to see him to was fight Pacquiao, as if that wasn't enough, schooling him made my level of respect for him as an all time great, high as the sky, let's also remember the fact that Khan being the best welterweight on the planet isn't even that unlikely, and if we're right in thinking Thurman and Brook are better, then there can't be a lot in it, if Mayweather fights Khan then that's a very hard fight, unless Mayweather was to have declined a lot since the Pacquiao fight, and that's possible, because he didn't look great against Berto, and there are a few reasons why he I'm strongly against his ideas a of ring return. I still consider Kell Brook a welterweight for the moment, I want to see him fight Errol Spence, that's a fantastic fight, and a 50/50 fight let's be honest, but all this over excitement from the childish public, getting carried away, and acting as if Kell is a coward because he was pulled out of a fight, and Spence is a machine because he's looking so great against everyone he fights at the moment, Spence is a class act, possibly the biggest puncher in the division, definitely a top 5 147 fighter, extremely talented, I'm a huge fan, and I wouldn't be surprised if he became the best welterweight on the planet one day, but right now, I think he loses to Kell Brook. I think it's very complicated, there are a lot of questions, just how inconvenient is the style of Pacquiao for Brook?, is Pacquiao clean?, has he ever been clean?, if not, just what kind of a difference is it making? It's a weird one, I think Kell can win that fight, I'm very confident Thurman beats Pacquiao, I'm less confident about Brook winning, but I still wouldn't get too confident of I was a Pacquiao fan.

Yeah that's true. I'm not comparing Vargas and Margarito as fighters, I was comparing Pacquiao's performance against the two. They were both one sided decisions but against Margarito, Pacquiao looked great while doing it. When Pacquiao fought Vargas this weekend he won but wasn't really impressive while doing so. Pacquiao got me excited when he got the knockdown in the second round, I thought he was gonna look how he did against Bradley but I turned out to be wrong. I was impressed with Vargas's performance. He was able to find success and hurt Pacquiao which was good. For Vargas, I really like that Rios fight. I also like Berto, Josesito Lopez, or Diego Chavez. Any of them are good options in my opinion. I really can't decide on who's better between Thurman and Brook. Whoever would win that would determine the best welterweight for me, but we aren't sure how long Brook is going to stay at welterweight. If he leaves, Thurman is the best without a doubt. At this point I think Thurman, Brook and Mayweather beat Pacquiao at this stage. I agree with you on the top 5 welterweights, but I would replace Khan with Pacquiao. For me, I'm torn between whether or not he should return. A part of me says he's accomplished everything and enjoy his life, another part of me says go for that 50th fight and make history. Whatever he does is fine by me. I can't wait to see how Spence improves and fights over the next few years. He should be a great champion in the near future. I never understood why people are calling Brook a coward for pulling out. I mean he was in a very dangerous fight with one of the best fighters in the world and almost had a career threatening injury so he should be allowed some time off. Based of Pacquiaos last performance I say Kell and Thurman beat him. It hurts me to say that because Pacquiaos one of my all time favorites.

By the way what fight are you watching this Saturday? Ortiz vs Scott or Garcia vs Vargas? I know I'm only watching Ortiz vs Scott, I'll try to watch Garcia vs Vargas another time.

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I think Vargas fighting opponents like Lopez and Berto who have no issues putting effort in, but a just a level below in overall ability (or are likely to be) are good ideas, and they're not easy opponents, both are dangerous, neither will stop at anything to win, both are experienced, neither have anything to lose, but these aren't 50/50 fights, not that that's a problem, and hey, as a Vargas fan, I'm sure one would rather see him fight opponents like Berto and Lopez, because he's not wasting his time with poor opponents, but he's also not taking large risks. I'm not sure whether or not the same Diego Chaves who fought Keith Thurman is still around, I hope he is, and if he is, then Vargas vs Chaves is a great fight in my opinion. It's hard time say, I think Thurman, it's very close, but I think Thurman just has the edge, that fight would determine the best for me too, but if Brook leaves 147, then I'm still not 100%, or even 80% on Thurman being number 1, it's still a great division. I haven't really thought about it, but come to mention it, I agree, especially now he's in his late thirties, I think when you consider he's fought in eight different weight categories, has had over 60 professional fights, and is 37, you question what Pacquiao has left, if he can dominate Jessie Vargas, he can't be doing too badly, but you thought he didn't look as good as he used to, and after what?, 6 months?, between his rubber match with Tim Bradley and this fight, one can't use a layoff as an excuse. I understand that, that's not unusual, the boxing fan in you, naturally what's to see possibly the best boxer who has ever lived return to the ring, because it would be so fascinating, but the other half of your mind is thinking about what is right, what is sensible, and what is best for Mayweather, it is his decision, and the so called 'fans' have no right to decide for him, Pacquiao can beat every other opponent in the world, it doesn't change the fact that in that era, Mayweather was the main man, not Pacquiao, from where I'm standing, Pacquiao and Roach have seemed like a great partnership of boxing champion and boxing instructor over the years, when they win, and that is most of the time, because Pacquiao is right up there with the best, but when they lose, excuses, excuses and yet more excuses, the Bradley defeat, Ok, I'm in the vast majority of people who believed Pacquiao won, but it wasn't anything like HBO made out (especially Max Kellerman), I think it could have gone either way legitimately, Roach and Pacquiao made all kinds of excuses, and of course went along either the bogus 'robbery' theory, (apparently he landed 94 more punches, my eye, he landed about 10 more), when Pacquiao got knocked out by Marquez, they made more excuses, what I'm saying is, everyone discounted all Pacquiao's defeats for one reason or another, people got carried away with his good guy character, and we're gullible enough to believe Mayweather was some kind of villain, they got carried away with the fact that Pacquiao had beaten 4/5 common opponents more emphatically, without considering how much this means, or taking circumstances into account, I think these are all the reasons why Mayweather was the underdog amongst fans, and only a slight favourite amongst pundits.

To me, it's quite simple, Mayweather has done everything he was supposed to do in the sport, 49-0, took on so many challenges, beat some great names, and to me, the Pacquiao victory, that just summed up his career, I think the only thing one could request of him is to fight Amir Khan, and that would be only if he chooses for the right reasons to make a ring return. Mayweather said after the Pacquiao fight, that he no longer enjoyed boxing, and that's because there comes a time when a fighter is humbled, has had a great career, and is at that stage when they have achieved all they ever set out to achieve, if ever there was a time it was good for Floyd to be stubborn, now is the time.

Because they are absolute morons, recently, 'boxingnews24' had the nerve to publish an article saying 'Brook might quit against Spence' I think they're criticising him for getting his eye socket broken as well, which is utterly ridiculous, what a load bull****. Pacquiao is a boxing legend, but if he loses, and loses badly, to one of these great fighters, nobody made him return to the ring, he shouldn't have any financial problems, nobody made him (it's probably a bit too personal, meaning he wants to get one over on Mayweather), he chose to return to the ring, maybe he can be an example of why Mayweather made the right decision to retire, I recently said that in some cases, I believe 45 year old men should be allowed to fight, even then, I think that should only apply to guys who who started late, fighters who started early, I think they should be retired by 36, for example, someone like Luis Ortiz, I think he would be wise to fight into forties, but someone like Canelo Alvarez, I think 2025 should be the year he retires. I think Pacquiao's return is a defeat waiting to happen, and I don't believe we would see anything like the best Pacquiao against the top 5 welterweights on the planet.

I won't be able to watch any live fights, but I'll watch them all at some juncture. I think Ortiz will stop Scott, early, I don't think Scott avoid taking or withstand the power of Ortiz for long at all, and I think the fight will end in two rounds, it would be interesting if I was to be proven wrong, but I highly doubt it showing us anything we didn't already know about both Ortiz and Scott. When Garcia vs Vargas was made, we were all disappointed, but considering he's scheduled to fight Thurman in March, and he's probably considering this fight nothing more than maybe just a warm up for the big unification battle, and if he is, then I'm not against the fight, I think Garcia should win, and it shouldn't go six rounds, I don't think it will go four. I just read that Parker vs Ruiz is officially confirmed.

I had a response written up then I submitted it and it said site was under maintainance and lost my response. I don't remember it now I'll try writing it later.

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Sorry pal, so annoying when that happens.

Besides the obvious Ward vs Kovalev fight, what fight are you most excited for?

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Not sure to be honest bud, Parker vs Ruiz, Lomackenko vs Walters, for their year that is. In terms of what is scheduled, besides Ward vs Kovalev, Thurman vs Garcia and Jack vs Degale have to top it for me, fantastic fights for me. I really hope we see Golovkin vs Alvarez at some stage in the future, that would top all in my opinion, I think that's a 50/50 fight. What are your predictions for this weekends fights?

I would say that Lomachenko vs Walters is the fight that I am most excited for to the end of 2016. Out of all the fights scheduled even to 2017 I would agree that Thurman vs Garcia and Jack vs Deagale are the most exciting to me to. My predictions for this weekends fights. I say Ortiz gets a third round ko and Garcia gets a ko in either round 5 or 6.

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It should be very interesting, Lomackenko is the heavy favourite, but Walters isn't one other be taken lightly, I'm sure Lomachenko knows that, but at this stage of his career, he's still quite new to the pros, and he's taking a massive step up in class, I think he can win big, if he keeps out of harms way for 12 rounds, I think his footwork will serve him well, his knowledge of how to stay out of trouble against a puncher must be great, all that amateur pedigree, 396-1 is quite something to have as a record, which is good because Walters is very good at knowing how to use his power, I think he's a good judge of range, and how to control it, I just think Lomackenko will have the tools to outbox him though.

I think Badou Jack is going to upset James Degale, it's a 50/50 fight, one is unlikely to be confident as a fan of either, but I'm 60/40 on Jack pulling this off, I'll root for him, and I will be disappointed if he loses, because although I have nothing really against Degale, he's a bit of an idiot when he opens his mouth, and quite an irritating one, it would be entertaining to see him lose, but I'll be happy to commend him if he beats Badou Jack. Jack vs Degale is an interesting fight, one might look at Jack having a hard time against Bute, losing a good 3-5 rounds, and think Degale could make him pay much more emphatically for any mistakes or weaknesses, but I watched Degale vs Bute, and I think that was even closer, I gave Bute 5 rounds, and you could have given him more. I think Degale vs Jack is so fascinating because you have one guy who is explosive, is dangerous, has great amateur experience behind him, awkward, unorthodox, and difficult to prepare for, but has a lot of weaknesses, shows flaws often, makes big mistakes, which are not hard to capitalise upon, and a lot of them, he's an unusual fighter is Degale, if he has his own way, he's almost unstoppable, but if he has any kind of trouble, he can unravel down the stretch, he's very adaptable, and he can usually just about fiend away to come through whatever challenge, and I don't think doubt he is continuously improving, I think we will see the best Degale we've ever seen against Jack. Jack is very different to Degale, British pundits say he's readable, which is definitely understandable, I think he's compact, a solid boxer, and does the basics so well, he's maybe quite predictable, he's very intelligent, he isn't the biggest puncher, but he's very good at using what power he has, he's very good at making the most out of small errors from his opponent, and he's extremely durable. I think Jack vs Degale will be very fascinating, I can see Degale using his amateur experience, and his technical tools to outbox and frustrate Jack at times in the fight, I can also see Jack taking Degale apart in some rounds, I think each will have a few big rounds, and I don't think it will be closely contested action for the majority of the ring time, Jack should be able to capitalise upon errors Degale makes, whether that's over committing with punch volume, or sitting on the ropes, and putting himself in a susceptible position, I don't think he'll get his priorities wrong to the extent that he did Medina, because naturally, he'll take Jack more seriously, but if one was going to suggest he boxes with great maturity, and doesn't make any real mistakes at all, changing his ways completely, it's clearly not that simple, and I'm sure Jack can exploit Degale's flaws big time, and maybe take over in the second half of the fight, whether or not it will be too late, is another matter, but I don't see anything any particular vulnerabilities or targets that Degale can take advantage of when it comes to Badou Jack, Degale will surely use his variety of offence and defence. What an interesting fight, I've rambled on about that fight probably about 25% of the amount I could, which is quite a lot as you can see, I hope you do the mind all this text. Are you still going with the majority and tipping Degale to win?

I wouldn't be shocked if Scott went more than 2 rounds with Ortiz, but I highly doubt Scott will get very far into the fight, or really get anything going, and I don't think he can withstand the power of Ortiz for very long, I can't really criticise the match up, because Scott is on an impressive winning streak at the moment, I was surprised he beat Tony Thompson (I just had a thought, Price vs Thomson III, with drug testing Thompson couldn't slip past!). I wouldn't be shocked if it went 5 or 6 rounds, but I think will be finished earlier, and to be honest, I won't be impressed if Vargas goes any more than 6 rounds with Garcia. I know Keith Thurman will be commentating for Garcia vs Vargas, should be fun, I think he might get into the ring afterwards, and put on a show, should be entertaining, especially if Angel Garcia gets involved.

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This is unrelated to boxing, but do you watch Kitchen Nightmares by any chance?

I don't watch the show but I'll check out the link.

What kind of music do you listen to?

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Absolutely everything, in a small, medium or large dose, give me an artist, and I'll probably like one of their songs, maybe more, but basically I have no particular liking for a certain type of music, how about you?

These are a few of my favourite songs

Keane - Can't stop now
Raleigh Ritchie - You're a man now boy
Tom Odell - Long way down (whole album is actually worth listening to)
Kaleo - Way down we go
Lily Allen - LDN
Tony Christie - Is this the way to Amerillo?
Brett Dennen - Ain't no reason

I'm a huge fan of 90's and 2000's rap. I like the new stuff but I like the older stuff way better. I'm also a huge fan of Old rock and alternative music.

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I was listening to some quality rapping the other day when I was listening to a song called 'Out here grindin', by DJ Khalid, I heard the song a few years ago when Keith Thurman was shadow boxing in front of a crowd before his fight against Jesus Soto Karass, on the undercard of Broner vs Maidana. My dad is a big fan of rock, especially Pink Floyd, I grew up listening to a lot of their music.

I like Khaled. The rappers I mostly listen 50 cent, 2pac, biggie, and nas. Funny story about 50 cent I head about him is that he had some altercations with Floyd Mayweather. For rock, I like pink floyd , but I also like Rage Against the machine, Red hot chili peppers, avenged sevenfold and soundgarden.

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I've never heard of the last two of those four rappers, and only once or twice have heard of 2 Pac, I know very little about music. I her after about that, I think it was a while ago now. The only one of those four I'm familiar with is Red Hot Chilli Peppers, shows what I know about music, the only two songs of theirs I know are 'Strip my mind', and 'Can't stop'. Do you like Usher?

This is unrelated to music or boxing, but do you like dogs?, and if so, do you have a dog?

That's fine man. Do you remember from anything with Floyd and 50 cent? They used to be good friends I think he even walked out with Floyd when he fought Oscar. I am a huge fan of Usher actually.

I love dogs. I have 3 dogs actually.

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All I remember is them talking about a genuine fight during their grudge, and then them becoming friends at a later stage, I didn't know that, I imagine what I heard about was just a fallout between two friends. Me too, OMG was a big song when I was in year 8/8th grade, I remember it very clearly, I love some of his songs, papers, guilty, making love into the night, Mars vs Venus, a lot of good songs from him I must say.

Same here! I have just the one dog, he's a little rascal, he's nearly 3, and he's a lhasa apso cross with a king Charles spaniel, I'm considered by most people who know me, too close with my dog, I'm a bit like Raj from The Big Bang Theory. What breed are your dogs?

Yeah, they were good friends then they had a falling out. My favorite song by Usher is yeah with out a doubt. I also love the songs confessions, my boo, and burn. He makes great music. You ever listen to R. Kelly or Jay Z?

I have a chihuahua, minature pincher, and a chinese crested.

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Do you like 'what's a man to do?' That's another favourite of mine from usher. Jay Z, yes, I haven't heard much of his music but I like what I have heard, I've not heard of R. Kelly.

Awesome!, I want to own more dogs when I'm older, I just think, sometimes, they make a family, I can't imagine life without Charlie, is it the same with you and your dogs?

What do you make of Trump being elected?

I haven't heard that song but I'll check it out. I'm also a huge Jay z fan.

I'm with you on that, I can't imagine what life would be like with my dogs.

I really don't know what to make of it. I really gave him no shot of winning the election. I really don't feel either way about Trump.

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I think the best Jay Z song I've heard is 'the empire state of mind'. I have thought of a few more song recommendations,

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
Alicia Keys - How it feels to fly
Crystal Castles - The Plague
Smoothiesforme - Forbidden - System remix
Katie Melua - Wonderful life
Onefoursix - The fall

It sounds funny, but my dog is like my son, it's a bit of a joke to some people, but I don't mind, it's just that bond you get with an animal, it's magical. How old are your dogs?

Over here in the UK, he's viewed as a villain by many, a few of the things he's said at first, they were so ridiculous, and swearing at the crowd, he seemed like a bit of joker, and I think because of that, he hasn't been given a chance, but I think in the US (I'd imagine) he's been given more of a fair run, and people have heard out his argument, understood the reasons why he aims to achieve what be aims to achieve, and decided whether or not they support him.

I'll have to check those songs out.

My dogs are around 8-9 years old. They are very fun to be around.

Even though he got elected, A lot of people strongly hate him. I never seen this with any other presidential candidate. A few days after he got elected, there have been huge riots across America. I personally don't like it. I mean it's ok to not like Trump but I don't think rioting is the way to go about it. The way they should protest is to vote against him in the next election.

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I hope you like them.

My doggy is being a rascal at the moment, he's bored by his food, so I think he's been trying to live on dog treats, naughty!

Blimey, I didn't know that, absolutely, if none of the many other things it is, it is the most effective way to show what you believe, I'm undecided on my overall political opinion.

Are you reading about or watching this war of words which has being going on between Terence Crawford and Angel Garcia?, if not here are a couple of videos.

What Terence Crawford says,

Angel's response!

My dogs are the opposite. They love food. Any time were eating they hound us for food.

I'm also undecided on my political opinion.

I read about and watched the videos. That is so funny that they are going at each other. I really want to see Terence Crawford whoop Danny Garcia if they fight. I want to see the look on angels face when his son loses. I'm pretty confident Crawford can pull it off against Garcia.

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Oh by all means Charlie will hound us for food, it's just his own food he has no interest in, rascal.

It is entertaining, and deep down, they definitely have a lot of respect for each other. Fair enough buddy, I have to say I'd be neutral, I think Crawford wins the fight, but it's an interesting one, I believe a Danny Garcia who's in against Keith Thurman or Terence Crawford, quite easily beats the Danny Garcia who fought Herrera and Peterson, and I really do think they're good fights, but I simply believe Terence Crawford is the more tactically and technically developed boxer, and the better of the two overall, I suppose Garcia does have the better resume, and he is more experienced in that his adaptability has been tested, but again, it doesn't convince me Garcia has the beating of Crawford. In case you're interested, I know that Crawford and Garcia 1-1 in fights won against each other, it doesn't mean much in terms of what would happen between them in the ring (although it could mean something), I'm speaking more about the situation on a personal level, that's probably why there is animosity between Garcia and Crawford.

What's your opinion on the idea of Wilder vs Ortiz?

My dogs just love food in general. They'll eat their own food then when were eating they will hound us for more.

I would love to see them fight sometime soon. I would root for Crawford for 2 main reasons. One reason is Terence Crawford is one of my favorites to watch, and I want to see Angels face when Crawford wins. Garcia has the better resume but I agree with you that Crawford is better skill wise. His style is so difficult to deal with, I really don't know how Garcia will deal with his versatile style.

I love the fight. I hope it happens, but I think it's unlikely. I heard in an interview that Wilder won't fight Ortiz due to his failed drug test in the past. I'm giving Ortiz the benefit of the doubt that he's clean because he's doing year round drug testing.

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Charlie is just the same, the only difference is, he rarely eats his own food. It's always been a dream of mine, to breed dogs, and raise puppies, we didn't have Charlie in his puppy days, but we've seen pictures (because we bought him from friends), he was adorable, he looked like a little bear, you could fit him in a handbag, and you could hold him with one adult hand comfortably. Do you have a desire to breed dogs one day?

Yeah well, Crawford has shown his more rebellious side recently, but he's still a very humble guy really, he's a nice guy, you always want to see him do well, and of course, he keeps impressing, every single one of his victories has been earned, and is unarguable, it is very understandable that you, like most, would root for him over Danny Garcia, and yes, Angel Garcia, it would be good to see his reaction, I would imagine he'd make a bunch of excuses and Danny would be much more gracious in defeat, but to me, it's not Danny's fault his dad talks for the US, and is annoying, is he going to tell his father to shut up?, no, it is a situation when open can't blame Garcia nor expect him to the action, I think if Garcia was beaten by anybody, suddenly, Angel wouldn't be so anti rematch. It's interesting, I don't think Garcia would deal with his versatile style, I guess if your Garcia, you want to walk him down, cover the canvas, out hustle him, try to match him for technique in the centre of the ring, but try not to let him use his range dictation, and his superior speed, make Crawford work, control the pace, I think whether or not he could control the pace against Crawford would be the most telling factor, do I think he could control the pace at times?, yes, often enough to win the fight?, no, and I think Crawford would secure a decisive win, maybe around 116-112, maybe closer, maybe wider, it's hard time predict because Danny Garcia is so unpredictable, and we don't have much of an idea of how good he is in relation to the likes of Thurman and Crawford.

And that's absolutely fine, to be quite honest, if I was Deontay Wilder's mother or fathers I'm not sure I'd let him anywhere near an unclean heavyweight, Ortiz cannot complain about being avoided, he doesn't have a leg to stand on, drugs in boxing is terrible, in my opinion, if a boxer is really unclean, life ban, done, end of, you choose in your right mind to take drugs, selfish, irresponsible, cowardly, you have an addiction, speak up, and get help before you endanger an opponent. So he should, he should have random drug testing throughout the year, no questions asked, no excuses, I think Luis Ortiz had some nerve saying what he said about all the other heavyweights recently, after his history of being unclean, it would be such a great lesson in my opinion, if Ortiz is smoked out, and beaten a couple of years down the line, declined, and having his drugs history working against him, if your a fan of his, you'll hope that doesn't happen, and if he is genuinely clean, then I think he should get the bogus fights, when Fury returns maybe, Fury won't be bothered about the druggie past of Ortiz, Joshua vs Ortiz is always a possibility, not for a bit, maybe in the summer of 2017, I know you'd for your favourite in that one, I would too, I do like Anthony Joshua, I just think he should be in more challenging fights at this stage of his career.

Crawford has shown a bit of a rebellious side as of late. I think it's because of people not wanting to fight him and not getting enough credit. I think that when he was fighting Lundy all of Lundys insults set him off, and not getting the Pacquiao fight made him mad, and hearing Angel Garcia and people like him discrediting his accomplishments. My guess is a mixture of those things got him upset and he lashes out. He's still a good guy though, very humble when he wins. I agree with you on Angels rematch willingness when his son loses. I think it's obvious that Angel wants to protect that 0. I would say that Garcia has to cut off the ring when fighting Crawford to stop his movement and hustle him like you said.

Even though I give him the benefit of the doubt that he is clean, I can totally understand why people won't fight him and still feel he's unclean. It's easy for fans to give someone a second chance it's probably harder for fighters since they're the ones getting in the ring and fighting. His drug past certainly won't help him out any. For getting fights and for his fights. I think Fury vs Ortiz would be a great fight. I would love to see Joshua vs Ortiz. I would hope that Joshua can beat him.

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No! Lost my response! Oh well, maybe talk to you tomorrow.

You have any fight recommendations? I've watched pretty much all the fights I wanted. I might of missed some though.

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Sure man, let's think, hmm, fight recommendations, you've seen the Froch vs Kessler fights?, Huck vs Arslan I, Abraham vs Smith, Walsh vs Appleby, Tommy Coyle vs Daniel Brizuela, Khan vs Diaz, (I haven't seen it yet) Cleverly vs Forfara (a very competitive war), Denis Lebedev vs Guillermo Jones (just to warn you, it's extremely brutal, Lebedev's face, lost for words, gruesome, very gruesome), Bradley vs Holt. That's 10 recommendations there, if you wish to watch any of them, I think you'll like them, a couple of them were British fights, that were not world title fights, so you may not have heard of the fighters, but I think the fights will turn you into a fan.

By the way, I'm writing up a prediction for Joshua vs Molina, did you notice it was added?, I want Joshua vs Whyte to be added. Have you seen Joshua vs Whyte?

Thanks for the recommendations. I will make sure to watch them. I heard about that Lebedev vs Jones. I saw the pictures of his face and he looked awful. I'm actually a big fan of british boxing. I think they don't get the credit they deserve.

I saw it was added recently. I want that fight along with a lot others to be added. I have so many cards for fights that aren't even added yet. I watched Joshua vs Whyte. I think I had it 58-56 for Joshua.

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My pleasure. As it happens, I'm a massive fan of American boxing, and I don't think they get enough credit, I suppose that shows we're both unbiased.

So do I, I've been waiting for 6 months now for about 50 fights to be added, but I suppose the people who run the site are busy with work, which should always come first. You could always use my forum page, just in case you think you might forget your scores, but only if you want. So did I, it was anything between level, and Joshua by a couple of points, it was a great fight, I don't know why there aren't more calls for a rematch.

Sorry I must have asked you this before, but I've forgotten, what's your current prediction for the big one on Saturday?

I like American boxing to but sometimes the fans ruin it for me. Like sometimes the American fans bash American champions like Ward, Mayweather, and Wilder. I don't know why these guys get hated so much but they should all be respected as great champions.

Thats true work is more important. I'm in the middle for the idea for a rematch. I mean Whyte deserves it, probably more than Molina, but I won't be too upset if it doesn't happen.

That's fine. I remember in the summer I told you Kovalev will win, but for the past month or 2 I been going with Ward. I'm picking ward to win a decision, and that's my final prediction. I think that the other people picking Ward to win easy are writing Kovalev off. Kovalev is a tough fight for anyone and should not be taken lightly.

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I don't think that's anything to do with Americans to be honest man, I think you've just seen more of that negativity on the US for the same reason I have seen more of it in the UK. I honestly believe it's a lot worse over here, for example, the lack of respect for Tyson Fury, it's unreal. I think there maybe a larger amount of unnecessary negativity in America because we have about 64 million people, and you have more like 324 million, which is 5 times as many, but percentage wise, I think where you are is a country with better fans when it comes to sport, I've never been to the US, so I don't know, that's just what I believe, but on a more positive note, I'm not bad mouthing my own country in a general sense, their are many, many great people over here as well, of course there are, but there are many reasons why I want to live in America one day. I have a question for you, I've been wondering, is it true that you guys in America think British accents are awesome?, I've heard that a lot, apparently American women in particular love the accents over here.

To me, considering that Whyte has impressed me and many others a little bit more than Joshua has since their first fight, and Whyte has improved his conditioning so much since the first fight (I think that was the biggest factor to be honest), the rematch is a great idea, that grudge is still alive, then again, in terms of appreciative fans, I highly doubt the rematch would be the war the first fight was, I think it would be much more tactical, I think it would be tentative, I think Joshua would win again, but it could be a close fight, now that would be a very productive fight for Joshua in my opinion.

So am I, it's mighty close, but I'm just going with Ward, I think his key weapon will be adaptability. I think Crawford vs Postol might have something to do with that, and the Chilemba fight as well.

I think both Ward and Kovalev should be considered as opponents for Adonis Stevenson, three great fights there. I really hope Stevenson becomes more cooperative in terms of making those fights.

I'm so excited about Thurman vs Garcia, how do you see that playing out?, have I asked you that question before?, sorry if I have.

It might be because we don't live in each others country to know how boxing fans are on an everyday basis. Like, I've never been to Britain and don't know how fans are over there, and you don't live in America so it's hard to see how fans act in America. I think both of our countries don't really show Tyson Fury much respect. A lot of fans still discredit him for beating Klitschko. I just feel fans here are so critical about fights and fighters and don't understand the fight game. From some things I see British fans are very loyal to their fighters. Like Ricky Hatton, a lot of his fans traveled to Vegas to see him fight Mayweather. Personally I don't have a problem with british accents, it really depends who you ask. There's some people that love it and some people that hate it.

Whyte has been impressive as of late. I can't wait to see his fight with Chisora, that should be very entertaining. I want to see the gloves are off between them. I saw a clip of it and it looked like it was going to be an entertaining one. I would like to see a rematch with Whyte if he looks impressive against Chisora, and as like a warm up for a bigger fight later in the year with like a Wilder or Parker. I think that Joshua would get a late round knockout in like 10 or 11.

It's such a close fight and an interesting stylistic matchup. Ward can adapt to any style and I think that will play a huge part in this fight.

I would love for Stevenson to fight the winner of Ward vs Kovalev. I don't know why he's being so unreasonable, it's not like he's a terrible fighter that's going to get flattened in the first round. I expect him to give Ward and Kovalev very tough fights if they ever fight.

I'm picking Thurman to win a close fight. I thought it was going to be a blow out at first then I realized Danny is a good rise to the occasion fighter.

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Lost my response again. For goodness sake!