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  • Reply to: Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero Scorecard by Zoe   7 years 8 months ago

    Wasn't this a really great fight, I have a couple of fights that I would love to score on this site,

    Butler vs Tete
    Bradley vs Peterson
    Walsh vs Appleby

    Can you wait for Mayweather vs Pacquiao, I know I can't, who do you think wins?

  • Reply to: Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero Scorecard by ChrisBoxer14   7 years 8 months ago

    Wasn't this an absolute classic!!, I can see why you had that 10th round even, I edged it to Thurman with literally one punch in it. Based on this performance would you fancy Thurman's chances against the likes of Floyd Mayweather?, I personally think that he is in the top 3 welterweight on the planet, what do you think?

  • Reply to: Bermane Stiverne vs. Deontay Wilder Scorecard by glassjoe   7 years 8 months ago

    Please, don't feel pressured to read this entire comment, it is up to you but here is my opinion.

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    Floyd Mayweather walks into the ring with Justin Beiber looking nervous, tense and frustrated, he can crack a smile when he hears his big but small by comparison crowd of fans shouting "TBE", Manny Pacquiao enters the ring to a lot of cheering and a big smile on his face, he looks relaxed. Jimmy Lennon Jr introduces the fighters and then the ref (maybe Tony Weeks or That stupid Kenny Bayless) goes over the rules again, they stare each other down, Mayweather looks angry and he is biting a bit as Manny has a chilled out, smug look on his face, they touch gloves and Mayweather goes back to his corner as his dad gives him some last minute advice, giving him his gum shield. Freddie Roach also gives Manny some last minute advice as he prays. I'm sure Manny's mum will be ringside, trying to put a curse on Mayweather.

    Round 1
    Manny comes forward as Floyd gets straight onto the back foot, Manny feints with the jab a couple of times, Floyd is still biting and he talks to Manny a bit, Floyd's movements are very fast and sharp but Manny has no trouble staying right on his tail, Manny throws a jab that gets blocked. 1 minute in the books and no punches have landed, very tentative round as the crowd start to boo. Manny keeps feinting but he isn't throwing as he wants Floyd to throw so he can counter, Floyd is smart enough to know when he should throw most of the time. Mayweather snaps a nice, quick jab to the body, Manny laughs. they both throw a jab and land simultaneously. Mayweather has his back touching the ropes now and he throws a 1,2 but Manny is so fast he counters with a beautiful 1,2 of his own, the crowd start to cheer. Mayweather just about landed the jab in the combo but Manny's was better and that straight left hand down the pipe was a very nice shot and this landed as Manny got under Floyd's right hand. Another minute goes by and Manny chases Floyd, he throws a couple of 1,2s but they hit thin air and Floyd's arms, Floyd counters with a jab to the body and a left hook to the body, both of these shots very, very sharp and very fast, his timing is brilliant. Manny continues to follow Floyd and feint but nothing else much is happening, you can hear Floyd's daughter shouting as usual. Last 10 seconds and Floyd knows he has probably edged the round so he grins at a still smug looking Manny, Mayweather decides to finish the round with a clean left hook, forgetting who he is against, Manny starts to move his head, Floyd throws a left hook and Manny rolls under it as BANG!!, he counters with a beautiful, very hard right hook to the head, the crowd goes crazy, Floyd is hurt and he is lucky the bell goes just a split second after the shot landed, Floyd's kids are covering their eyes. A drop of blood falls from the nose of Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is way out of his comfort zone and he walks back to his corner with a pained look on his face, he was a little buzzed by that shot. Manny looks a little cocky as he sits on his stool and Roach tells him to stay focused. Very close round. Mayweather Sr keeps telling his son to stay calm and keep boxing not brawling, he tells him to hold etc.

    Round 2
    Not every round description will be that long. Not very much happens in round 2, Floyd has recovered and Manny is looking a little overconfident. Throughout the round Manny Chases Floyd, he throws a lot more punches in this round, he has landed a couple of nice left hands but they didn't have much pop, Floyd is boxing a very smart fight, his timing is ace and every time Manny throws Floyd catches him with shots on the way in, every time Manny misses with 2,3 or 4 shots Floyd counters with one, For example Manny just threw a right hook, straight left, right hook and Floyd piverted away from the first hook, blocking the straight left and then getting under the last right hook as he counters with a left to the body. Floyd is using his superior boxing brain in this round, he does seem intimidated and as thought he doesn't like the pace but he really is out boxing Manny. In this round Manny throws 40 punches, landing 5 and Floyd lands 14 out of a thrown 29. Manny's shots were equally effective to Floyd's in this round. None of Floyd's punches have done anything to Manny.

    Round 3
    This round is very similar to round 2, Manny still being more active but Floyd clearly landing more and out boxing him. Floyd is feeling the pace a bit. Manny gets Floyd on the ropes often and Floyd is fighting dirty, elbowing his way off the ropes. Towards the end of the round Floyd lands a lovely right hand off the ropes, it didn't effect Manny but it was a pretty hard right, Floyd wants to knock Manny out. Pacquiao's face is marking a little from the elbows. Mayweather can't uppercut Manny as easily as he did to Chino because Manny fights at a longer range. Floyd keeps countering with jabs when Manny throws the right hook, Body and head. Another clear round for Mayweather. Freddie Roach gives Manny new advice.

    Round 4
    Very dull first minute as nothing is happening apart from feinting. The last 2 minutes are very close as they both land about 6 punches, Manny throwing a lot more but Mayweather landing at a higher connect percentage. Manny is landing the harder shots but Mayweather is a little more telling at times. In this round they have both planned on counter punching and they seem to be so evenly matched, they have landed with simultaneous hooks a couple of times this round. Mayweather needs to use his brain 100% of the time because if they just throw a couple of random punches Pacman wins due his superior hand speed and he throws in combos rather than just 1 like Floyd. Very close round.

    Round 5
    Virtually identical round. exactly the same thing happens pretty much, it is a slightly more lively round. Pacquiao can get Floyd trapped like Chino couldn't because Chino didn't have the speed. if Chino throws a left as Mayweather is on the ropes and follows it up with a right Floyd can move inside the time it takes him to land the right where as Pacman can land his punch before Floyd moves. then again Floyd does often catch him with a 1,2 upstairs whilst on the ropes, making Manny look clumsy and disorganised, he keeps catching him on the way in. Pacquiao is still landing that straight left and right hook often enough but Mayweather keeps blocking his shots. Manny has been out landed by a couple before the last few seconds but he gets Floyd on the ropes and hits him with a clean right hook, straight left. Tight round.

    Round 6
    Mayweather is getting more tired and he knows he can't keep up Pacquiao's pace for another 7 rounds so he drops his work rate. Throughout the round Manny chases Floyd. In the first minute Floyd lands 0/0 and Manny lands 0/8. Manny decides to change his tactics midway, he takes a step back and starts to move his head. Floyd steps forward and throws a couple of jabs, landing 1 but missing the other, he then throws a straight right upstairs but Manny rolls under it and counters with a left hook to the body. Manny is going to the body more in this round. This is a huge last minute for Manny in a round that is his for sure, things aren't going Floyd's way as whenever he throws he gets countered with clean shots from Manny, it is the hand speed of Manny. He keeps catching Floyd, the shoulder roll isn't working any more as Manny is so fast, Floyd's jabs are countered with right jabs and right hooks and if he dares to throw the right hand then Manny can counter with the left straight down the pipe. Floyd keeps grabbing hold of Manny, the crowd is going crazy. Manny traps Floyd on the ropes in the closing stages of this half. Manny goes back to his corner a happy man but he hasn't won yet, Mayweather looks pretty tired on his stool and his mouth is looking quite bloody. He's being made to look a bit old. Big Pacquiao round

    Round 7
    Floyd knows he has to throw more punches, he comes out for this round with rather a different approach, he is looking quite aggressive and he is biting again, Pacquiao is still feinting but he seems a bit too calm, he really shouldn't get too big for his boots. Floyd throws a straight right upstairs and lands it as Manny hits him with a cross to the head, Manny landing the better shot. Pacquiao drops his gloves and throws a burst of punches, Floyd countering with a massive, surprisingly hard right hand bang on the chin followed by a very nice left hook to the head, Manny responds by bashing his gloves together, biting his gum shield and nodding at Floyd. Manny moves around a lot more. the round is very close as Mayweather hits Pacquiao with about 4 consecutive counter jabs in a row but Pacquiao has big spells where he pins Floyd on the ropes and throws a big burst landing about 4 out of a thrown 10, approximately. Pacquiao only hits Floyd's guard because Floyd isn't being active. This happens very often. This round is very close.

    Round 8
    Floyd comes out and immediately lands a nice jab upstairs. This is another very close round, Manny keeps throwing combinations at Mayweather but Floyd keeps using his timing to catch him with a shot or 2 on the way in, however Manny does still land clean with a shot or 2 of his own after being hit, Mayweather is failing to discourage Pacquiao even though Pacquiao can be clumsy when he throws his big bursts of punches. Very close round and Mayweather spent the last 30 seconds on the ropes, they were trading blows and Manny may have minorly buzzed Floyd with one of his clean straight left crosses. Another very close round. These close rounds really do depend on what style a judge prefers and this fight is so close.

    Round 9
    Mayweather knows that if the fight carries on this way then the cards will be close and if he was be sure he will get the decision then he needs more clear rounds. Floyd wants to stop this guy whom he hates. Mayweather is looking pretty aggressive and he throws a couple of right hands, missing as Pacquiao moves away from him. Manny is using his superior footwork very successfully and proving he is the faster man. Manny throws back but gets caught with a 1,2. the first half of the round goes Mayweather's way as he seems to be out boxing Manny again. The issue is that he doesn't have the timing of Floyd and Floyd counters, Manny is starting to look a little more predictable. Floyd really is tiring, Manny isn't. Manny upps his aggression, managing to get Floyd on the back foot and pinning him back on the ropes. Manny is throwing massive combinations like he did against Bradley and Manny caught Floyd flush with a massive left cross which is a big part of the reason he could get him back on the ropes. Manny throws loads of power shots, landing about 30% of them as Mayweather makes him miss with plenty although he does land quite a lot. Manny landed some pretty hard body shots as well as head shots. This round is extremely close but Pacquiao finished strong and this makes him look better. The crowd are going crazy for Pacman. Floyd slumps on his stool, he has nothing left in the tank, Manny looks fresh and isn't tired at all. What can Mayweather be planning? He could still be ahead on the cards but not definitely.

    Round 10
    Mayweather takes the whole round off, wanting to tire Manny out. Manny chases Mayweather and pins him against the ropes, Floyd tries to avoid most of the punches but Pacman is too fast and strong so he lands plenty of them, despite missing about half of them. This is a very one sided round, Floyd is staying in the same place with his guard up very tight, desperately trying to protect himself. Pacman uses some to split the guard and some land, Floyd is wincing a lot, Manny is keeping it up. This is such a one sided round. Floyd throws 4 punches in the round, in the last 30 seconds, landing one left hook and missing a left hook, a right hand and a right uppercut. Brilliant round for Pacquiao. Floyd needs to do very well in these last 2 rounds. Manny seems in much better physical and mental condition.

    Round 11
    This round is very slightly closer but still clearly a Pacquiao round, not close at all. Floyd moves around a little more, Manny throws a little less because he spends time hunting Floyd down but he still throws a lot. Manny lets Floyd choose, Manny is winning the round so if Floyd stays away then he can't have success but Manny can use his energy and speed to counter if Floyd gets close enough to throw. Nothing but feinting for about half the round but there are spots where Floyd throws a 2 or 3 punch combo, maybe lands 1 but Manny counters with about 3 or 4 clean shots, these make Floyd wince and hurt him but they don't actually shake him up as he doesn't actually have a bad chin. In this round Manny has landed way more than Floyd in this round and it is another one sided one. Big Pacquiao round. I think Floyd may need a KO. He looks gassed and bemused on his stool, the look on Manny's face says "I'm the man, this is my night"

    Final round
    Manny goes for Floyd straight away, pinning him on the ropes, throwing loads of punches, he still isn't tired, Floyd has his guard up very tight and he is bobbing and weaving, he daren't throw a single punch, Manny is hitting arms and gloves a lot, the occasional shot hitting thin air but he lands about 5 punches in every 15-20 he throws, . Floyd uses his elbow a couple of times but this isn't seen by the ref. The round continues and nothing changes, Floyd is throwing nothing and Manny is so dominant, he is landing enough and Floyd's face is looking very battered, he is really struggling to take the body shots. 30 seconds left and Mayweather hits Manny low, badly low. He should lose a point but he doesn't despite being sternly warned. The crowd are shouting "MANNY, MANNY!!!", Pacman doesn't take any of his available 5 minutes recuperation time. The short break gives Money a chance to get off the ropes, he dances away but Manny catches him. Manny feints a couple of times. Mayweather throws a left hook, right hand as hard as he can but get countered with a massive right hook, left hand and the straight left rocked him. Floyd Mayweather is in terrible trouble as he is shaken to his boots, he is no warrior and he holds for dear life but Manny smells blood here and he is going for it. Manny pulls his arms out of the grip and gets Floyd back on the ropes throwing a load more shots at him, Floyd is in serious trouble and is lucky the final bell saves him.

    Manny jumps onto the ropes and puts his hands in the air, he knows he has won, Mayweather has been humiliated and defeated tonight and he slumps on his stool, battered and finished.

    Jimmy Lennon Jr reads the scorecards. "ladies and gentlemen we have a unanimous decision here are the score totals, Cathy Leonard has it 116-112, Dave Moretti has it 116-112 and Bert Clements has it 115-113 all in favour of Manny Pacquiao"

  • Reply to: Robert Stieglitz vs. Arthur Abraham II   7 years 9 months ago

    What a magnificent performance from Robert Stieglitz, I must say this really was a bad night for Abraham, he seemed to a lack a certain level of strength and speed that he normally has, he did have some success with the right hand in in rounds 2 and 3 but nowhere near enough to make the rounds any where near hard to score, Stieglitz was prepared to take shots to land them and that is so important in this kind of fight, the main thing was that he was throwing constantly and he was landing plenty of them, he was able to split Abraham's guard and and I think the body shots from Stieglitz took effect, Abraham couldn't seem to take any risks which is why he wasn't throwing enough punches. I think the point deduction was justifiable because he was warned for illegal punching but I would have given him another chance or maybe 2. Decent fight while it lasted.

  • Reply to: Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray   7 years 9 months ago

    Precisely, I think Cotto beats Golovkin with his technical skills.

  • Reply to: Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray   7 years 9 months ago

    Maybe the stoppage was unecessary, but it was clear Murray wasn't going to win on the cards or knockout Golovkin. Still, he could have gone the distance.

    Golovkin is depending too much on his chin though. Sacrifices too much his defense to land his bombs. He might not be so lucky when he finds someone with serious heavy hands.

  • Reply to: Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray   7 years 9 months ago

    I disagree, I think that Murray is the more technically skilled fighter and will be ahead on the cards when he gets stopped in round 9. I think he can absorb more than the previous opponents of GGG but not for 12 rounds, I do think he will give Golovkin all kinds of problems.