Marvin Hagler's Title Defenses

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Marvin Hagler's Title Defenses

Question for those who maybe more knowledgeable than I on this topic:

It is widely written/reported that Hagler had 12 successful defenses of his middleweight championship. This is second only in the division to Monzon's 14 defenses.

However, looking closely at Hagler's defenses, I am a bit confused. Officially, the WBC claims Hagler defended their belt 12 times. The WBA says 11 times. And the IBF 5 times.

After winning both the WBC and WBA belts from Alan Minter in 1980, Hagler fought 13 more times. The last of course was the loss to Leonard - so 12 straight wins between the Minter fight and the Leonard fight.

So that means that the WBC must be crediting Hagler with all 12 straight wins at title defenses. However, the 1983 fight with Wilford Scypion (according to articles and Boxrec) was only for the brand new vacant IBF belt as the WBC and WBA would not sanction it. Furthermore, the WBC did not sanction the 2nd Hamsho fight as it was 15 rounds and they had stopped sanctioning 15 round fights. Again, this is all on Boxrec, so you can look right at it.

Shouldn't Hagler's record of title defenses be 11 (WBA), 10 (WBC) and 5 (IBF) - just as Boxrec has it? Or did the WBC change sanctioning decisions afterwards to give him a total of 12 successful defenses? If so, they should call Boxrec to correct the official record.

Anyone have any additional insight on this?

Re: Marvin Hagler's Title Defenses

I wouldn't read into it as much as you are, likely just an error by the WBC in their statement. Boxrec has it right as you mentioned.

Re: Marvin Hagler's Title Defenses

Yeah, I understand and am not losing any sleep over it. Just seems odd to me. The 12 consecutive title defenses is literally the universal tagline of his legacy. Just another example of the total ineptitude and nonsense of the sanctioning bodies - then and now.