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    I'm not sure if this is right topic, but I miss some recent fights. Tomoki Kameda vs Jamie McDonnell and Ricky Burns vs Omar Figueroa were fun fights to watch and in my opinion both fights had quite controversial scoring.

  • Reply to: Chris Byrd vs. Andrew Golota Scorecard by Matys   7 years 1 month ago

    OMG, You are EXACTLY right, it was inverted :D I scored this fight 116:112 for Byrd :)

  • Reply to: The Rumble In The Jungle: George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali   7 years 1 month ago

    What a truly great fight this was. The fact that this fight took place in 1974 and now in 2014 it is still talked about all the time just shows how much people appreciate the entertainment of a classic fight. Everybody knows how much of a true boxing legend Muhammad Ali is. I used to think that he was overrated but I have seen some more of his fights and now I see what all the fuss is about. This fight was so hard to score. A case could be made for Ali winning every round, at the same time you could have Foreman up to 5 points clear. That doesn't really matter though seeing as Ali's famously spectacular knockout came in round 8. Both of these warriors that are Muhammd Ali and George Foreman showed the public what being a truly great boxer is all about. I can see a shutout for Ali and I can also see 69-64 for Foreman. I had Foreman winning the fight by out brawling his opponent, I thought that he was very impressive with those vicious body attacks as he had Ali on the ropes, I do think that Ali was on the ropes by choice for a lot of the time and not because he forced onto the ropes, I think that it is false to say Foreman wasn't landing much and it was all on the arms, then again I do credit Ali for taking those nasty body shots so well.

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    Very good fight, one sided, but entertaining. Andre Ward put on an absolutely incredible display of boxing skills in this fight and won this fight very, very comfortably. I thought that Arthur Abraham stepped into the ring looking very confident and well prepared and he started of well, this result is completely Ward good and not Abraham bad. I thought that there was nothing in the first round, Andre did most of the work, quoting Al Bernstein 'Abraham threw more in that first round than he did in the first 6 against Froch', I haven't seen that fight but my goodness Abraham must have been inactive, Abraham showed good blocking in the opener but he didn't throw enough to land enough to take the round, then again Abraham looked sharper and dare I say it smarter, I was unconvinced there was a winner in that round, round 2 was wafer thin but Abraham landed with the more forceful punches as he showed good, effective aggression, be landed a lovely counter jab right on the jaw that could knock out a grown man and a lovely right to the body that backed up Ward, these are just examples of why I edged the round to Abraham, it was a very close round, round 3 was also very close and Abraham landed good punches but although it was disputable I thought Ward boxed his way into landing more punches and winning the round in different departments to how his opponent tried to. Really Ward just used the first 3 rounds to fiddle with his tools and work out how to find openings to score punches against his game opponent. Round 4 is when the fight changed and Ward started to dominate, using his attributes very well and at such random times that Abraham couldn't plan any attacks because of how unpredictable his very skilled opponent was being. Abraham looked more confident than Ward after 3 rounds and like he thought he would win but I saw signs of frustration at the end of round 4 as Abraham restored to using a couple of dirty tactics. Rounds 5 and 6 were very similar as Ward used his great defensive skills and also matched it with plenty of offence, Abraham was very frustrated by the defence of his opponent and it wasn't so much being hit that was getting to him but more his inability to hit his opponent, it seemed like Ward was growing in confidence as he had an answer and a counter attack for everything that Abraham tried and failed at against him. I noticed that in the early rounds Abraham was able to block very well but as the he mid rounds approached Ward found it much easier to land without having to wait for Abraham to throw or even to split the guard, sometimes. The body shots from Ward were very effective and a lot more painful than they looked, I saw Abraham looking pained as he came out for round 7 which was an even better round for Ward than the previous 3, he was landing combinations beautifully and his punch variety improved, his jab looked sharper and he was beating Abraham to the jab often, Abraham just could not get anywhere enough clean shots on his opponent, it probably looked a closer fight than it really was because of the way Abraham was coming forward and swinging, Abraham looked more relaxed in the earlier stages of rounds 8 and 9 and had a tiny bit of success but lost that confidence at the end of each round as he was out boxed very easily, round 10 was very impressive from Ward as he boxed the majority of it in a southpaw stance, he had briefly changed stance earlier in the fight a couple of times. Ward was also out working his bemused opponent in these one sided rounds. Round 11 was a much better round for Abraham as he came forward and showed better, more effective aggression. I think how far behind he clearly was might have made a lot of judges want to give Abraham the round, it was a close round but I still thought Andre out boxed him mostly on the jab, making him miss with that looping right although Abraham did land it once and he had more success than in the previous rounds, Andre doing less but still landing more clean punches and taking the round on my card. The last round was similar to round 11 but it is probably a little harder to make a case that Abraham won it than to say he won round 11, Abraham did land the jab and the left hook looked strap when it connected but the round looked closer than it really was and I thought Ward out boxed him, he had a good spell where he landed quite a few nice shots through the guard of Abraham, Ward looked great when he made Abraham punch thin air, round 12 was a very left handed round from both both fighters (not as in southpaw) but Ward landed a lovely right hand towards the end of the round.

    Great performance from Ward, he boxed rings around and completely nullified Abraham, I thought that from round 5 or 6 onwards it looked like Abraham knew he probably wasn't going to win which shows how great a boxer Ward really is. I predict a one sided unanimous decision victory for Andre Ward when he fights Paul Smith in June, I think Smith will give it everything, go the distance despite Ward going for the knockout and win a round or 2, UD for Ward, I think the scorecards will be 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110.

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    I'm sure Broner would love to see that finally someone believe that he only lost from that first knockdown, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you had Chino winning, that is the main thing.

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    Interesting fight, Alvarez fought a very smart fight and boxed extremely well as he out classed Mosley, he took round 1 off and I thought he was just out worked in that very close, debatable eighth round. Alvarez is a great counter puncher and it showed in his fight, as did that great timing.

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    Decent fight, it was defiantly one of those fights that just gets better as it goes on, I felt as though both boxers were just as good as each other in the end and a draw is the fairest result. I thought that there was not much in the first round as Zab was out thrown by a lot and he was so inactive that I wouldn't argue with that being scored as an even round but I thought he landed just enough clean punches to take it, he landed some lovely, very sharp jabs, round 2 was brilliant for Judah as even though he didn't throw many punches he threw more punches that in the first and landed more, very good round for Judah, round 3 was difficult to score because Matthysse was the one doing most of the work as he came forward, throwing many power punches downstairs but I was very impressed with the body defence from Judah in the early rounds and it was mainly his arms that Matthysse was hitting, Judah was the much more accurate as he connected with the jab pretty often and he finished the round with a couple of lovely, clean, crisp punches, one of them was a perfectly timed counter left uppercut, these shots nearly took the round and I would have given it to him if he had been more active in the first 2 and a half minutes, round 4 was very close as they landed similar amounts of punches but I thought Zab was fighting a very intelligent fight and was narrowly out boxing his opponent, Matthysse spent so much time trying to attack the body in the early rounds and I don't think he was that successful, Judah was fantastic in round 5 as he did the same as in round 4 but upped his work rate, landing more punches and clearly out boxing his opponent. You could make a couple of interesting points about both fighters when you think about them landing similar amounts, when you think about how many more Matthysse throws you see how much higher his effort and work rate was but at the same time he wasn't necessarily out landing his opponent and this shows how much more accurate Judah was, The defence of Judah was great but the defence of Matthysse was poor. Round 6 was a much better round for Matthysse as he started to throw the right hand at the head more often and he continued this and grew in confidence when he learned how much more successful this was than just targeting the body the whole time. Judah boxed brilliantly in rounds 7 and 8, especially in round 7, round 8 was interesting because Matthysse was edging his opponent for the last 2 minutes of the round but this falls short a against the early success of Judah. Round 9 was fantastic for Matthysse as he took the fight to Judah, displaying effective aggression and wearing his opponent out a little, Judah did well to take those shots to mainly the head but also the body so well. I thought Matthysse clearly took the last 3 rounds as he seemed to get his stronger as his opponent got weaker and faded down the stretch, that last round was closer that the previous 2 but still a Matthysse round. Throughout the fight Judah landed good jabs but also tapping jabs and he gets a lot of credit for these in the early rounds when it is compared to his opponent missing but not in the later rounds when it is compared to forceful Matthysse punches. Judah took a real beating in those late rounds, I almost made my biggest mistake as a judge in round 11 when I thought Zab got knocked down, the reply mad either obvious it wasn't a real knockdown, I suppose we all make mistakes. Good fight overall, it could have been more lively in the early rounds but not a bad contest to watch overall. I thought it was draw and nobody deserved to lose.