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  • Reply to: Tyson Fury vs Dereck Chisora III   4 hours 22 min ago

    Fury's 7th defense of the Lineal Heavyweight title. hopefully after Fury gets done fighting Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr, Evander Holyfield, Zhilei Zhang, and the highly anticipated Otto Wallin rematch we can get him to fight Usyk to unify the belts. I don't maybe Alexander Mustache can fight Deontay Wilder in the meantime that way get to see Fury vs Wilder 4 instead.

  • Reply to: Juan Francisco Estrada vs Roman Gonzalez III Scorecard by Jarod Killian   4 hours 38 min ago

    You have no fucking idea how much it pisses me off to have scored this fight this way but it's how I saw it and no matter what disdain I may have for the fucking judges that robbed Chocolatito in their second fight I call it how I see it. I saw a draw at best or a slight edge to Gallo. But fuck, hate to see Chocolatito have to go out like this when he should've won the second fight and instead this time Gallo actually at worst held him out to a stalemate. Still, it's like eating fucking shit seeing this. Especially after Gallo didn't fucking deserve the condom match and yet Chocolatito agreed to it like the fucking warrior he is since he had already beaten Gallo twice. I really do hope Chocolatito made out like a bandit bankwise and fairplay to Gallo for actually improving from their last fight.

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    eh, I thought Loma barely eeked this but looked every bit of 34 as 34 fucking gets. I thought him fighting this level of opposition at this point of his career was extremely uncalled for but if he struggled like this then at this point he might as well hang em. Haney would easily beat Loma at this point. I'm sure Loma could go fight the Kambosos' of the world for paydays albeit pointless. I really expected Loma to do more professionally but unfortunately he stepped on the gas very early on and quite impressive only to ease off at slacker pace and missing out on many great potential paydays he could've had against Manny Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia. Regardless, his best days are behind him and his amateur glory has far outlived whatever professional accomplishments he achieved.

  • Reply to: Teofimo Lopez vs Jose Pedraza   4 hours 55 min ago

    Teo is fighting that Anton LaVey Spaniard dude now

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    Albert Sosnowski vs Travis Fulton
    Charlie Malupangue vs Powell Balaba
    Virgel Victor vs Alan Alberca
    Isaiah Wise vs Andy Gonzales
    James Bernadin vs Sheldon Deverteuil
    Paul Koon vs Rodriguez Cade
    Romuel Cruz vs Hugo Rodriguez
    Bakary Samake vs Robin Zamora
    Bakary Samake vs Pablo Mendoza
    Joshua Conley vs Donte Stower

    Adrian Corona vs Joe Perez
    Mbemba Miesi vs Celso Neves
    Sandy Messaoud vs Nurali Erdogan
    Stephane Bado vs Patrick M Bida
    Daniel Blenda Dos Santos vs Sadok Sebki
    Yvan Mendy vs Gianluca Ceglia
    Faisal Ibnel Arrami vs Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko [1]
    Faisal Ibnel Arrami vs Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko [2]
    Leduan Barthelemy vs Ricardo Nunez
    Artem Oganesyan vs Alexandr Zhuravskiy

    Joshua Clottey vs Christian Lloyd Joseph
    Sébastien Chureau vs Frederic Basse
    Cameron Sevilla Rivera vs Burley Brooks [1] (fight 2 is already in the vault)
    Agustin Gerbaldo Kucharski vs Michel Daniel Cabral
    Troy Isley vs Bryant Costello
    Floyd Diaz vs Fernando Macias
    Franck Zimmer vs Kalilou Dembele
    Milan Prat vs Amaury Massenaux
    Anderson Prestot vs Matteo Signani
    Christian Mbilli vs Jesus Gurrola

    Christian Mbilli vs Ramon Aguinagua
    Christian Mbilli vs Ilya Kharlamau
    Christian Mbilli vs Cesar Lopez Ugarte
    Johann Duhaupas vs Kotatsu Takehara
    Johann Duhaupas vs Edgars Kalnars
    Johann Duhaupas vs Jean Claude Bikoi
    Yahya Tlaouziti vs Houcine Moulahi
    Moughit El Moutaouakil vs Houcine Moulahi
    Avery Martin Duval vs Matias Ezequiel Guenemil
    Mark DeLuca vs Ramon Barajas

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    As feared, it was a very one-sided fight, Fury was dominnant all along, Chisora is brave and would have never resigned, but he was taking a punishment, losing every round and taking huge blows. The stoppage was a good call. This was not a mismatch per se, Chisora is a great fighter, but now Fury must face even better fighters (Uzyk and Joyce are in attendance, Dubois won earlier in the same reunion, Joshua, Charr, Hrgovic, there are so many great oppositions we can expect and that would probably be better than this one-sided fight).

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    Woah a fight got added to the site!