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    Hi Champ. Hey where is that predictive round by round you did on this fight? I can't remember.. :\

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    You know you remind me a lot of myself with your large comment, it is great to write a lot because you give specific details rather than just a prediction. What I think is messing with the heads of the pundits is the fact that Floyd has just beaten Canelo, Maidana, Guerrero and all of them tried a faster pace but it didn't work and they all lost in the end so people think fitness won't tell but none of these guys have the hand speed, the foot speed, the agility, the angles or the experience of Pacquiao. What you said about the judging was very interesting, initially I thought the same thing but when you think about recent years you may change your mind because if you revisit each of their last 2 or 3 fights you see that although many pundits scored the second Maidana fight 118-109 the official cards were 116-111 twice and 115-112, Algieri could have won 3 rounds against Pacquiao and yet one judge gave him none and the other 2 just 1, most people had the second Bradley fight 116-112 and some 115-113 but a judge gave him a completely fair but wider 118-110, Floyd beat Chino via MD when over 90% of the boxing writers, journalists and former fighters thought Floyd won, Mayweather could have won every round against Canelo and Guerrero and yet all 3 judges gave the ghost 3 rounds and he beat Canelo via MD, widest score being 117-111. I'm not worried about Manny being robbed by the judges, ref yes but judges no. Interesting, I can see what you mean about the final scores but if you think about it Floyd will be so much slower and weaker than Manny when he has run out ha sand Manny is still fresh. Wow, I'm very impressed that you predicted the stats, please confirm one thing though, they are the real stats right and that awful compubox. I predicted the stats in my round by round prediction of Khan vs Mayweather, I think I may have exaggerated how quiet the fight would be but I put them in. I am certain that Mayweather is confident of a knockout, he does have very underrated strength and power. I think he doesn't realise how tough Manny is. I am exactly the same as you win that I tend to favour the busier fighter. Do you box? Just interested, I have just had to take time out but am back in the sport, I see Manny Pacquiao as a role model, I don't think Floyd Mayweather is a good example for young rising fighters, I believe that a boxer should be obsessed with their fitness and respect their opponents like Pacquiao, not box only fully on their terms and make it all about money rather than respect like Mayweather. Mayweather is a very sharp puncher, he feels that his sharpness and underrated power on his shots will be enough to stop Manny. I think it is possible that Manny gets dropped, I think when it came to it Floyd would settle for a 2 point round rather than go for the finish, I think if we went for a long sustained beating he would punch himself out, I'm sure he wants a 1 punch knockout. My final prediction is Manny Pacquiao by UD, 116-112 twice and 115-113, I think we will see a better Manny Pacquiao that ever before, to be honest if Manny wins then I can see Manny retiring after one more fight later in the year and Mayweather retiring straight after this fight. If Floyd wins then I can see an interesting September rematch.

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    I think Pacquiao is the one fighter around who could get through Floyd's ultra defensive style. He may also have an edge in stamina / pace. I was reading through some of the comments around the site last night and someone here commented on the pace of Mayweather's fight with Maidana. I think in that fight we saw that Mayweather could be tired out - if someone can figure out the right pace. One of Mayweather's great strengths is he can adjust to his opponent -- and I think the fighter that could get in the ring and adjust to Mayweather's style... is Pacquiao.

    Looking forward to this fight. (The hype is so over the top, but the crazy hype is one of the things I like boxing.)

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    I can see Pacquiao winning this fight. Floyd is underestimating how smart Manny can be in the ring. Manny can be different types of fighters within the same fight. I don't think he will be careless and barging in like most people expect him to. Manny has every fighinting element thathas caused floyd trouble in the past. I can't wait!

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    Thank you! You're awesome! :-)

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    Right! I'm pumped I can't wait for tomorrow night too! I'm impressed with your in-depth analysis. You make great points about stamina and pace. I never really compared the pace of the two fighters in their recent fights like you did broke it down and you make a good point about Floyd potentially tiring over the final 3 rounds. I agree 100% with that last piece of advise for Manny - if he can throw 3s and 4s and get the hell out of there to avoid those Floyd counters he'll win the fight. I could see the fight going the way you predict, except I differ with you in the final scorecards (not that I can't see the final totals going the way you predict). After 9 rounds I see it pretty much identical to you, with about 2 rounds clearly for each fighter and about 5 that could go either way. I also think it will be an extremely close split at this point, but I think it will be in Floyds favor 86-85,86-85,85-86. I think Manny will do enough down the stretch like you to win each of the final 3 rounds, however I think they'll just be close enough that the judges will score them 3-0, 2-1, 2-1 for Manny. Final scores Manny 116-112; Floyd 115-113; and 114-114 for a split draw in a fight that many will think Manny will have done enough to win. Personally, I don't want that result of course, as I tend to agree with you and think that Manny is going to win this fight. In the end I think Floyd will be his usual self, and like usual somehow will have a higher % on compu by the end of the night, but Manny will have out thrown and out landed Floyd. 192/486 for Floyd 41% and 249/683 for Manny 36%. (Maybe not these exact totals of course, but I could see the final figures being somewhere in the general ballpark) Enough to make a very solid compelling case for Manny but just enough for some to make a case for Floyd because of his superior accuracy yet again. Personally, when I score fights I tend to favor the busier fighter, not that I don't appreciate a good defensive fighter, (for instance, I thought like many that Pernell Whitaker clearly beat Chavez and that he clearly beat De La Hoya too -curious what your thoughts are on those 2 fights). Accuracy is important of course, but I think Floyd tends to get too many points because he was more "accurate" and not necessarily landing the more impactful punches, in my opinion anyway.

    You also bring up an excellent point about the ref, Bayless too. That will be something to watch. Youre exactly on point about Manny being very humble and therefore won't foul Floyd if Floyd resolves to excessive holding again and fouling and I think your right that Bayless won't step in and warn Floyd. therfore opening the door for Floyd to get away with some dirty fighting. Really good point. You seem very insightful and I've enjoyed reading your breakdown and thoughts on the fight. As well as your thoughts on a Thurman-Floyd fight.

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    And.. if it goes to the judges and is close or an SD, I can see a rematch in the fall. Now... that sounds exciting to me as a fan. From a simple standpoint of more rounds between these two champions. More data to analyze to answer that question I was referring to. The question of who really is the best. Will we really know who is the best by the end of tomorrow? Maybe. I hope so. If anyone can knock out Floyd, it's Pacquiao.