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Hughie Fury

Pavel Sour

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I need to catch up on boxing old and new, i feel bad on how much i missed out on. I'm still in the loop with what's going on

What do you think of the new fights being scheduled?

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Too many fights to answer in one post, let's start with Davis vs Santa Cruz. It's rare that titles from two weight categories are on the line in one fight, I think it's the WBA wanting to collect more sanctioning fees, I can't see any other reason both titles are on the line. It's at a 130, so Santa Cruz has a better shot than if it was at 135, but if Davis isn't weight drained, I'd be shocked if he won, Santa Cruz, because Davis is very dangerous, has a lot of skill, there's very little to take advantage of, he'll be a lot stronger than Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz hasn't been hit anywhere near as hard as Davis can punch, and I don't think he can hurt Davis, he's a veteran, Santa Cruz, has good fundamentals when he uses them, very high output, he's a solid all round fighter, but I think Davis is the better counter puncher, Santa Cruz isn't taking anything out of Davis if he tries to box him at long range, I don't think he's a good back foot boxer, and if he fights Davis in the pocket, he gets hurt. The interesting aspect of the fight is weight, Santa Cruz is small at 130, Davis is very big at 130, but I wouldn't be surprised if Davis was drained, he's struggled to make the weight a few times, it won't be easier now, and if he is badly drained, the fight will be a lot more interesting. What do you think of that fight? The Charlos are both in tough fights, and Oubaali vs Donaire should be a great fight.

For Davis, I like watching him fight, he passes the eye test, but he still has some questions in terms of his competition and disicpline. I think Santa Cruz has a shot, because Davis started training late during this whole pandemic. That's a bad start and that he sort of outgrew 130 so that helps Santa Cruz even more. Santa Cruz has been the first opponent to have a chance against Davis in a long time. I feel like Davis is to undisciplined For Charlo vs Drevychenko, that is a solid fight. I think that Drevy could possibly beat him, he's came close to beating elite competition. This is Charlos first big test at 160 it'll be a good one. I like Jermells unification fight, I think he should win that against Reserio. Do you think that he was a one hit wonder against J rock or no? Depending on how this Donaire fight goes he should retire if he takes a lot of damage.

What do you think about Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fighting? Personally I like the idea because it shows the younger kids some boxing history. Roy Jones and Mike Tyson are in my top 5 and it's good to see them fight live.

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Definitely, and I was not impressed by him against Gamboa, given Gamboa's age and miles, his resistance and lack of ability to move well should have been enough for Davis to stop him early. I agree he's too big for 130. I don't know what Davis has been doing in terms of training since the Gamboa fight, so you're a step ahead of me if you've heard he's just started training again, and yes, that will definitely work in Santa Cruz's favour. I agree, Derevyanchenko is underrated, Charlo has flaws, but he was impressive against Hogan, hits very hard, is a counter puncher, he can hurt Derevyanchenko, but Derevyanchenko can punch himself, has a skills, I want to watch them both fight again before writing a break down. Very good question, we will find out against Charlo, his fights against Gallimore and Cota suggest he is a one hit wonder, but I don't think so, I was so impressed by him against Williams, that right uppercut was great, perfectly timed and accurate, and he hits very hard. Yes, he has already had a great career, he might bave got old overnight, but if he hasn't, he should retire if he takes a lot of damage against Oubaali.

Stupid, Benn, De La Hoya, and now these guys, these late comebacks always go wrong, Foreman's didn't, but he wasn't in his fifties. Both great fighters, but boxing is dangerous, and anyone in their fifties should never do it in my opinion, you could argue that boxing is always dangerous, but the chances of something going wrong are far higher for a fighter in their 50s.

He looked bad against Gamboa. Gamboa even being hurt with an achillies injury which is nasty made Davis look bad. He should've got him out quicker with the injury. I read something where it said he started training late and that's not a good sign for him. As for Drevychenko fight, I think he can pull it off, I don't think Charlo has fought the best at 160, Drevychenko has. He gave GGG one of his toughest fights. I might do the same as you and watch tape on both before I make a decision for sure on who will win. For now I'm picking Drevychenko, big rise in stock if Charlo wins.

The thing I like is that Roy Jones always wanted to fight Tyson since 03 when he won the title and never got to. I do agree with their point, they are both old and have nothing to gain from it. Who do you think wouldv've won if they fought in 2003?

Who do you have for the Eggington vs Cheesman fight?

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Definitely, and I don't buy Gamboa being better in the fight being much of a factor, he might have been better than he was in some fights, but he certainly wasn't better than he was against Sosa, I don't think the weight was a big factor either, Davis is dead at 130, and Gamboa is a small lightweight, it was a terrible performance from Davis, he hadn't been 8 rounds, he did well to get the stoppage in round 12, but I think it had more to do with Gamboa having nothing left. It will be interesting to see how much of a factor Davis's lack of dicipline is against Santa Cruz. Definitely, it will be a statement if he can do it, after Derevyanchenko gave Golovkin such a tough fight.

It doesn't mean the fight isn't a bad idea now in my opinion, hopefully it's just an exhibition like Morales had last year, otherwise it's a disgrace if you ask me. Good quesion, I think Jones, I know Tyson was a lot bigger, Jones was never the same after coming back down to 175, but that was after the Lewis fight, he was shot. What do you think?

I had Cheeseman, I'm well behind on boxing, I have a lot of fights to watch, I've heard Eggington vs Cheeseman was a great fight, was isn't surprising based on their past fights.

Spence vs Garcia for November is confirmed, interesting fight.