Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

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Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Hi, I am a new member of the Eye On The Ring Community. Nice to meet you all.

So, I feel that this rematch is down the pipe. If Ruiz beats AJ and his mandatory's, he said he was very keen on avenging his only loss. This fight is a possibility. I loved the first fight.
I'd be picking Parker to mix his improved physical strength and quick backfoot skills to put in a similar performance to last time, but with wider scores.

What about you? (:

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Welcome to Eye on the ring!

Great match up, first fight was very close, but the winner of Ruiz vs Joshua II will be ordered by the IBF to fight Pulev, that's the problem, however, if Parker beats Chisora, that will get him a higher ranking, Parker seems to be working his way back up, so that's a possibility. Personally, I don't think Ruiz will win the rematch, but that doesn't necessarily damage the Parker fight, could make it more of a 50/50 fight if anything. I think Parker is someone to look up to, good guy, never runs his mouth, doesn't get enough credit for his effort against Whyte, but I don't think he beats Ruiz again, I think the first time, Ruiz didn't have the right team around him, and with Manny Robles, he's a much better fighter.

Would you like to be in the prediction competition?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

You make some good points, although I'd suggest the Abel Sanchez Ruiz isn't much different to our Manny Robles variety of Ruiz. I don't see a massive amount of change, actually I humbly think he was better in the Parker fight than against AJ. His feet were quicker and he seemed in better shape.
I'm of the opinion Joshua is too robotic to punch WITH Ruiz and has to lead off on his own in order to win a rematch.

Please tell me more about the prediction competition? It sounds like something I'd be interested in!
Thanks (:

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I'm personally not a fan of Abel Sanchez as a great trainer, Saucedo, Gassiev, Ruiz, even Golovkin, all got a lot of defensive problems, and Ruiz says he trained himself for the Parker fight. I think Ruiz was in great shape against Joshua, I know he was heavy, and didn't have a full camp, didn't have 6 week notice, but he was coming off the Dimitrenko fight in April, wasn't a tough fight, didn't need time to recover, probably didn't live the good life too much in the time between Dimitrenko and the Joshua camp. I don't think Ruiz has ever had fast feet, I think he looked slower against Joshua because Joshua did a better job of keeping him at bay, until he got caught.

Joshua should be more like 240 in my opinion, but I think he simply fights like he has a good chin when he doesn't have a good chin, he has to box Ruiz, not fight. I think Joshua is similar to Klitschko in some ways, he has more variety, isn't as good at keeping his opponent at distance, and is easier to find the chin of, get to, is a better fighter to watch because of that, but his vulnerabilities are easier to exploit than Klitschko's were.

PCOM (Prediction Champion of the Month). There is a vault for each month, you put your prediction down for each fight, and specify UD or MD/SD (MD and SD are worth the same points), or early (1-4), mid (5-8), late (9-12). If you get the outcome right but not the stoppage/decision, you get 2 points, if you call a UD, you get 5 points, call an MD, you get 6, if you get the decision right but the UD/MD wrong, you get 4 points. You get 5 points of you call early/mid/late, 3 if you say early and the fight is stopped late, and 4 if you say mid and it is stopped late. Any questions?

You can join this month if you want, you are behind, but you have a fair shot next month if you join at the start.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

It's interesting isn't it. I'm not going to take Ruiz at his word on "training himself". To me, it seems like he's padding the L he took.
Although, I'll fully admit that Manny Robles is fantastic, him and Ruiz gel well together.
I believe Ruiz needs to come in lighter to compete with Joshua's speed in the ring, which will be improved. Joshua will need to come in lighter to box at range with Ruiz and I believe he will be able to do it with success unless Ruiz comes in lighter in order to hunt Joshua down.
I consider Klitschko better than AJ. I think his chin issues were half down to nervousness. Joshua doesn't suffer from that, I think he might have a legit chin problem.

Secondly, I'd like to join PCOM next month at the start. Thanks (:

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Yes it is. Fair enough, I think it is an exaggeration, I don't believe Sanchez left him to his own devices, but I think there is some level of truth in it, it might an explanation as to why he lost to Parker but beat Joshua, with Joshua having beaten Parker by a landslide, granted, it was probably closer than the cards, but still a clear win for Joshua. Ruiz's style probably is wrong for Joshua, but I don't think that alone is enough for Ruiz to beat him again.

I don't know, I think slow feet are an issue for him, so coming in lighter might help that, but probably not much, and fitness wise, he was fine the first time, he was not tiring in round 7, he had been dropped, scored a few knock downs himself, and he was not tiring, I think Ruiz is a fighter who weighs what he weighs, the fat is useless, but won't come off easily, and doesn't put him at a disadvantage, so I don't think that's an issue for Ruiz.

I think AJ might still improve a little bit, but I agree, a prime Klitschko would have beaten a prime Joshua. I think Klitschko's chin was weak, possible it was partly mental, but I think he did have a weak chin, he was down 14 times in his career.


Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I'd like to see Joshua vs Parker 2 with a fair referee, judges and commentary team. Oh, and none of the ridiculous caginess they both brought! :/

Immensely frustrating. It could have been a real war! I picked Parker by Knockout and I still think that could have happened.

I believe Ruiz is very stylistically strong against Joshua, and at the end of the day I feel that Parker is just better than Ruiz and also a terrible style for ARJ.

I've got AJ by a close decision still. We have to remember he dropped Ruiz before it went down properly and his jab popping nicely. At a lower weight he'll be able to move away from punches easier too. Still a close affair though.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Personally, I wouldn't. I agree the referee ruined the fight, and the judges were harsh on Parker, he lost, I had it 8-4, so still wide, could definitely have been 9-3, but 10-2 seems a bit wide, and 11-1, from the Kiwi judge was a bad one.

I don't think Parker could win by knock out against AJ for the same reason I don't think Ruiz will win the rematch, I think AJ is a underrated boxer, was technically very good against Parker, Parker couldn't get to him.

I think Parker's best is still ahead of him, he is very young for a heavyweight, but I just don't think he's better than Ruiz, I think Ruiz has more levels, can take his offence to a higher level than Parker can take his to, Parker is solid, good skills, very durable, great stamina, can punch a bit, and he does have great variety, goes to the body, but the hand speed of Ruiz, his ability to break down an opponent, slip and counter, get inside the reach, not enough to beat AJ in the rematch in my opinion, but still, and his ability to be so dangerous in exchanges, I think is just something else.

Good point, I said that before, the fight changed after the knock down, it did AJ more harm than good in a sense, not the knock down in itself, but what it did to AJs mentality. Yes, and he'll also be able to work for longer without tiring, won't be as strong, but it is worth sacrificing a very small amount of strength for a fair amount of stamina.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Those are all fair shouts. I'd love to see Parker vs Wilder, Ortiz, Pulev and Rivas too! How many of the following do you think he beats?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I think he beats all those except Wilder, all tough fights, but I think he would edge them all apart from Wilder, who I think is still top 3, great athlete, has the right mentality, arguably the biggest puncher who has ever lived, not as technically bad as people think, but I think Ortiz and Pulev are both too old to beat Parker, and Rivas isn't quite good enough in my opinion, very close though, all great fights, and Parker would give Wilder problems, but I don't think Parker would beat Fury, Wilder, Joshua, Ruiz, Whyte. You?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

In my humble opinion:

Pulev - By a decision. Probably close, Pulev's jab is fantastic and he has excellent strength up close. However, I believe Parker's back-foot boxing and handspeed (I really rate it) would be enough to neutralise Pulev's advantages and rack up points.

Rivas - I like Rivas, he's technically skilled and powerful. However, what else really is he? I feel like Parker vs Rivas goes in a similar fashion to the Takam fight, if a bit more one sided for JP. Definitely can see Rivas landing shots and doing well at points, though.

Ortiz - I consider Ortiz-Parker close. However, I still think JP on points. In my opinion Ortiz would struggle to land shots with Parker's under-ratedly smart defence. Given Parker spends a lot of time mobile and back-foot boxing too, that should make him difficult to counter with that excellent left hand Ortiz possesses. Not to mention the body-shots having an effect on Ortiz gas tank. Ortiz bodyshots would be a factor, especially with Parker's straight back. But I still take JP.

Ruiz Jr Rematch - I've established my position earlier in the thread.

Joshua - Established my position earlier.
Actually think it could be a Holyfield - Bowe style war with the right mix of circumstances!

Wilder - I always have thought and probably always will think the person to beat Wilder will either outwork him and carry him 12 rounds or a spectacular KO after Wilder's athleticism and chin (vastly important to his game) degrades. Parker is capable of both. Although, Wilder can also knock Parker out. Great fight!

Whyte - cheated a lot in their fight, and we don't know how certain "substances" may have had an effect. Just saying.
Anyhow, he had a strength advantage over Joey in there and worked well to get the UD. However I feel Parker should have returned the low blows and elbows and headbutts, and used the back-foot game more to walk Whyte onto shots and box him up with hand-speed. It's winnable.

Close rematch! Would love to see it!

Tyson Fury - Worst stylistic match up in the division easily. Can't outbox Tyson on the back-foot, removing a key Parker strength but also can't come forward and throw shots like he did earlier in his career, because Fury will slip, slide and box Parker up. Fury wide UD.

Thanks for asking (:

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I agree on Parker vs Pulev, and it's also the output and variety of Parker, I don't think Pulev's awkward, ugly, but effective tactics, or his jab, which as you said is fantastic, is enough to beat Parker.

Very athletic, but relatively one dimensional I agree. I don't agree it would be more one sided than the Takam fight, Rivas is not that different to Takam, but he has more skills, better blocking abilities, better amateur pedigree.

I don't think that's the case, I think it's Ortiz who would have the better defence, would have less issues to exploit, but Ortiz being older damages his foot speed, and foot speed is more important than hand speed in boxing in my opinion, but I think Ortiz would tire down the stretch, and Parker would pull away in the second half, something we didn't see from Wilder, that we might see from Parker in that fight, is body work, and I think that would pay dividends later in the fight.

That's fair enough, agree to disagree on those rematches.

I strongly disagree on Wilder, because I don't think Parker can do that, I think Wilder would land the right hand counter on the way in, Parker wouldn't be able to keep pushing Wilder without getting hit clean on the way in, and you can't keep taking that clean right hand, Wilder gassed against Stiverne, but Stiverne was even more tired, taking clean punches is the most draining thing in boxing.

I see where you are coming from, but it's hard to make much of dirty fighting (not malicious, thats different to rough house), as an issue in boxing, it takes a good fighter to fight dirty, make it work for them in terms of helping them get there opponent where they want them, and get away with it, let's also remember that Whyte has almost no amateur pedigree, so his style will obviously not be pretty, will be old school professional style. It is winnable, and I think in a couple of years, Parker might beat Whyte, but Whyte has improved a lot in the last few years, come a very long way, and is getting better with every fight, so I think Whyte beats Parker now.

I think that's more than a bad style for Parker, in my opinion, Fury is the best heavyweight who has ever lived, he might not be a disciplined professional, might not be a puncher, and his chin might not be granite, he has been down 4 times, but his recovery, incredible defence, judgment of distance, not only reach but use of it, is second to none, and nobody can beat a prime, on form Fury in my opinion.

How about Povetkin and a Hughie rematch?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

With a Hughie rematch, he can't use his back-foot game as well just like with Tyson. You can't outbox someone on their back-foot on the back-foot, haha!

He needs to polish and improve on his attacking game and work on set ups and creating his opportunities to beat Fury proper.
If not it goes same way as first time. Parker points. If Hughie chooses to engage he gets stopped.

Povetkin - very good fighter. Parker points. There would be rocky rounds early. Povetkin could pull it off if he had better cardio and wasn't aged. Povetkin is powerful and accurate, with a solid chin. I'd take JP to take over after the sixth round and win a 117/118 decision. Needs use his hand-speed and defence to win.

What about you?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I think Fury's chin is somewhat untested, but Parker might well have the power to hurt him. I agree Parker could do more to set up his offence and apply more educated pressure, and I think he would win again, and wider.

You mean 117-111? If so, I don't agree he could beat Povetkin that wide, but I do think he'd beat Povetkin now, not because he's better (I don't think Parker would beat a prime Povetkin or a prime Ortiz), but because Povetkin is past his best. I think speed and defence would be factors, but also pace and output, I think his jab as well, would be a problem for Povetkin, but I think it would be a close fight, Povetkin would start better.

How about heavyweight prospects? Personally, I think Dubois has what it takes to be the best in his division, has great talent, Gorman was probably overrated, but he is probably underrated now, after that bad loss. I don't know about you? But I think Joyce is very overrated, I was not impressed with his performance against Jennings at all. I know you are not sold on Ajagba, but I think he is good, had the step up fight he needed in his last fight.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

In my humble opinion:

Tony Yoka - excellent. I rate him VERY highly. Great amateur experience, technique and cardio combined with Virgil Hunter! Future world champion.

Filip Hrgovic - solid but unseasoned. Good punches and cardio but needs more PRO experience.

Joe Joyce - solid. Beat Jennings by at least six rounds for me. A challenge for everyone. My favourite of the lot!

Daniel Dubois - a powerful physical dynamo with great cardio and power. Once again a challenge for anyone, but is there to be exposed a some point. Has issues with being one dimensional.

Nathan Gorman - honestly never understood the hype. Slick movement and good hand-speed but it's not really very effective against non-journeyman.

Efe Ajagba - fantastic jab and good cardio but is shockingly wooden and clearly open to being worked over on the inside.

Sergey Kuzmin - used to be a entertaining amateur who would storm out and throw a million punches. Entertaining war with Hrgovic and a KO of Joyce is very promising! But now just seems to slowly plod forward trying to time an overhand right. Has lost all his..pizzazz

Michael Hunter - good fighter who will turn over a few solid heavies, but is a non-steroid using cruiser-weight (not naming any names EVAN FIELDS) which means he will basically just be a cruiser weight in the ring when it comes to the best, and he loses to them all.

Lukasz Rozanski - comes forward and throws combinations. Decent jab. Seems pretty promising.

Oleksander Usyk - an exceptional fighter. At cruiser-weight. My opinion for Michael Hunter applies.

Junior Fa - I want to like this guy I swear. But I don't get it. He had a solid amateur career and that's really it. Has a pretty mushy jab and throws punches in bunches. Honestly think he is the worst.

Remind me of anyone I forgot

What about you?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I could not disagree more on Joyce and Dubois, Joyce is my least favourite, I thought he got pipped by Jennings, just by a point, and I can easily see Joyce winning by 1-3 points, but I was not impressed by Joyce, I think he bites of more than he can chew with his output in the early rounds, and I don't think he has the skill to be anywhere near as dominant without emptying his tank, so all he can do is push the pace, a pace he can't sustain for 10 rounds, certainly not 12, he is not consistent. Dubois, in my opinion, is the best of the lot, I don't think he is there to be exposed or one dimensional, he has great balance, light on his feet, is explosive, but he does the basics, he looks easy to hit, could move his head more, but it hasn't cost him anything, if he has issues with being there to be hit or one dimensional, why is he so dominant? The Gorman fight was a 50/50 fight for a reason. I personally think Dubois would destroy Joyce, the fight could happen, but Dubois has a fight against Tetteh, and Joyce will probably fight Kabayel, that's a fight Kabayel can win in my opinion.

I think Hrgovic is the goods, is top 3, he hasn't peaked yet, but none of this lot has, and I don't think he is behind the others.

I agree on Fa, I think him and Joyce are the weakest.

I disagree on Hunter, I think he beats all of them at this stage, and Joyce, Fa, Gorman, will never be as good as him, Hunter is very underrated in my opinion, if we look at his last 3 fights, I know he's small, but so was Holyfield and Frazier and even Tyson overall, Hunter seems to be doing very well at heavyweight.

With Usyk, I agree in that you can't say with confidence that he is a great heavyweight because he is untested at this weight, but given what a phenomenal boxer he is, with the experience he has, the adaptability we've seen from him, and the fact that he's a big cruiserweight, it seems highly likely he will do well at heavyweight despite the size disadvantage.

I have not seen Rozanski.

I don't know of I'm as high on Yoka as you, but I rate him high as well, did very well to stop Dimitrenko in 3. I think Dubois and Hrgovic are better than Yoka, but Yoka is top 3.

There are other heavyweight prospects, Ivan Dychko, Evgeny Romanov, Arslanbek Makhmudov.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

To begin, Daniel Dubois was rocked and forced to hold/move away quickly by Richard Lartey, that simple (style wise I mean) Ghanaian. He was rocked in that fight at least once and arguably lost the big shootout they had in round 3. If Lartey can do that, so can a lot of others!

I still rate Joyce highly, I'd take him to batter Kabayel. Kabayel is a great fighter, but he'd have lost well to a motivated Chisora and will lose to Joyce, for me.

The difference between Tyson and Hunter, though, is Tyson was a 220 pound ball of muscle. Hunter is full of bodyfat.

We'll see with Usyk. After watching the Gassiev fight, I controversially thought Gassiev basically gave it to him and I didn't rate the Bellew performance at all. Needs testing.

Ivan Dychko needs more fights, but he seems good. No idea about the others, sorry.

Who are your top 5 favourite heavyweights?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I didn't see that whole fight, but I have seen cards that had him winning every round. Dubois is 21 don't forget. Dubois hasn't been down, I haven't seen him hurt, he seems to have skill, talent, power, seems to be improving very quickly, and you have to be impressed with his last performance. Agree to disagree on Dubois, time will tell.

Agree to disagree on Joyce as well. I don't think Kabayel would have lost to a well motivated Chisora, I think he beat Chisora 9-3, how people scored that fight close, I don't know, it was a clear win for Kabayel, I think had Chisora been motivated, it would have been a lot closer, but I think Kabayel would beat Joyce. In my opinion, Joyce is weak to the body, his own pace does him more harm than good in terms of a 12 round fight, he is very robotic and easy to hit.

Means nothing, Hunter finished strong against Ilunga and Ustinov, like Ruiz, Kownacki, and a lot of others, you can't judge a book by it's cover, fat is useless unlike muscle, but even if it isn't coming off, which can be the case with big fighters, it doesn't slow the fighter down because he is used to carrying it, and Hunter being heavy doesn't cause him any problems in the ring, he doesn't lack speed or conditioning, if you look at those 2 fights I mentioned, he doesn't tire, he is fast, sharp, sustains a good pace. I think Hunter is top 6, beats Parker, Povetkin, Ortiz, is one of the most underrated fighters, hopefully we will find out if he gets a big fight, but like with the others, agree to disagree.

He doesn't need testing in a pound for pound sense, in terms of simply how good he is, the only thing that needs testing his ability to do well at heavyweight, you are wise not to get carried away, but I don't understand how Gassiev could have given that to him, Gassiev was in a fight for the undisputed, all the belts on the line, so what could have kept him from trying his best, he looked like he didn't really go for it, but that's because he was so well beaten that he couldn't set anything up, couldn't deal with Usyk's offence, and has no confidence he could land himself. Bellew out boxed Usyk for 2 or 3 rounds, but in rounds 4-6, Usyk was gradually taking over, dominated round 7, and set up and sparked Bellew in round 8, that's adaptability, against a veteran like Bellew, who has always been an underrated boxer, was coming off two upset wins over David Haye, a shot Haye, but the sake shot Haye who everyone said would spark Bellew early in a mismatch, I said from the start, Haye is overrated, Bellew will stop him late. Usyk, apart from Canelo and Pacquiao, has the best resume in boxing, in my opinion, he has proven himself as a great fighter, it is only about how he does at heavyweight.

Romanov beat Wilder as an amateur, but I saw his last fight, and I was not impressed if we are taking about a future world level fighter, I don't think he can exceed European level.

How highly do you rate Whyte?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Agree to disagree on Hunter, I view him as a fat cruiser-weight who can turn over clunky heavies and he's gonna have to do a lot to change my mind.

I dunno I just think Murat Gassiev could have taken him out in there and didn't put it on enough. Easier said than done etc. but I think it's the case.

When it comes to Whyte, I'll forget the Dianabol situation for now and focus on his style.
He's got good cardio and output for a big man and I was actually impressed how he took it to Helenius and outboxed the man so thoroughly, even if Robert did move around a load. He's got a great jab and his left hook - brilliant.

It's odd because he is so almost spaghetti loose in his movements in the ring, but suddenly this left hook will WHIP up with the speed of a bullet and just destroy chins. Epic stuff. I rate him well.

What about you?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Yeah, agree to disagree, respect your opinion.

Same again, nothing more to say, just agree to disagree, can't prove that wasn't the case, I think Sanchez could have given Gassiev more advice on at least trying to give Usyk problems, for what that's worth, and he did hurt Usyk on the bell in round 4, but that was the only success he had in the whole fight, and I don't believe Gassiev could have even made that close.

Good thinking, people can't get obsessed with drug tests, because we don't know how many fighters are on PEDs but haven't been caught.

I think his fitness, stamina was poor before, but it has improved a lot in the last year, his tank was empty after 10 rounds against Parker, but he had put a lot into that, been pressing the fight and not stepped off the gas, Parker did a lot of good work to the body early as well, Whyte wasn't tiring against Chisora in the second fight and he finished strong enough against Rivas even though he lost the last round. I wasn't impressed with Whyte against Helenius, Helenius hurt Whyte in round 2, Whyte looked terrible for 2 rounds, for the last 10 rounds, he didn't look good or bad, wasn't his fault Helenius went on a survival mission, but that's what happened, and Whyte won a landslide, almost by default. I don't think he out boxed Helenius, just did enough to win the rounds by out working him and being more aggressive.

I agree on Whyte's jab, people don't acknowledge it as a good weapon for him, but I thought he used it very well against Parker, Rivas, and it was the difference against Chisora the first time in my opinion. I agree on that left hook, great shot, has more power in the left hand, he times it, it is accurate, great set up against Chisora the second time, put Parker down clean and hurt him, and of course he sparked Browne with that shot, hurt Joshua as well with the left hook.

His poor balance is because of his lack of amateur experience and pedigree, and that is one issue he skill has.

What about Miller? I was impressed by him as a fighter and was looking forward to Joshua vs Miller, pity about the failed drug tests.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I always rated Jarrell Miller, I thought he was a serious problem for anyone!

For me, he would have beaten Pulev quite easily, and Whyte/Parker/Ruiz etc. fights would have been VERY competitive.
His style was horrific to deal with and his strength was immense. The drug tests were a shame. I am still looking forward to a comeback from Miller.

What are your thought's on the recent Alexander Povetkin vs Hughie Fury match?
And do you have a Joseph Parker vs Chisora prediction?

PS: Is that Maidana vs Broner in your profile picture? What a classic humbling LOL

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I was impressed by Miller as a good body puncher, he is an extremely strong fighter, almost impossible to back up, doesn't have a bad jab, but isn't a good defensive fighter, slow feet, can only throw so many punches. I think Miller might well be top 5 at heavyweight, definitely top 10, but he has been out for 9 months now, and he doesn't have a fight confirmed.

I don't think easily, but I think he would have beaten him, he would have struggled with Pulev's jab, early, but I think he would back Pulev up and drain him by being relentless and forcing the pace.

I think Parker and Whyte, but not Ruiz. All great fights though, definitely. So am I, but inexperience and inactivity are issues for him, I know he has kick boxing background, but that means very little in a different sport, he doesn't have much amateur pedigree, hasn't fought anyone better than Duhaphas, still, with 24 fights, he isn't too inexperienced, and he is young for a heavyweight.

Great match up, Fury has a shot, Povetkin's legs might let him down, at 39, been out for 11 months, hasn't had a tune up after the loss to Joshua, but I still think Povetkin has too much for Fury, I haven't seen much if any improvement from Fury in the last couple of years, I don't think Peter Fury is a good trainer, and I think Fury will still lose to Povetkin. You?

If it happens, which seems likely, Parker should win quite comfortably, maybe even get a stoppage, but I think he is better than Chisora, and the timing works in his favour, so he should definitely win the fight. Yourself?

Yeah man! I will never, ever forget it, Maidana is my favorite fighter of all time, beta Broner, gave Mayweather two much tougher fights than Pacquiao did, Robert Garcia is the best trainer in boxing in my opinion, the improvement from Maidana when he was working with Garcia was incredible, went from being schooled by Alexander to beating Broner and giving Mayweather a very tough fight.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

I'd like Hughie Fury to win, but he needs a better Offense. He can't seem to throw straight shots, and I see Povetkin avoiding his bent arm right hand pretty easily. Also, his fantastic counter uppercut may come into play. I hope he shows his skills and potential against Povetkin. He needs to move extensivley and counter off well to wear the still lethal old lad's legs down gradually.
I'm actually taking Hughie Fury to win an upset points decision. Probably a close MD.

With JP vs DC, I believe Parker is levels above. If he combines all his skillset correctly he can batter Dereck Chisora and win a very wide decision. Perhaps a late stoppage. Chisora is VERY difficult to stop and he really knows how to survive.
Parker to combine his backfoot skills/ under-rated physical strength and hand speed to bash Chisora's head in and make him look trash.

Moving on from the mighty heavyweights, what are your favourite fights?
Personally I loved:
Kell Brook vs Shawn Porter -- tense close affair on the road with my favourite welterweight ever.
Loma-Linares - just epic stuff and fantastic bodyshots.
Jarret Hurd vs Julian Williams 1 -- brilliant fight
Canelo vs GGG 2 - obvious reasons
I also like old James Toney and SRL fights!

What about you?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Yeah, if Fury gets close enough to land his own, he is close enough for Povetkin to counter him, Povetkin's timing might be off, with the age and inactivity, but I think it will just be a slow start, and if the mid rounds, he will time Fury and land clean. I don't know about that, that's a risky strategy, easy to find yourself on a survival mission, that's was Fury's issue against Parker. Fury needs to keep throwing that jab, needs to keep Povetkin occupied, keep him where he wants him, keep the head moving, even if the jabs aren't great shots in themselves, they will allow Fury to dictate the range.

Thurman vs Porter
Maidana vs Ortiz
Bellew vs Haye
Whyte vs Chisora
Maidana vs Broner

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Bellew vs Haye actually got me into boxing. My classmates at the time were on about this amazing grudge match and how David Haye was gonna publically execute him and Bellew was basically a 50/1 underdog!

Helenius vs Teper was a low-key slug-fest too.

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

You have good knowledge for someone who has only been into boxing for 2-3 years.

I saw that and it was a good one, I was happy Teper got knocked out, because he's a bad drugs cheat.

Have you seen Foreman vs Lyle?

Re: Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 speculation

Everyone was mad salty after, saying that Bellew didn't deserve it.
Haye claimed that before the towel was thrown in he was still trying to uppercut Bellew off the ropes. After all he'd been through. I thought that was so bad-ass and I couldn't stop watching since. All that and Joshua-Klitschko, my first PPV a month later.
I remember getting my boys to smuggle me beer LOL I was underage and I didn't want to get banned from Tesco's.

Foreman vs Lyle was an amazing fight. I watched it 2 years ago what a shootout. You've reminded me to re-watch it! My God Lyle had a TREMENDOUS chin.
Foreman, along with Briggs and Joe Louis have to be my favourite old timers.

What got you into boxing?

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'he barely beat a one legged fighter', nevermind that Bellew won the first round, had a broken hand, and was always going to go better in the second half, after the rematch, 'Haye lied about his leg, is a shot fighter'. One thing that disgusts me about the British fans, is 'Bellew got home safe to his wife and kids', people thinks it's funny, when these people are talking like Bellew is some paranoid hypochondriac, they should think about Dadashev's family, young son who will grow up without a father. Another thing those nasty people think is funny, which I don't, is 'I wish Adam would tell us where Maddie is', Adam Smith is not suspicious, hasn't got any record of being a sex offender, and people have still ruined his reputation.

Haha, man I'd love a pint, I'm training for a half marathon, so I can't drink, but I'll have a couple of well deserved beers after the run.

I was 12, my dad was telling me about his dad, who I never met, I wanted to try boxing for that reason, because I have always been very similar to my grandfather and wished I'd met him. I started boxing when I was 13, never had a bout, but sparred and did a lot of non contact, I stopped when I was 17, wasn't enjoying it, I was never any good, kept getting told off for getting hit too much, I'll probably revisit it and have a few fights at some stage, just to have a boxing record, even it is just 0-1, might give bare knuckle a crack, but I only a few fights, but as of now, I just do long distance running, and follow boxing as a fan, I've been following boxing for 8 years. Do you box? And are you're family into boxing at all?

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Tony Bellew is definitely underrated by British fans. Could really box. His personality does tick me off though!
Also on Adam Smith it's harsh and unfair. Dude's sound (if biased) and these douches are roasting him its bullying. Wrong.

Good luck on your half marathon! I've been weight training a lot recently to put a bit of muscle on, but I prefer cardio and I'm back to the pavement. I've got a bunch of local routes and I usually do about 4 miles a day.
I went to a boxing gym for about 8 months. My coach used to say I was like Deontay Wilder and I'd throw these wild uppercuts on the bag. Did a lot of pads. My coordination was garbage and I'd usually just spend ages doing footwork drills. I got bored and it's not really my cup of tea. Never sparred or had a fight and I never want to.
I am a gardener by trade and that's what I'll stick to.
I always preferred Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I intend to really pursue that one day and get a good belt.

My family isn't into boxing but we split the PPV money because they watch it as something to watch. My dad was a Tyson fan in the 80's and 90's/Noughties but stopped watching because of all the fighters like John Ruiz & co. He's a smart dude tho and understands the sport. Likes GG and Joe Joyce.

I usually stick to my other lanes and avoid talking boxing with most people. It always boils down to something to do with Joshua and how sexy AJ is and his body and what a puncher and I just want to drive my car into a wall.

Going back to world boxing for a moment, how many of the top ten can Usyk beat? So Joshua, Wilder, Fury, Parker, Ortiz ETC.?

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I think he's a good guy, is a great analyst, is very honest, reminds the fans what's important.

Cheers pal, got 01:40:10 last time, hoping to get more like 01:38:00 this time. I do a bit of lifting and core work when I'm not running, but predominantly running, long distance, stamina, definitely my strong point. I don't run everyday, because every time I run, I kill myself, so I take a couple of days to recover, yesterday I did 6-7 miles in 45-46 minutes. Not bad to be compared to a puncher like Wilder. I want to be a firefighter, might do a bit of boxing in he service if I end up in that job.

I believe he can beat all of them. You?

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Yeah my ego enjoyed that comparison LOL. Maybe I should go back I dunno. I struggle for the enthusiasm with all the other stuff in my life that's going on right now.

Speaking of Wilder, how does Ortiz 2 go and the Fury rematch? I've got him taking Fury out in a rematch controversially.

I'd be stunned if Usyk beats them all. I really can't say until he proves he can handle the transition. I'll get back to you in a few months on it.

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Also, Wilder Vs Joshua? How does it go?

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If the fight happens in 2 years or more, that works in Joshua's favour because he will still be young and Wilder won't be, but with Joshua's weak chin, it's hard to see him beating Wilder, he has more skills than Wilder, is stronger, is faster than people think, but Wilder has the better stamina, more durable, and he hits harder, Wilder isn't technically great, but he is not a one dimensional puncher who has devastating power and nothing else, he isn't a heavyweight Matthysse or Lemiuex, and I would lean towards Wilder at this stage. You?

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Ill take into be a cagey fight. AJ outworks him for 7 or 8 rounds but Deontay finds a power right hand and the shows over.

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Just keep it an open option, that's the way I see it.

I think Wilder will stop Ortiz, but this time, mid, I think Wilder can mtch his performance from the first fight, but Ortiz can't. I think Fury beats Wilder in a rematch, I think he would be better, fitness wise, would be even harder for Wilder to slow the feet down and find the chin, and I think Fury would establish his jab earlier, wouldn't be rusty like last time. My prediction would be Fury by UD, but Wilder hits so hard, you can never count him out, one mistake, and it could be lights out, he is more than capable of knocking a static Fury out, the shot that landed in round 12 was a fatigued shot, but I just think Fury would make the better adjustments, is the better boxer, and would win the rematch, we'll see though, I will be rooting for Wilder.

Well we'll see, but I believe Usyk is top 5 pound for pound.

Do you score fights?

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I never did because I couldn't be bothered.
The first fight I scored was Joyce Vs BY Jennings recently. I also scored Parker Vs Ruiz and Takam because they were great fights.

I'll be doing it more soon and posting on here.
I'm thinking of checking out Dave Allen Vs Lenroy. Apparently it was good and a tough score so I'll do that. I always liked Lenroy with the southpaw speed a lot as well, shame he's more of a career sparring partner now.

I'll be taking Wilder to have learned more and invest to the body, where I think Fury's vulnerable and eventually find the shot to knock Fury and the lineal garbaggio into the bin.

On Ortiz I have a strong feeling of Wilder koeing him earlier and being younger and quicker. Too much.

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Oi what are your thoughts on Gerald Washington, The Parker Pullout, Povetkin and Hunter etc.

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Hunter possibly the most underrated fighter in the world, is a top 4 heavyweight, Povetkin is still top 10, but at 39, he is past his best, certainly not shot, but past it. He got bitten by a spider, in some parts of the world, spiders are dangerous, pity, hopefully he makes a full recovery and returns in December or early next year. Washington is very basic, not bad, good athlete, but he can be hurt, and against Kownacki, he looked shot, he isn't shot, that must have been a terrible night for him, he did well to knock Helenius out, he is a top 30 heavyweight, Washington, boxed well against Wilder, but only for 4 rounds, and I don't think he is good at world level.

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Who should Price fight on the November card bro??

I'd like a hammer rematch

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There is little chance of this happening because of the promotional alignments and the money involved. The reason why it won't be Parker specifically is that Parker is a Matchroom fighter and doesn't have a huge profile, it makes no business sense to risk giving the belts back over to Matchroom. If Ruiz wins the rematch they'll target Wilder for a title unification (assuming Wilder beats Fury or Wilder vs. Fury II fizzles) which would be a huge fight to make and both fighters are with PBC. The problem is that mandatories will start to come into play, so it could just be a WBC/WBA unification. Usyk is the WBO mandatory and Pulev is the IBF mandatory. The IBF is really strict with their mandatories and there is little financial upside to facing Pulev. However, Pulev isn't very high risk for Ruiz in my opinion so it wouldn't be the most shocking thing if they fought, but I could definitely see Pulev vs. Kownacki for the vacant IBF upcoming. PBC is petty and they don't recognize the WBO so I could see that belt getting vacated if the mandatory is called. Theoretically, that would be Usyk vs. Fury but I would assume that is an unlikely fight. Personally, I think Wilder vs. Ruiz is a more interesting fight for the immediate future than Ruiz vs. Parker anyways, but if Ruiz really runs the table Ruiz vs. Parker wouldn't be a bad option. Also, as Champion said, welcome to the site!

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I'd like Wilder vs Ruiz. I'd be taking Ruiz to win that well. At least a wide decision. I think he has a good enough chin to last and outbox Wilder.
Especially if Wilder broke his hand.

For some reason I'd love to see Ruiz vs Pulev. The clash of Eastern European and Mexican styles is great.

I'd consider Ruiz vs Parker a definite possibility at any point Ruiz wrangles free of his responsibilities. I think he really wants that rematch!

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