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    Sick fight !!!

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    Well then let me give you a round by round analysis of how I scored the fight, alright.

    Round 1

    Lara jabs keeps Canelo at bay and circles in a way that is reminiscent of Billy Conn and kept Canelo off balance as Canelo rarely ever threw a punch. Clear round Lara.

    Round 2

    Lara as in round 1 is the first to get off and instead of using the Billy Conn circling uses more of a Carlos Monzon of letting Canelo come in and picking his jab times. Canelo was the aggressor constantly coming in, but getting hit constantly, however with his Hagler like aggressiveness and relentless body attack evened out the round. Round 2 close.

    Round 3

    Lara decides back to the Billy Conn circling constantly sticking and moving. Canelo was still the aggressor, but not the effective aggressor. He tries to hit Lara with big shots but they all miss. All the while Lara jabs away and is the far more active of the 2 fighters. Round 3 Lara clearly.

    Round 4

    Canelo finally decides to let his hands go and continues the Hagler like attack and hits some real good body shots. Lara isn't active in the round and doesn't do much at all. Round 4 Canelo clearly.

    Round 5

    Lara picks up the pace and continues the Conn-like assault. Canelo tries to land body shots but nothing lands cleanly. Lara however manages to keep the distance while landing clean head shots. Round 5 Lara clearly.

    Round 6

    Lara continues to jab and makes Canelo chase him around the ring. Canelo reverts back to his earlier problem and refuses to let his hands go. Lara outclassed him with ring generalship and it is impossible to see it otherwise. Clear round Lara.

    Round 7

    Lara started off well with his stick and move style but Canelo decided to let his hands go and that gave him a ton of trouble and got cut open by a great Canelo uppercut. Round 7 Canelo Clearly.

    Round 8

    Lara looked exhausted in this round and Canelo was hitting him with good offense as he still kept up his Hagler-like assault. Canelo hit him with body shots that really looked like they hurt. Round 8 Canelo clearly.

    Round 9

    Lara hits his second wind and jabs over Canelo for the entire round. Canelo tried to hit some body shots but they were all caught on Laura's elbows. Lara was way ahead of him for the entire round. Lara round clearly.

    Round 10

    Canelo now looks as if he is chasing a bus wearing snow shoes. He couldn't go near Canelo without getting hit and just like most of the rest of the fight. Lara went with his Billy Conn style for the entire round and it worked just as well as most of the rounds prior. Round 10 Lara Clearly.

    Round 11

    Canelo isn't very active anymore and Lara jabs away at him with ease. He jabs at Canelo's face while Canelo fails to put up any real offense. All Canelo did in this round was stalk, and instead of hitting gets hit instead. Round 11 Lara Clearly.

    Round 12

    Canelo starts out aggressive and Lara picks it up quickly afterwards. They both hit each other with good shots and the round could have went to either man.

    There you have it! 7 clear Lara 3 clear Canelo and 2 close rounds. Oh and I also box myself so I am very aware what a body shot is. If you want to keep arguing with me, send in your own round by round analysis.

    Round 11

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    You yourself gave Canelo round 8. So wtf are you talking about??

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    Rounds 2 and 7 were also close.

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    Canelo was the agressor and in the rounds when neither guy did much he was the one pushing the fight. There is something called body shots. Don't know if you have heard of them but they do actually score. And I'm not being biased. I had Lara beating Williams, had Canelo not winning a single round against Floyd when some people had Canelo winning up to 4 rounds. This fight was close and could have gone either way. But again if you decide that you are not going to score body shots then obviously Lara won by a landslide.

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    Seriously? You gave Canelo rounds 5,6,8, and and 11? Lara was jabbing and countering Canelo all night, while Canelo looked like a goofball that couldn't land a shot. I know Canelo has the look and an exciting fighting style. But all scoring on EyeOnTheRing should be unbiased.

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    A close fight that cannot depend on the judgement of only 3 people. People will argue Lara was backpedaling, while other will argue that Canelo was missing horribly and just hitting Lara's elbows.
    The sample responsible for the official result is not relevant to what the majority of the population scored. 5 Judges should be the number of people providing of the official scores in boxing. These would help a lot to reduce controversies.