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    Appreciate the comment and your scoring as well

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    Hey Champions 97. This fight was an absolute classic! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I agree with you on Thurman being top 3 Welterweight. I would love to see that fight and have been wanting to see Mayweather and Thurman fight for some time already. Thurman is young but is improving and proving to me, anyway, that he can be more than just the "big punch" knockout guy. Floyd would have to bring his A game in my opinion as always. Would be an exciting fight. Floyd gets the nod from me, based solely on experience, and wins a close decision in my opinion. Would love to see this fight. As for Thurman as a fighter, I really liked what I saw out of him in this fight and like where he is at right now as far as developing his overall skillset. Cant wait to see him fight again

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    not buying the kahn hype, speeed is never a problem with floyd even if kahn is faster. both pillow punches. floyd masterclass.....

    but floyd is old and he could be washed up,, like alot of kahns opponents. kahn has beat NAMES not FIGHTERS. judah, calloza, ect list goes on and on of guys he fought not at there best ..

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    Don't worry about that buddy, I used to think the same but that is just how the system works, one random day it will say 1384 points for Corey Willinger, just recently the site home page said 19?? for ages but all of a sudden showed all the points I have, there is no glitch. I noticed you have just scored a few lennox lewis fights, he is one of my all time favourites because he was so respectful to his opponents, he showed you can be a great fighter and a brave fighter without being aggressive outside the ring, he was dropped hurt and stopped by 2 fighters who were very tough and very strong, he showed no fear and didn't hesitate to take and have rematches, avenging them.

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    Not sure where else to put this, but my points profile says I should have 1384 points, but it only shows me as having 1274 or something on the homepage's side bar. Not a huge deal - just wanted to point it out in case there is a glitch. I'm sure others are having the same problem.

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    He sure did, Ali was a true great, I think he is a little overrated but not massively. Frazier deserves all the credit in the world after this incredibly gutsy performance. Mayweather vs Pacquiao is getting closer and closer and the closer it gets the more I keep changing my mind, who do you think wins? Just out of interest who would you pick to win if Lennox Lewis and Muhammad Ali had fought?, Lewis vs the best Ali we saw that is and not the old Ali that got destroyed by Larry Holmes.