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Anybody know what's going on with Timothy Bradley? Anybody hear any rumours? I hear Vargas is pushing for a rematch?

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This forum page was agreat idea Tales!
It is quite possible I believe, of course there was the whole 7 second controversy at the end of the first fight, when Vargas had Bradley staggered, and in a lot of trouble, and they are in a similar position to each other, coming off a wide defeat to Manny Pacquiao, I think the rematch is a good idea, I mean the first fight was competitive.

To answer the question, I don't think it is going particularly far towards being confirm ped at the moment, but it is an option, another great option, and actually a fight I prefer, is Khan vs Bradley, Khan said he would happily fight him just after he beat Devon Alexander with a wide TD. I think Bradley should retire after maybe another 2 years, maybe three fights, he's had such a great career, he's brought so much to the sport, I think he has a few more big fights in him, but I think in terms of him being right at the top, it is going to be tricky, he deserves one more big opportunity in my opinion.