GGG v. Alvarez II- Who You Got and Why?

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GGG v. Alvarez II- Who You Got and Why?

Just looking to see what people think of that fight, assuming it still happens. Who do you think will win and why?

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Alvarez, UD, at least 7-5, probably wider.
Age is the reason, boxing is very much about timing.
The first fight was toll taking, punch resistance was important for both (probably two of the best chins in boxing), even without considering the wear and tear of the first fight, a 36 year old fighter is declining, a 27 year old fighter shouldn't be, and I think simply because of the age factor, Golovkin can't be quite as good as he was in the first fight, but Canelo certainly can, if anything, he'll probably be slightly better.

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Alvarez by UD, or possibly late TKO.

Alvarez, younger & fresher, is also faster, more talented, more fundamentally sound & is in the prime of his career while GGG is not.

It's probably been a while since any fighter, world class or otherwise, had all those advantages & still failed to win a rematch, title fight or otherwise.

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Imagine the uproar if the two draws again...

Unless GGG aged overnight/Canelo made tremendous improvements/questionable judging I am not convinced Canelo can beat GGG.

I am not pleased with Canelo's performance in the first fight, and I am certainly not pleased with the recent news of him and banned substances.

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Canelo should be banned for life in my opinion.

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Money talks. The powers that be of boxing are too cynical to take a stand for the sport's (and business') integrity.

With that being said, given the extremely high-profile case of Canelo the commission might actually do something this time and stops Canelo from fighting (temporarily) instead of rubber-stamping Canelo's license to fight.

Boxers proven to be on banned substances need to be dealt with harshly for the long term interests of the sport and the business, but I am afraid the people in control are too short-sighted and would choose to reap short-term profits while compromising the future of boxing.

Quite funny how GGG was avoided in the past, but now so many are eager to fill in as Canelo's potential replacement.

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In all walks of life, money = power.

Well the suspension is good to see, but he should be properly punished.

Yep, it is the common modern issue, society has it's priorities wrong, money comes before what is right, it is BS, but it is the way it is.

Well what's funny is that (and I'm not necessarily saying GGG was never avoided) that is the stupid conclusion people jump to, a fight isn't happening, someone is scared, well there are a few more likely reasons for fights not happening, and what you just said, backs it up. On the other hand, Golovkin, now, is 36, he isn't a young fighter, he is declining faster than his reputation is, the reasons to avoid him are weakening.

I would love to see Golovkin vs Andrade or Derevyanchenko instead, Jacobs isn't and option, neither is Charlo, with their fights against Sulecki and Centeno coming up, I don't think Saunders is really, because I don't see him canceling the Murray fight, I think if he wasn't fighting Murray, GGGs team would probably make a good offer for a Saunders fight, for the simole reason that he has the WBO belt.

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Accidental double-post.

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Normally I would say the better boxer has the advantage in the rematch as he can make the adjustments that the other can't. However, I do not think Canelo is a considerably better boxer than Golovkin and I was not convinced Canelo could actually improve his biggest issue, his cardio, in just one fight. If the doping issues with Canelo didn't come out, I would predict Golovkin to win, but I am not really sure now. I have seen conflicting accounts on the effects of stamina with Clenbuterol, but isn't it a convenient excuse for any Mexican fighter to be able to blame the meat industry every single time? I'm not someone who gets really angry about steroid usage. AJ is incredibly obvious but no one gives a damn about him, fans just have a selective bias. If someone pops then obviously they deserve to get punished, Whyte was suspended for 2 years by UKAD when he was proven to have not knowingly taken MHA. Canelo popped, so if the corrupt Nevada State Athletic Commission does their job, Canelo should be given a significant suspension at his hearing.

I still think there is a good chance the fight will happen, the Nevada Commission is corrupt and Golden Boy is a smoking gun for corruption. If Canelo is rightfully suspended and the fight is canceled, it will be bad for boxing, but more specifically for Canelo. He will always be labeled as a doper from then on and I believe Golovkin will be looked at as the true winner of the first fight even more than before. I think there will be fighters lining up to fight Golovkin because it is a big opportunity, he is not as big of a name as Canelo but he is a relatively big draw. I think Saunders is the legit option, he is in camp and the Murray fight can be canceled. Not to be rude, but no one really gives a damn about seeing Martin Murray fight Saunders in comparison to seeing Saunders fight Golovkin. Saunders has made it clear he wants to fight the Canelo vs. Golovkin winner. Golovkin will pay a hell of a lot more than Murray and Saunders would certainly be swayed by the opportunity.

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Do you really think that Canelo is significantly improving and/or Jacobs is getting significantly worse? They both seem to be relatively set where they are as established fighters. Canelo can come in at whatever weight he wants. If he wants to come in at 155 lbs or so for improved cardio and risk having less durability and power he can. Wouldn't be the first guy to do it. Guys like Canelo and Cotto who fight for the Middleweight title at 155 lbs should have it used against them. It is ridiculous to have a lower catchweight for titles like that.

He has only gained mass as a professional, he had a realistic natural body type before. Just because he came in lighter doesn't mean he got off steroids, it's certainly good that he did get lighter though. I'm sure people suspect the other fighters from that list as well. I'm not sure why you care so much about Bellew, he would get destroyed at Cruiserweight if he uses his WBC champion emeritus status that he was somehow given with only one title defense. Bellew is just a sideshow attraction at Heavyweight versus guys like Haye. No way he ever gets into the ring versus even guys of Whyte's level, he is just way too small. If you think Charles Martin got lucky with a freak injury, well that's what happened to Haye as well with his Achilles. Bellew is just riding the AJ train like many others.

I never liked the notion of having to beat a guy twice to win a title, Crolla won 4-5 rounds sure, but no one actually thought he won the fight and he wasn't a long-reigning champion. Pascal did better than anyone else versus Kovalev to that point and no one else worthwhile was going to fight Kovalev.

At this point, it looks like Saunders won't be an opponent for Golovkin, but it isn't because of the Murray fight. Andrade shuts himself out of hard fights. He isn't Rigondeaux pre-Lomachenko.

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I m in love with watching Canelo vs Golovkin II match, I m supporting Golovkin, what you think who will be the man of the match between Canelo vs Golovkin

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Im also rooting for GGG to beat the cheat! Canelo is a disgrace to our sport. Hopefully he is not on anything this time and gets stopped.

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100% agree.

Big drama show let's go let's go!