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  • Reply to: Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez   7 years 1 month ago

    I predicted that Cotto would be winning the fight when he stops Martinez in 9 rounds looks like I was right.

  • Reply to: Miquel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez Scorecard by glassjoe   7 years 1 month ago

    Sorry this reply took so long bro, those spammers somehow blocked this site once again

    I have some very strong opinions about money, I believe that the government are bastards and give lazy people potfuls of money whilst they give little to the people who work their asses off day in day out trying to provide for their families. I think a person like Mayweather who gets $130,000,000 per year should be made to give a considerable amount of money to those who need it. I used to sell stuff at school, made a whole load of money from it and chose to give it to charity, people asked me "are you crazy?" but I still think I made the right decision.

    To be honest I have never had any trouble talking to girls, I used to be overconfident if anything, funny story about how I got with my girlfriend a few years back. I think that most girls prefer guys who make them laugh over guys with good looks. I just don't want to make a mistake by rushing into anything, I suppose confidence can be an issue for some people. I have heard all those excuses before and think nothing of them. One mistake I have seen other people make is going for a girl who is hot but a right bitch for only the reason of popularity.

    I don't think much of GGG vs Canelo. I think Porter vs Brook 2 is a good idea but it isn't likely to happen because Kell is really making it clear how much he wants to fight Amir Khan and the British fans are dying to see that fight. I think that Devon Alexander is very overrated and is easy work for Khan. To be honest I think nobody thinks about Hopkins vs Stevenson now that the Hopkins vs Kovolev fight is on, maybe I'm wrong about the prediction but I seriously think Hopkins will beat Kovolev. What do you think about Thurman vs Bundu, I think a fifth round KO for Thurman, Leonard Bundu reminds me of Beibut Shumenov
    alot, they share the same attributes as they both have outstanding stamina, good hand speed, a good chin and a lot of heart. They both have one hard punch, Shumenov with his hard left hook upstairs and Bundu with business 'chopped liver with Bundu hot sauce. They both lack defense, a jab and brains. I think so far unbeaten Bundu will be exposed at a high level against Thurman much like what happened to Shumenov against Hopkins. What are you're thoughts on Cleverly vs Bellew?

  • Reply to: Chris Byrd vs. Andrew Golota Scorecard by Matys   7 years 1 month ago

    I might be totally off here, but are your scores inverted? Not trying to act like you're way off or anything as there were many close rounds, but it seemed to me that Byrd most clearly won rounds 2 and 7 of just about any in the fight.

  • Reply to: Miquel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez Scorecard by glassjoe   7 years 1 month ago

    Another thing you may agree with is that people are flawed in their logic when they suggest Golovkin has overrated power but very good boxing skills, I think he is a devastating puncher but has poor defense and isn't that quick which is why I think Murray has a very good chance of causing an upset.

  • Reply to: Deontay Wilder vs. Malik Scott   7 years 1 month ago

    It's funny because this fight can't really be scored.

  • Reply to: Gennady Golovkin vs. Willie Monroe Jr.   7 years 1 month ago

    It's scary how GGG controls each of his fights... He can take the luxury of deciding when to finish the fight for fan entertainment purposes...baba yaga D:

  • Reply to: Battle Of The Titans: Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko   7 years 1 month ago

    Very interesting fight!! I have always been a massive fan of Lennox Lewis and these last few fights he was involved in show why I'm not the only one, nowhere near. I thought that the superior height and reach of Vitali was not something Lewis was used to and it was a problem for him in the first couple of rounds, Lewis being the great champion he was didn't panic and found a way to adjust, boxing beautifully in round 3. I thought that round 6 was a brilliant round for Lewis but not 3 minutes I would advise the visually sensitive or dear Mrs Klitschko to glance at. The stoppage was the the right decision to make given the circumstances, the were both battered and badly facially damaged but Klitschko more so, I'm not sure how many stitches he needed in his face but I do know that him carrying on and probably losing anyway is not worth get facially, permanently scarred for. I thought that round 6 proved that although Lewis was most likely level with his opponent or down by a couple of points he was finding his rhythm, making good progress and pulling the fight his way, I think he would have won very brutally if the fight had continued. This was a disappointing night for Klitschko but he did prove he was a true warrior and a great boxer, his career only got better from then on.