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    rds 4,7,8 competitive
    3 moderate

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    Ramos UD
    Lara UD
    Davis UD

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    The first 2 fights were competitive and close, Canelo has been more active than Golovkin in the 4 years since the second fight, I don't think he's naturally bigger than Golovkin, but he's experienced at 168, Golovkin isn't, the weight favours Canelo heavily. Golovkin comes off a good win, and a good performance, Canelo comes off a loss, that might give Golovkin a mental edge. Canelo isn't young, it's possible he's started to decline, but he peaked after he beat Golovkin, and Golovkin must have declined a lot since then from 36-40, so the timing is well on Canelo's side. Golovkin still has a much better jab than Canelo, he's never relied on speed or quick reactions, his power is still there, but his resistance isn't the same, he's extremely slow, and he can't fight consistently, at a high tempo now, Canelo did better against Golovkin when he pushed him on the back foot, and his strength advantage will make it easier to back him up this time.

    I think the fight will be competitive for about 4 rounds, Canelo will be on the front foot throughout, will make Golovkin work, Golovkin will throw power shots behind his jab, Canelo won't match Golovkin's output because of the jab, but he will defend well, and the first few rounds will take a lot more out of Golovkin than Canelo. I think as soon as Canelo is able to step in with the left to the body, the fight will change, the more Canelo lands, the easier a target Golovkin will be, Canelo will sap everything out of Golovkin with clean clusters of shots to head and body, will keep him under consistent pressure for 1-2 one sided rounds, Golovkin's shots will have no affect, and as soon as he's static, Canelo will stop him.

    My prediction is Canelo in 7 or 8 rounds, I wouldn't be surprised if this went to the late rounds, but I expect Canelo to stop Golovkin at this stage.

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    Sadly, I think Alvarez stops him this time. I'm going with Alvarez, late stoppage.

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    Gervonta Davis wins via one-sided domination inside 5 rounds.

    After 3 solid opponents in Leo Santa Cruz, Mario Barrios and Isaac Cruz back-to-back-to-back, Romero will be a cakewalk. I'd be shocked if Romero won, Davis is simply levels above.

    I'm happy that after this fight's conclusion, Davis will no longer be tied to Mayweather Promotions. I'm hoping he becomes a free agent and negotiates his own fights on a fight-to-fight basis, he has the drawing power to do so, hopefully we can see him in more interesting fights against bigger names like Haney, Garcia etc. now that Davis is his own man.

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    as per Frank Warren this fight happens in September and Joyce fights a stay busy opponent come July

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    Andrzej Fonfara vs Gabriel Campillo