Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight Suggestions

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Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight Suggestions

Surprisingly odd topic I know but I have been watching some of the classic welterweight/middleweight fights with Sugar Ray Leonard/Duran/Hearns/Hagler and I would very much appreciate if someone could list a few fights with Floyd Mayweather Jr really shows his best performances. Thanks very much.

Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight Suggestions

Personally, I think his best performances are probably his latest win, his beatdown on Arturo Gatti, his brilliant performance against Hatton, his win over Miguel Cotto, there are more,

About who I would like Floyd to fight,

September 13
Mayweather vs Berto (or maybe a better fighter to give the fans at least some excitement)
Porter vs Khan (or possibly Porter vs Brook again or maybe Thurman)
Thurman vs Brook (or possibly Thurman vs Khan or maybe Porter)
These all on the same bill along with Groves vs Jack

Let's just say Porter and Thurman win, no guarantee they would, but lets just say they do,

December 12
Porter vs Thurman, let's just say Thurman wins.

May 1
Mayweather vs Thurman,
then Floyd retires.