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  • Reply to: Muhammad Ali vs. Ken Norton I Scorecard by Acerbitas   7 years 8 months ago

    Muhammad Ali apparently was under trained and it shows. This fight was terrible because it is such an easy win. Ali standing stationary lost him most rounds by allowing Norton to become dominant and some occasional dancing allowed him to steal a few rounds.
    10-2 to Norton, what judge gave Ali this fight ? There is NO way Ali won this fight. A blind person could score it better just by listening to the commentary.

  • Reply to: Gennady Golovkin vs. Marco Antonio Rubio Scorecard by glassjoe   7 years 8 months ago

    Take that Kid Dynamite!

  • Reply to: Muhammad Ali vs. Earnie Shavers Scorecard by Acerbitas   7 years 8 months ago

    I definitely agree, I am yet to watch the Norton and Young fights but Ali was fading, he could take blows but he was not the same man he was in the 60's and some of his 70's wins were luck.

  • Reply to: Muhammad Ali vs. Earnie Shavers Scorecard by Acerbitas   7 years 8 months ago

    Yup, I agree there is no way Ali could have won that fight. With this fight You can actually quite easily recognize who is bluffing about knowing boxing history, because not many people are aware that Ali was actually very "lucky" at the end of his career to get some decisions. I mean, ppl are saying - Ali was great, he beat one of the greatest punchers - Earnie Shavers. Well the thing is, sure Ali was great, but there is no way he beat Shavers and people are just repeating some things without actually watching the fight
    I think his legend made judges really biased at that time ;) I think he also received gift decisions in the third fight against Norton and against Jimmy Young, and what's quite interesting to me - these "gift decisions" are almost like some kind of taboo subject, you won't hear often about these controversies.

  • Reply to: Muhammad Ali vs. Earnie Shavers Scorecard by Acerbitas   7 years 8 months ago

    wow, the 2 judges and the referee were so biased to Muhammad Ali it's like they were told that when Shavers visibly hurt Ali, give him the round otherwise give the rest to Ali.
    Absolutely ridiculous, Shavers surprisingly outboxed and outsmarted Muhammad Ali in this fight. Round 1 was a draw for me, neither had really established anything.
    Rounds 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14 where Shavers because he showed skill in defence when Ali threw flurries that 8/10 or maybe even 9/10 punches landed on Shavers' gloves and counter-punching ability against Muhammad Ali by landing more clean and harder punches.
    Ali got Rounds 5, 10 and 11 by being more busy then Shavers and landing more and demonstrated more skill.
    The 15th Round was definitely a draw for me but you could make the case for either fighters. Shavers defence and retaliation had him most of the round but towards the end Ali gave all he had left and had Shavers hurt. Both were tired and injured in this round so I see it is a draw.
    Earnie Shavers definitely in my opinion defeated Ali decisively and was robbed.

    10-3-2 for Earnie Shavers

  • Reply to: Muhammad Ali vs. Ron Lyle Scorecard by Acerbitas   7 years 8 months ago

    Ali gave away the first four rounds allowing Lyle to waist a lot of energy firing away whilst Ali defended. Ali starts the fifth with his famous footwork and with better defense manages to beat Lyle in rounds 5-8. Lyle was more busy and more consistent in 9 and 10 and didn't allow Ali to properly fight his fight.
    6-4 Lyle

  • Reply to: The Championship - Part I: Frank Bruno vs. Mike Tyson II Scorecard by vock42   7 years 8 months ago

    yep, thats what I will do now on. Hey corey, got the Mayweather Judah fight, you may see a slight abnormality on a scorecard.