K Brook vs F Gavin

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K Brook vs F Gavin

Brook is a force to reckon with. I had him winning all the rounds before stopping Gavin by TKO.

Gavin wasn't really doing things wrong, but Brook simply dismantled him by taking away his offensive arsenal and making him go on the defensive.

The key elements I would point were:

*. Even though Gavin was able to keep his lead foot on the outside, Brook was able to counter him whenever he tried to shorten range, and then follow up with off-tempo combinations.

*. Gavin's jab was mostly nullified by Brook early on the fight. The classic parry-coounter hook. Gavin couldn't use it to setup other punches

*. Brook mixed well left hooks and rights whenever Gavin tried to box around him.

Brook just took Gaving to basics. I really hope Brook can get more interesting opponents in the WW division.

Re: K Brook vs F Gavin

That is a very accurate and observant assessment, Kell performed very well, he was more aggressive than I expected and a little more active but I thought he would be harder for Gavin to hit, Kell isn't always a perfectionist in the ring and he usually abandons his defence when his opponent is a class below him but shows great defensive skills against fighters that are of a similar ability, that is the one of the two things that made me underestimate him before he fought Shawn Porter.

I thought that there should have been more in the rounds but I can't understand how you can give Frankie even a share of any rounds, the stoppage was justifiable but I would have let it go on a little bit longer, I'm sure you noticed but what I found impressive from Kell is the way he throws the right hand and uses it to switch stance, evolving the cross into a southpaw jab.

Kell was very respectful to Gavin after the fight but I would have liked to have seen him show more respect to Shawn Porter and Jo Jo Dan, I would like to see Brook face Keith Thurman, a much more humble and less self absorbed fighter, Brook seems to want Khan and/or Mayweather but I think he should settle for a Porter rematch, a fight with Thurman or another difficult fight, there are many fighters that seem all think they are ahead of everyone else and must get the biggest fights just because..., the problem is they want to hog all the global glory and can't be happy for anyone else achieving anything, I think it is not on and they could learn a lot from humble fighters like Thurman, Porter and Maidana, they need to start being fair in what is a sport, not world war three, fighters can protest a Mayweather fight, but they need to earn their opportunities and not expect to have them spoonfed.