Calling out general hypocrisy

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Calling out general hypocrisy

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Tyson Fury tested positive for Nandralone, an anabolic steroid and was banned.
Tyson Fury has thousands of fans across the world who are respected as fans of the sport and Fury's legacy is secure.

Erkan Teper also tested positive for steroids, and was banned.
I am an Erkan Teper fan (he's entertaining) but I regularly get roasted for my troubles and Teper's legacy is of a cheater.

Something don't add up chief :/

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

First off, one thing I don't like is the hypocrisy and bias in Fury's favour, he is the one who turned down the immediate rematch against Wilder, I don't think it was a duck, but Wilder and Joshua would get accused of ducking if they signed with a different network at that time. Also, in 2018, Fury called Joshua a dossier, body builder, bully, drug dealer, gangster, all the time, and he was the big lovable comedian everybody missed, and when Parker made one remark about steroids he was the bad guy. Tyson Fury complains of discrimination against travellers, and looks down his nose at anyone who isn't a traveller, talks like boxing belongs to travellers, the Furys are hypocrites, no doubt about that. Fury is the most unpredictable person in the boxing world, is a nice guy sometimes, does have bi-polar, but I would not trust Fury as far as I could spit.

However, Fury failed a test for a small amount, Teper failed more tests and was more juiced up, he is a dirty, dirty fighter, should have been banned for life in my opinion. I believe Roy Jones Jr failed a test once, Shannon Briggs as well I believe, Whyte just failed a test, Canelo, Saunders, Povetkin, Ortiz, so Fury is no worse than them.

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

That's fair. I dislike Fury too and I consider say the least! It's an odd UKAD case that I can't really comment on but sometimes fan hypocrisy is irritating.

Erkan Teper is still one of my favourites. It's his style. I like the Turkish high output/high guard method. Makes for great fights!
I'll fully accept he's dirty.

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

There were a lot of issues with the UKAD/BBBoC case brought against Tyson/Hughie Fury which is why it went to court and they ended up settling the case without admitting fault. Teper failed a test which resulted in his KO win over Price, either his best or second-best win, being changed to a no contest. They are different scenarios

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

It's not really that, it's the behaviour of the fans that grinds my gears.

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

I personally don't think this way, but a lot of people hate Teper specifically because he KO'd Price while on steroids, and Price has a lot of fans in the UK while Teper isn't a big name.

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

This is true. Price gets huge love over here.

Apparently Teper still has a big fanbase over in Germany.

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

Didn't know you were British as well mate! Price is one of my favourite fighters, his win over Allen was one of the best boxing results in my 8 years of following boxing. Price has lost, been stopped, has kept coming back, proven people wrong, made a great account of himself against Povetkin, hurt Povetkin, has lost to at least 3 drug cheats, and he just destroyed a guy we all thought he would beat, at 36 years old.

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

Good to see another Brit what! Fantastic mate!

I always liked Price, but he's not a fave of mine.
His mental strength is shockingly underated and is some of the best in boxing. People roast him for not being mentally strong, and I wonder what they are smoking because he is so strong and tough to come back so many times!

I think the Allen fight was solid, but he needs to stick at that level and build a legacy. People will fight at his pace, like Allen did, and Price can just box them up and jab their ears off painfully.

Would like to see him face Kuzmin next if he beats Hunter, that's winnable. A Hammer rematch too, should make for fireworks!

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

I agree with the OP's general sentiment. Coming at it from a slightly broader angle, I think it's a general issue in boxing. People are happy to turn a blind eye to it when it suits them. Look at Canelo, the biggest cash cow in the sport. Wild bore? gimmie a break. The guy is a drugs cheat and yet few care because of his profile, his entertainment value and his ability to pull in the big bucks.

Boxing should be a zero tolerance sport in my opinion, if someone if found to have knowingly taken something they should get a life ban, like Miller for example. If it's unknowing negligence, it should be a lengthy ban - I'm talking a minimum of 2 years.

Athletes generally including boxers, are solely responsible for knowing what goes into their system. Wild bore could contain a banned substance? don't 'king eat it in the first place then! I'm sure that was the best BS story Canelo could come up with but if they took a hard approach it wouldn't make a difference - it would still result in a ban.

The problem is that boxing is big business and when the cash flows, certain people are happy to turn a blind eye. A good non drugs example is the WBC(?) inventing another belt rather than stripping Canelo of his title. Why? Because they don't want to upset the cash cow, when in reality he hasn't met the criteria and should have been stripped - end of. It's good for their big bucks image to have their belt around his waist though isn't it?

Re: Calling out general hypocrisy

In an ideal world, but think how many fighters are probably on drugs and haven't been caught, a lot of fighters have failed tests in their careers, so many that it's hard to realistically say a boxer should be banned, I don't like the mixed messages in the boxing industry, people contradict each other, Adam Booth and Eddie Hearn, 'drug cheats disgust me, should be banned for life, should be locked up', and Paulie Malignaggi says 'a guy might take drugs because everybody else is doing it, if there was consistent drug testing (which there isn't sufficient funding for), the whole landscape of the sport would change, most fighters take drugs', it can't be both, either Paulie and the others who say that are paranoid and are making light of a major issue, or Hearn, Booth, others, getting carried away, overreacting.

I disagree on Canelo, because he failed a test for a small amount, if that had been Golovkin, OK he might have been punished more because less strings would have been pulled to get him out of the woods, but his reputation wouldn't have been as damaged as Canelo's. Also, Joshua has been accused of being on steroids, well Tyson Fury is the one who's failed a test, and he's the one who's popular. Canelo failed a test, but he got his punishment, people forget, he was banned, not for long, but it was a small amount, he maybe should have been fined more heavily, but still, let's not forget, Fury, Saunders, Whyte, Galahad, Briggs, Jones Jr, Ortiz, Povetkin, Browne, Miller, the list goes on.

The WBC are corrupt, I agree on that, they are people who make conscious decisions, the president was happy to let Ortiz's second failed test slide, but it's a different story when Whyte fails a test, he's no longer the mandatory unless he gets reinstated.