Serious concern over AJs health!

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Serious concern over AJs health!

I'm hearing rumors like crazy that he had a concussion going into the fight and was dropped twice in sparring the previous week. And the rumour that his dad wanted the fight called off but Eddie intervened.

People have been making a lot of comparisons between AJ and Mclellan when Gman fought Benn. The blinking, unable to hold a mouth piece, etc.. very scary stuff. I don't think it was a panic attack as much as it was something much more serious. He apparently had acupuncture marks on his cheeks before the fight which is apparently used in treating concussions. A doctor was also administering a massage on the back of his neck before it started.

What do you guys think?

Re: Serious concern over AJs health!

That is concerning, I didn't see excessive blinking, but I did notice his mouthpiece hanging out of his mouth before the fight started.

Re: Serious concern over AJs health!

Personally, I think it is reaching. He has had defensive problems in the past and has been caught versus fighters before, Povetkin caught him, Wlad caught him, Whyte caught him. He looked distracted but he was boxing more or less like he usually would before he got caught. In my opinion, it is more likely he was distracted with his first fight in the US, didn't give Ruiz the respect he deserved (in hindsight almost no one did) and therefore didn't know how to deal with Ruiz stylistically who was taking advantage of some of his weaknesses. It is definitely possible he was actually concussed, but as I have stated elsewhere I think Eddie would have pulled the fight instead of risking his cash cow if that were true. As I have said elsewhere Joshua and Matchroom are in a bad spot if he loses the rematch. If Joshua is actually this banged up I wouldn't put it past him to retire, especially considering he's said before if he got in another war like the Wlad fight he would retire. No one wants to end up like G-Man, he has millions, it's not worth it to take the damage.

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Don't forget that Joshua could have gotten concussed in the fight itself as well. That's what I think. I think that left hook counter knocked off his equilibrium and he was basically just done for the whole fight after that and took a whooping. And that beating probably gave him a concussion and that's why he acted so strange in the ring and couldn't follow the refs procedures despite saying he waned to continue.

Hope he can come back from this but idk man. Wish Joshua all the best and I hope he continues boxing, but I also don't want him to end up in a wheelchair...

Re: Serious concern over AJs health!

I believe he was concussed in the third round, that makes sense with what he said in the corner and when the fight was stopped. I was more so talking about the conspiracies about the fight that believe he was hurt before the fight. He may be fine physically going into the rematch assuming it happens, but the damage also may be catching up to him. He's been KO'd in the amateurs, caught by Whyte and Povetkin, fought a war with Wlad where he was dropped and was close to being finished, and was dropped four times by Ruiz, that's a noteworthy amount of damage for a 29 year old boxer.

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One thing we should ask ourselves is if he is talking normally, he has done a lot of interviews, sounds normal, that's a very good sign.

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Should we be concerned ? Sounds worrying tbh, from the corner advice between the rounds;

After Round 4

McCracken: Come on listen. All that happened was you hurt him and you rushed in and he caught you. Put your legs out. Do what you gotta do... Solid jab and the right hand, just moving, defending with your head movement and your hands alright? Keep the hands up when you're boxing. AJ's face. Don't come down

AJ: What shot was it?

McCracken: He caught you with a hook because you loaded up, alright? So let's just keep the hands up. Listen you're back in the game, jab jab right hand, calm, you'll break him down you can do this. If you stay busy for two rounds you can do this. Come on!

After Round 5

McCracken: Don't look for hooks

AJ: He got me with a hook?

McCracken: Yeah he caught you with a hook because you loaded up with your own hook. Jab jab right hand, listen we've got to win these rounds now mate, come on let's get into gear now. Come on let's get boxing again

AJ: What will he come out and do?

McCracken: He'll come out and try a stalk you and throw hooks

After Round 6

McCracken: All you've got to do is start throwing your 1-2s alright? Have a drink alright. All you've got to do is start throwing your 1-2s mate. And shoot the odd body shot down that's all you've got to do

AJ: Why am I feeling like this though?

McCracken: You've just got to time him, if you hit him you'll slow him right down. Deep breaths... Come on you can do this... jab jab right hand

AJ: Yeah. What shots will catch him?

McCracken: Left and right, left and right long, and then look for the hook round the side

AJ: What shot caught him though?

McCracken: The jab and the right hand. Come on uppercut and hook as well inside. When you block uppercut come on. Be busier though Josh.

Now some things to notice here. AJ asked after round 4 'What shot was it?' that caught him. His trainer explains to him that he got caught with the left hook while going in for the kill. After round 5 AJ has forgotten that he asked this and what caught him on the KD again. He then asks again 'He got me with a hook?' and his trainer explains it again...
Then after round 6 it gets real weird. AJ starts asking 'Why am I feeling like this though?', expressing that he is feeling funny and strange (something he has never felt before) in the ring.
He then asks 'What shot caught him though?', again forgetting the shots he caught Ruiz with and his trainer has to explain it to him what happened.

Very strange and maybe concerning stuff.

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I am not sure it's really concerning at all. I'd suggest "he got me with a hooK?" etc. was more rhetorical.

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Agree with Gold and Floyd Tough. AJ looked good, well balanced and switched on up until making that bad mistake that cost him the fight. That was the concussive blow.