Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

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Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk
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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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scorecard by JONTAM23


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Anthony Joshua UD

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Unless Usyk pulls off an Andy Ruiz Jr in here, there's no way, literally no way as in NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL that Usyk walks out of fucking Wembley or O2 or Manchester or wherever with a points win. Not when there's hundreds of millions if not a couple of billions of dollars at stakes with the 2 potential back to back WWE WrestleMania Carney Sideshow Circus Clown Freak Main Event Acts between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua they've got on the pipeline. Just ain't gonna happen. I think Usyk will be game here may even pull such a performance that consensus is he won the fight but ultimately if THAT is the case then he WILL GET ROBBED. No IFs, BUTs or WHATNOTs. That's just one scenario I'm seeing I could easily see Joshua outboxing Usyk cleanly and winning fair and square or even stopping Usyk but just saying if the opposite happens then a robbery will be taking place.

I largely agree. I think Usyk will give Joshua problems but he's not winning on points. between hometown judging and just the sheer amount of money.

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Experience favours Usyk slightly, Joshua is experienced, his resume is good, but Usyk's is better, and he has an extensive amateur and WSB background, but in terms of strength and sheer power, this is an ease off for Joshua. Usyk was big at 200, he isn't too small to do well at heavyweight, but he wasn't a puncher at 200, he has very little power at heavyweight, Joshua has been hurt in a lot of fights, but when he isn't, he's very hard to beat. Joshua doesn't have Usyk's punch accuracy, and Usyk's lateral movement is a problem for almost any heavyweight, but Joshua's basics are better, he uses his reach, has a purposeful jab, has good hand speed and a high output for his size. I think Joshua's punch variety is better than Usyk's, he has a good punch arsenal, and doubles up on shots, and on top of the clear power difference, he's a better finisher than Usyk, is explosive, has the perfect mentality when the opponent is hurt. Usyk's defence is better than Joshua's, he doesn't often get bullied onto the defensive either, he let's shots slip past him and counters. I think Usyk's ring IQ is higher than Joshua's overall, Joshua has proven he can adapt to different styles and implement different game plans, but Usyk is strategically brilliant, often has more control than he seems to because of his ring generalship. Usyk has at least a decent chin, but with his size, he'll need to have a granite chin to hold up well when Joshua lands clean, how he holds up is very important, and so is his recovery and survival, which are the only aspects Usyk hasn't been tested in. I think Usyk can hurt Joshua, especially to the body, because he's intelligent enough to land an accurate shot which Joshua doesn't see, but Joshua's conditioning is good, his survival has improved, and I don't think Usyk can knock Joshua out or build on hurting him enough to stop him.

I think Joshua will establish his jab in the early rounds, keep Usyk on the back foot, and delay Usyk from cutting the distance, but Usyk will be out of position for the right hand, Joshua will cut off the ring, but whenever Usyk is on the ropes, he will step to the side. I think Usyk will come on in the mid rounds, will time his head movement when Joshua throws the jab, will be busier with his own jab, and he will set up some clean single shots, I think he'll hurt Joshua to the body, but Joshua will stay behind his jab, will respond well mentally, and Usyk will struggle to build momentum off it. I think Joshua will hurt Usyk when he lands clean, Usyk will go on the defensive at that point, and the tempo will drop, Joshua will keep out working Usyk with his jab, won't be able to match Usyk for accuracy, but his chin will hold up well when Usyk lands flush, won't be frustrated by Usyk's defence or accuracy. I think the first 8 rounds will have taken more out of Usyk, he'll have had to box under consistent pressure, Joshua will have drawn a lot of reactions from him, because of the respect Usyk will have for Joshua's power, and that's mentally draining. If Usyk's movement slows down, Joshua can obviously exploit his strength advantage more easily, but it will also make it easier for him to set up an opening, and when he times the right uppercut, lands it clean, he will knock Usyk out.

My prediction is Joshua by late KO, I wouldn't be surprised if he got a mid stoppage or a UD, Usyk's durability will be important. I wouldn't be shocked if Usyk beat Joshua, I think he's better, but not much better, and the difference in level is smaller than the difference in size, and that's why I think Joshua wins.

I think Joshua stays behind his jab and boxes long like he did vs Ruiz in the rematch and Parker to exploit his size/reach advantage, he'll put in a risk averse performance. If there are any rounds that are even somewhat close, no doubt the judges will give them to Joshua. By staying on the move, I don't think Usyk will get caught with too many clean shots, his durability will surprise people and he'll last the whole 12 rounds. It will be a competitive fight, at the final bell some people will think Usyk did enough to win, but the judges will give it unanimously wide to Joshua in the region of 117-111 / 118-110.

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So what do I think? I think AJ will win this one hands down. Like I said, unless Usyk can pull off an Andy Ruiz in here there's no fucking way he wins. Then after Wilder KO's Fury in the rubber match, AJ will probably rush to get a match with Wilder and then I don't know where Fury will have to take the back seat for his match with AJ.