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    This is a great test for Opetaia, but Briedis is unpredictable, has had poor performances in the past, but has also proven he has the potential the best in the division, Opetaia is a southpaw, Briedis isn't especially experienced against southpaws, but no southpaw is a new challenge for him after fighting Usyk. Opetaia has a slight age advantage, but whether he can exploit it is another question. There isn't much of a strength difference, but I think with Briedis's pressure fighting skill, Opetaia will struggle to push him back, I think Briedis hits harder than Opetaia, both have good chins, but Briedis's chin is far more tested, it will be interesting to see how Opetaia takes Briedis power. Opetaia has good footwork, and is gery mobile, how well Briedis cuts Opetaia off, will be very important. There is no comparison for speed, Opetaia throws combinations, has a high output, Briedis will need to use his experience, and also time Opetaia, he won't be mentally deterred by Opetaia's combinations, but if Opetaia is able to let his hands go and move off, Briedis is likely to have problems.

    I think Opetaia will take centre ring and be first, will land the left to the body, right hook the head, and step to his right, Briedis will struggle to cut him off, he will be mostly moving away from the right hand, won't be in front of Briedis for long enough for Briedis to unload, I think Briedis will start to cut him off as the rounds go on, he won't be an easy target for the jab, Opetaia won't get into a rhythm of comfortably boxing on the outside, will be under more pressure as Briedis is able to step in more often, but Opetaia will keep throwing selective combinations, and Briedis will struggle to work, I think Opetaia's fatuige will take more from his tactics than Briedis's, and when his feet slow down enough for Briedis to throw for the majority of the round, he will do damage, and change the fight, once he's landed the right hand clean, he will land single power shots with more regularity, but won't be able to stop Opetaia's movement, will have to force his feet and drag a high output out of himself, he will target the body to stop Opetaia's mobility, but Opetaia will have done a lot more damage to the body than him, which will be a big problem. I think Briedis will get the better of the second half by beating Opetaia to the punch as he cuts distance, Opetaia will be under a lot of pressure, but he won't be dominant.

    My prediction is Opetaia by UD, I wouldn't be surprised if Briedis won, but I'm very impressed by Opetaia, I think his style is terrible for Briedis, he isn't reliant on head shots at long range, Briedis won't stop himself being a target by making himself small, Opetaia's foot speed and overall footwork is another reason he's a bad opponent for Briedis.

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    so Mikey Garcia retires w a loss in his final outing? Not sure if it gon remain that way time will tell

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    rds 2,6,7 competitive

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    Kurbanov Texeixira draw
    Magsayo Vargas draw
    Russell vs Rances Barthelemy draw

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    rds 3,4 competitive