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    Solid points but it's a joke if you think Miguel has more power then triple G... you must have meant more power then Geale. I think I have explained enough on why Golovkin would win. His ability to pick his opponent apart once he has them on there heals is very very commendable. Cotto has mad skill and maybe he can get something going but triple g will just be too much for him to handle and avoid. Golovkin will land punches on Cotto. Cotto's defense is solid but always a little suspect. And when Golovkin lands punches on people its usually not good for them. Not here to derail Cotto, just saying what I think would happen.

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    Golovkin will be the favorite and for valid reason. Sure Miguel Cotto torched a guy that Triple G did the same too. Geale landed about 33 punches on Triple-G. Alot of them were kind of half hearted body shots, slick counters that did not win him any rounds. things that I do not worry about when analyzing a fight or fighter. TripleG was dominating the action and picking geale apart. Not very many clean shots on GGG or punches that were not answered either then or 20 seconds later. It is amusing to read about a triple G pessimist.Just because Cotto has faced guys like Judah, Mayweather, Paullie, ect ect. years ago, does not mean he is better right now. Judah and Paullie as good as they were more of gatekeepers when it came down to big fights. Paulies best wins being Juan Diaz and Lovemore N'dou and Zab's was a rematch with Corey Spinks and then a Split decision over Mathysse in Lucas' first big fight. Sergio has not fought since losing the belt. He is just about done physically and only wants big money fights from what I have heard. And also Murray is a guy who went the distance with Sergio and put martinez down twice and lost a disputable decision and even in a spirited effort he got knocked down 6 times in the first 10 rounds and then stopped by golovkin in 11. I can't see past how anyone would think that that performance was a negative for Golovkin. The guy has never been outboxed for an extended period of time and he has put down everyone. His competition may be lacking but right now that isn't his problem or fault. Maybe you are just some expert or something and see different fights. I was encouraged a bit watching a miguel interview with lampley recently were he said that golovkin is on his radar because it would be the best fight for boxing that he could make. But I think it would be very very tough fight, and physical power is something that some people think is just an added thing that a poor boxer needs, but physical power is something that you either posses or don't and it can not hurt his chances. Just heard that Paulie and Garcia will fight in August. Garcia dropped his 140WBC belt and makes a move to welterweight. Mathysse will fight unbeaten Viktor Postol. Overall I respect and value your opinion but do not really agree with it. And that is ok.

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    I just want Golovkin to get his fair shake. Cotto got the opportunity to fight great fighters at a much younger age then Golovkin is and that is all I want. Cotto vs. Canelo is no gimme fight. Sure Alvarez is good and all but his three toughest fights he has been Lara, Mayweather, and Trout he has looked somewhat ordinary. Mosely, and Cintron were past it and Kirkland, Angulo and Lopez were over matched.

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    I haven't seen the fight so I can't score it because I'm in Germany and there is no boxnation here. I read an article about the fight on the daily mail, it says 'Saul Alvarez escapes with split decision win over Lara'. I can see you disagree with the decision, was it robbery? If so then he needs to to rematch him, one thing I do know is that Alvarez swung a lot of right hands that hit nothing but air in the early rounds. I have said before that there should be more official judges, if it was a fair decision then Lara should rematch Trout.

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    I know you wrote this a long time ago and I didn't reply before but I just have to comment, you said exactly what needed to be said and I 100% agree about Mayweather vs Pacquiao and it is great that you actually go into detail about the fight instead of swearing and just say one is far better than the other like many people do. I can only nod as I read what you said about what Manny did wrong and also about what Mayweather did right, one thing I did think is that Mayweather did start well in the first 3 rounds and his success started well before round 4 but I still thought your assessment was bang on. The Charlos are on absolute fire, I think I have said I don't think Khan, Brook or Lara beat Mayweather but I can see why you think they could, I don't know enough about the Charlos to comment on how they would do against the P4P king, Thurman is my second favourite fighter and I think he beats anyone.

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    What a fantastic display of boxing skills from Adrien Broner, I said before the fight that Maidana had damaged him and he isn't the boxer he once was, he proved me wrong, you have to feel sorry for Molina, he was just embarrassed as he was a level below his opponent tonight. The timing and the speed of Broner's jab was great and the right hand was there all night to the head and body and he always beat his opponent to the left hook, he was just faster, smarter and had far more tricks up his sleeve, Molina looked so predicable for the entire fight and easy to hit, he had no plan B. I was so impressed with the defence of the problem and his feet looked so much faster than ever before. This could well be a shutout and it can't be scored any closer than 118-110 justifiably as Molina beat Broner in no departments whatsoever in 10/12 rounds, the only arguable rounds were round 3 and 5 because they were the only rounds where Molina had a similar amount of overall success to Broner, managing to get close andcrough up Broner, for me Molina just about did enough to shade 1 round but that is it. There wasn't very much in that last round but Broner still won it without any question in my mind or any other judges mind tab I have seen. I would love to see Broner fight Brandon Rios.

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    Whatever we have disagreed on in the past I defiantly think we are in the same boat when it comes to this fight, I don't know what was more devastating out this punch that Hearts delivered or the one he was in the receiving end of from Hagler, I'm going to say the shot from Hagler, just.