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    I broke a lot of rules in scoring this but it was that kind of fight. I had two rounds even - the fourth and the final round. I am tired of scoring rules that don't allow for even rounds and forcing us to make a choice that can decide a fight, and many rounds that are won decisively should be 10-8 but without a knockdown they are often 10-9, the same as a 10-9 round that was very close. I took an extra point from Haney in Round 7 for excessive holding that Harvey Dock didn''t even mention, and with that ridiculous point deduction from Garcia it was a 9-7 round. Dock was nervous about Ryan doing something outrageous so as he watched for that he let Haney clutch his way through the second half of the fight; Ryan would have knocked him out if Dock had done his job. Ultimately the right fighter won but the judge who had it 112-112 scared me, I didn't know what was going to happen after that score was read. This division of fighters borders on the delusional. Haney thinks way too highly of himself, Garcia acts like an 11-year-old, Tank Davis can't keep to a court order and does 90 days in jail, Teofino Lopez is a head case and slipping into mediocrity, Kambosos is an annoying chatterbox, not sure what happened to Josh Taylor, Jack Caterall is a spiteful hater, Shakur Steveneson is arrogant and unlikeable and pouts in public and hasn't yet had a signature win ...... . it's a mess, and at times embarrassing, but it does make for great theater and this fight was worth the PPV price. Ryan Garcia has enormous gifts as a super-lightweight or welterweight, but we''ll see if he doesn't become the next Adrien Broner, when I was hoping he'd be the next Alexis Arguello. Unfortunately, he's already past that point, and we have to search pretty hard to find anyone with Arguello''s level of class and sportsmanship. These guys are boxers, not angels, I get that, but let's try to lift the dialogue out of the gutter and the psych ward.

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    I had to break scoring rules because Harvey Dock was way off-base in the second half of the fight, letting Haney clutch his way through the knockdown rounds and disallowing two legit knockdowns, while penalizing Garcia a point for a short insignificant punch on the break. I took my own point from Haney for clutching in Round 7. I had two even rounds which is frowned on by the modern scoring protocols but I'm sorry, some rounds ARE even, and in a badly officiated fight I'm going to be sure I'm not bulldozed by conventional rules and let the wrong guy get the nod. Haney hung in there but Garcia was stronger, faster, more opportunistic, and for all Haney's cries of professionalism, this is a fight, and I have never seen Haney hurt anyone. And don't discount Garcia's right hand, or his new shoulder-roll: he does it because it feels natural for him and it hasn't hurt him yet. It might, but this is an instinctive kid who needs to follow his inspiration. I do wish some wise advisor or mentor could settle him down and help him find a way to express himself without all the craziness and profanity - there is enormous potential there but he comes off like a privileged pre-teen who becomes unhinged when the spotlight is on him. Maybe a priest is what he needs. The drama continues.

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    Why outcome does not appear? I fixed it...

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    You must be joking

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    Someone should fix the date on this fight.

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    Decisive rounds
    Rd 8 moderate Red
    Close rds 11