Jonathan Navarro vs Hugo Alberto Roldan

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Jonathan Navarro vs Hugo Alberto Roldan
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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Jonathan Navarro MD

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Jonathan Navarrese vs Hugh Albert Roller

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Navarro's amateur background is a level above Roldan's, and he has been more dominant as a professional, but Roldan has fought twice this year, once last year, and 6 times in 2019, Navarro hasn't fought since late 2019, hasn't been past 2 rounds since 2018, there is no comparison for activity, that will definitely be a factor. Navarro hasn't fought a southpaw in 5 years, Roldan is predominantly orthodox, but he is a switch hitter, Navarro had a fairly close fight against a switch hitter in 2016, if Roldan fights southpaw, that could definitely be a problem for Navarro. Navarro is definitely better in terms of technique and punch accuracy, but Roldan has more speed in hand and foot, Navarro's blocking is definitely better, but Roldan has the better defensive movement. Navarro's variety is better than Roldan's, his jab is better, Roldan makes bigger mistakes.

I think Roldan will move on the back foot in the early rounds, Navarro will struggle to cut off the ring, will struggle to time Roldan because of his feints and movement, Roldan will go on the attack and throw combinations, and Navarro will be an easy target. I think Roldan will dominate the first half of the fight, but will fade down the stretch from putting a lot into his attacks, and moving a lot, and when he slows down, Navarro will do a better job of timing him, will have success with the jab, which will neutralise Roldan's attacks, and will be able to work on the inside, but I don't think he'll do enough.

I wouldn't be surprised if Navarro won, but my prediction is Roldan by UD.