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Sam Eggington

Bradley Skeete

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Wasn't this a fantastic performance from Bradley Skeete?, a lot of people wrote him off after his failed attempt at securing the title after losing very narrowly to Frankie Gavin, and Sam Eggington, had been repeatedly impressing observers with a large number of brilliant, explosive performances, to be honest, I predicted that Skeete would come up short again.

This was a very good performance by Skeete. I still have to watch his first fight with Gavin to make a guess on a potential rematch. Eggingtion looked good in this fight at times as well.

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It certainly was, well it wouldn't be a bad idea to watch Gavin vs Skeete, but I will let you know before you view it, that it was a very tactical, tentative fight throughout, of course, the large amount of ungrateful boxing fans that exist today called it 'dull' and/or 'boring', if you want to watch a very physical fight, which is all about causing damage on the other side for both fighters, a 'war',a 'classic', a 'tear up', then Gavin vs Skeete isn't a fight to watch, you might enjoy it, it was a very interesting fight, the fascinating clash of styles made sure of that.

I very much doubt that there could be a potential rematch, I can see why you think that's a good idea, Gavin defeated Skeete, Skeete then went on to win the title he failed to claim from Gavin, a rematch doesn't sound like a bad idea to say the least, but there is a reason that makes me think it is unlikely, a problem that doesn't erase the idea of a rematch as an option, but makes it less intriguing, and in my opinion, not necessary. After Frankie Gavin lost emphatically, and quite brutally to Kell Brook in what was his first and probably his last world title attempt, he went gone off the rails in terms of his personal life, I'll spare you the details, but the long and the tall of it was that he was lucky not be serving him in an offenders institute, he had had his professional boxing license removed, he was given a court order that until he completed serving ?00 hours of community service, he wouldn't be able to renew his boxing licence, anyway, I'm assuming he must have followed the instructions of the court, because the news was recently divulged, that he is 'free to fight again'. I think Bradley Skeete would defeat Frankie Gavin with ease in a rematch, I doubt he we would be able to manage a stoppage over somebody as naturally durable as Frankie Gavin, but I can easily see him achieving a one sided shut out, I question Gavin's conditioning and commitment more every time I see him fight, and it is evident that Bradley Skeete is learning, maturing, and improving at an impressive rate.

I hear that a possible bout between Paulie Malignaggi vs Leonard Bundu is looking very likely now, I always said it would be a good idea, I really hope the fight happens, it would be especially great for Italy, in terms of analysing the necessary tactics, and the styles of the two fighters, it is extremely interesting in my opinion, is that a fight that interests you?

It doesn't matter that it is more of a tactical fight. I like watching any type of style of fight. For Skeete, a rematch wouldn't be bad but it would be nice to see him move on and fight someone new. On the other hand I hope Frankie Gavin gets back in the ring and gets his life together. Paulie Malinaggi vs Leonard Bundu would be an interesting fight to see. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Malinaggi, it would still be interesting to see.

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Well in that case, we're two peas in a pod. Absolutely, but more importantly, somebody who could/would create a challenge for him, someone who's a worthwhile opponent, and can provide him with valuable experience. So do I, but Gavin does have a lot of issues, and in my opinion, has himself only to blame for his popularity in this country, is he even really known in the US? Frankie Gavin is a talented boxer, he had a stellar amateur career, and it was clear he had the potential to achieve big things in the sport of boxing, but he needed to show enough maturity to realise where he stood in the sport, he needed to respect that others had earned privileges he hadn't, but as soon as he was competing at British level, and defending against some opponents who were very limited (and undeserving of the opportunity in my opinion), in fact, they were genuinely poor opponents, and he was not only calling out the best in the division, but he stated that (at approximately 15-0, after actually struggling physically and tactically against declined and poor opponents) he believed he could have the beating of Shawn Porter and Marcos Maidana (at that point, Porter had just achieved an extremely impressive, explosive victory over Paulie Malignaggi, and Maidana had just defeated Adrien Broner, and was preparing for his then scheduled bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr), he also stated that it wouldn't be long at all before he was to over take Mayweather and Pacquiao, and that he deserved to have a world title opportunity as soon as possible, he was very arrogant in saying this, and it wasn't long before he secured an opportunity to fight for the European title, a fight which happened, and as you know, Gavin lost, and this very humiliating for him, I remember wondering how or of he would bounce back, he impressed everyone with the victory over Bradley Skeete (I actually predicted Skeete to cause the upset), but ever since then, he has looked very poor, his conditioning is a serious issue, his fitness wasn't impressive when he fought Kell Brook (and he had previously stated that he would put his heart and sole into a world title fight, obviously coming in in as good shape as you can is a big part of this), and Gavin had plenty of notice for the fight, months in fact, so the excuse of the fight being short notice doesn't do him any favours.

It would be very interesting to see, and also to analyse prior to the event. If you don't mind me asking, why aren't you a fan of Paulie Malignaggi?

From what I see, nobody in the U.S really thinks Gavin is a good fighter. A lot of people just say he's a nobody that lost to Kell Brook. I don't really know much about him to be honest as well. I did see his fight against bundu. He didn't look bad if I remember. That's crazy he thought he could beat Madiana and Porter then loses to Bundu. But I do think you need that attitude to be the best fighter. The reason I really don't care for Malinaggi is because every time he is asked about Manny Pacquiao he gets so emotional over him and always trashes him. I know its his right to think Manny cheated, but I just don't like it when people just constantly bash or discredit someone. Other than that he was a good fighter during his time.

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That doesn't surprise me at all, it's a harsh world, but given that he didn't get past European level before falling short, I don't think he can expect much more. He didn't look bad against Bundu at all, but he showed a lot of vulnerabilities in that fight, as well as bucketfuls of courage. You're absolutely right, a boxer needs to believe that he's capable of winning every fight, and if Gavin had been offered a dream bout against Mayweather or Pacquiao out of the blue, then I wouldn't blame him for putting himself at the level he did, but when one obviously can't expect to have those opportunities for a long time, hasn't really impressed at British and Commonwealth title level, and hasn't even been involved in a European title fight before, there is no reason why one should have the mentality that he's ready to achieve the most impressive victories at that point in time, I suppose it would have been understandable, and like he was heading in the right direction, if he had acknowledged the fact that he had a lot of learning and maturing to do, and stated that it was his absolute dream to one day win a world title, like many fighters do.

I'm unsure of the exact reasons for Malignaggi's strong dislike towards Manny Pacquiao, I don't believe that it's because of the injury controversy alone, because Paulie (when not asked about Pacquiao), is a perfectly reasonable and rational guy, and a lot of people who probably have shorter fuses than him, have shown less anger towards the situation. I still rate Malignaggi fairly highly in the division, I think his reputation is based on his defeats more than his victories, which means he isn't really appreciated for the fighter he was, have you seem his fights against Juan Diaz?

I mean I would like malinaggi more if he didn't bash him every chance he gets. He seems like he knows what he's talking about in terms of boxing. I think that Malinaggis best days are behind him. I don't really rate him very high. The reason I don't think he gets appreciated is because he lost most of his big fights. But he's still a skilled fighter and deserves credit for that. I haven't seen the Juan Diaz fights but I remember watching a video on the worst robberies on YouTube and on of the fights were on there. That's a fight I'll check out.

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I wonder how Skeete would do against Pacquiao.

Sorry for the late comment. I think Pacquiao would win big against Skeete.

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Ah no worries, I think so too, but I'm not sure, Skeete is a very giod fighter, I definitely think Pacquiao struggles in three years time, maybe even 2.

Ward vs Kovalev next weekend, I'm still confident that Andre will win big, and also next week, Paul Smith gets another world title opportunity, wouldn't it be great to see him win that?!

Skeete is a good fighter. I just don't know how he would do against Pacquiao. Even though I think he declined a lot I think he can do well against Skeete.

I can't wait for their fight. I think Ward will win big to next week. He seems to be training harder and probably is the smarter of the 2 to make adjustments in the fight. That's good for him, who do you think he will fight for a world title?

Also, even though I'm not a big Rigondeaux fan, I am excited to see his fight with Flores. I think Flores is the type of opponent that will make the fight interesting with Rigondeaux. I also enjoyed his performance against Donaire. But other then that still not a huge fan.

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I'm not sure I agree, I completely understand where you are coming from, because, levels, I mean, status, it seems crazy to think Skeete wins at first glance, but let's remember hiw many fighters rise to the occasion, Skeete is a very good fighter indeed, Pacquiao is definitely going downhill, and Skeete is far bigger Pacquiao, stronger, height reach, he can counter punch, I think he can catch Pacquiao on the way in, I would give Skteete a good vhajce of defeating Vargas, and Pacquiao is declining, if they fight in 2020, I think maybe, Skeete could even win.

I'm sick of all team Kovalev's excuses and false accusations, I don't buy the 'over training' story. A unification with Stevenson?, but would Stevenson take that fight?, Beterbiev?, Browne, Jack?, tough to say, very tough, maybe an easier fight this year, and Beterbiev early next year.

I think Rigondeaux will box how he usually boxes.

Can I get your advice on something,

Check this,

Should I refresh the fight page and ask BK and Chach to rescore?, to clean up the site, or do you think I shoukd just leave it?

It does seem crazy to someone who doesn't watch boxing to think someone like Skeete could give someone like Pacquiao a tough fight or even beat him in the future. Also, at the end of fighters careers when they decline they tend to lose to fighters they would of beaten badly in their best shape, so it's possible Skeete could win.

I agree. I mean I don't hate Kovalev but the excuses are annoying. There are cases of overtraining, but this isn't one of them. I just think he failed to adapt to Ward and Ward made the right changes in order to win. I wonder who the winner of the rematch will fight after, there's so many options.

Most likely. I just think he can be more entertaining if it's against someone good. He's fighting someone with a lot of power.

I say keep it, but you can do what you want.

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I wouldn't predict him to ever win I don't think, but I think he'd give him a tough fight in a few years, and maybe he could get the win, who knows?

Basically, you push yourself to the limit, really the best way to overtrain is kill your body, and then give yourself almost no time to rest, if you give yourself enough recovery time, you can't over train, as long as you didn't train when ill, or train inconsistently throughout the early part of camp, I mean, I just don't buy it. He didn't have it in the tank, Ward was bigger and stronger than he expected, and that drained him, I really think JDJ doubts Sergey's chances.

Maybe. I think Rigondeaux vs Tete is the best fight thay could happen involving Rigondeaux.

Yeah I think I will keep it for now, and erase it in a week or so, man those guys hate each other, that isn't even the worst of it. Did you see some of those comments?


That's true, it's very hard to over train for fights. I mean it's possible he over trained, but like you I doubt it to. I just think he couldn't adapt to Wards adjustments. Ward is a great inside fighter and Kovalev had no answer for it. I want Ward to win big to, but I do hope Kovalev is on form Saturday night, makes for a classic fight.

That's a great fight. I think Rigondeaux should move up to get better fights. I like Gary Russell vs Rigondeaux to.

I saw their comments and man do they hate each other.

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It will interesting to see how Skeete deals with Dale Evans, and if he dominates like I think he will, I think he should move onto bigger fights, I think Skeete vs Broner would be a good fight, I don't think he's win that fight, but I think he'd give Broner problems.

Yeah me too, I want to see Ward stop Kovalev, and I thjnk he can.

Yeah great, Santa Cruz too.

I'll tell you who I think should be talked about more, Miguel Berchelt, I think he gives Davis and Lomackenko tough fights and beat everyone else at 130, I think he woukd come close to beating Davis at the moment.

They are both good to talk to about boxing separately, but a disagreememt has continued to escalate.

Yeah, isn't he fighting him next? If he beats him then he should look for bigger fights. I would like to see an eggington rematch to.

I could possibly see it happening. Something like Leonard vs Duran 2.

Another good fight.

I haven't watched much of him but I will definitely check his next fight out. I would like to see how he would match up against Lomachenko and Davis.

It seems like it.

Also, did you see the Saunders fight is off and that Roman Gonzalez is getting his rematch?

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Yes he is. Absolutely!

Yeah or Mayweather vs Hatton, Ali vs Foreman, Lomackenko vs Walters was very much like Leonard vs Duran in my opinion.

Believe me he is some fighter, great win over Vargas, I guy who went 12 with Lomackenko, Berchelt stopped him in 4, stopped Jupp in 6. I wouldn't even be surprised if he beat Davis, I don't think it would happen, and I certainly think with Davis being 22, the chances will decrease, but Berchelt is a beast, I wouldn't be shocked if he beat Lomackenko either.

Yes and no. That's great about the rematch, I think Gonzalez wins.

Can't wait to see it.

Lomachenko vs Walters was a lot like Leonard vs Duran. I see Ward Vs Kovalev being like that possibly because Kovalev is considered the tough guy just like Duran and he quit to the boxer.

It's something we'll have to see. I can't wait to see who Lomachenko and Davis fight next.

I think he does to. I think Gonzalez stops him.

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Ward is bigger, stronger, more, athletic, and when it comes to having a dogfight, I believe Ward is the man, not Kovalev.

I don't think any other 130 lber can give them problems apart from Berchelt.

I think it goes the distance.

I would love to see Rigondeaux against Lomachenko at 126, I was speaking to Boxing Knowledge the other day, and he thinks Rig beats Lomachenko, I don't agree at all, but I do see that.

I think so to. I think Kovalev does better when he has his way and isn't forced to fight at a high pace.


Do you see it more one sided this time, and Gonzalez being the clear winner?

I would to, the battle of the best amateurs ever. I think Lomachenko wins at 126. I can only see Rigondeaux beating Lomachenko at 122. For me I think that for Rigondeaux he needs to move up to get the big fights. He's running out of time.

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I think a lot of great fighters are like that, at least to an extent, Pacquaio, Tyson, Klitschko.

Tough to say, I can see Gonzalez winning 8-4, or 7-5, but I can also see Rungasai building a case for another win, and this time Gonzalez gets the decision, nah I'm 60/40 on Gonzalez getting him decisively this time, but I doubt he stops him, and I think the Thai will win up to 5 rounds, there might be a third fight.

I agree, on all that.

I really hope Wlad does the wise thing and retire instead of the rematch, and Wilder steps in, so we see Joshua vs Wilder instead.

To some extent, yes that's true.

I can see Gonzalez winning a more decisive decision this time. I had him winning 7-5 in the last fight, and I can see Gonzalez win a wide decision, but I can be wrong.

Yeah, I think it's the best move for Rigo is to move up to get better fights.

Same here, I just don't think there's much left for Klitschko. I rather see Joshua fight someone else. Like Wilder.