Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua II

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Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua II
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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Fan Cards: Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua II

scorecard by CHRIS M95


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Usyk won by a fair margin last time, he'd been less active than Joshua, and it was only his third fight at heavyweight, this time Usyk is more experienced at heavyweight, and it's an immediate rematch, so activity is more or less neutral. On the other hand, Joshua had his second professional fight against a southpaw last time, which was definitely a factor, and this time, he's properly prepared to fight a southpaw, and while Usyk likely didn't put a foot wrong, Joshua seemed to get the tactics very wrong, he had the wrong game plan against Usyk, this time he has arguably the best trainer in the world, it takes time to build a trainer/fighter relationship, there's only so much any trainer can add to a fighter in 1 camp, but just getting Joshua to be more active and aggressive should be very important. Usyk hurt Joshua at least twice last time, he has Joshua's respect, but with his lack of power, he couldn't follow it up like Klitschko or Ruiz, and I think Joshua will be confident in the pocket. It will be interesting to see how Usyk deals with Joshua's pressure if he forces the tempo that Chisora and Briedis did, Joshua likely isn't stronger than Chisora, and it isn't his natural style, but he hits harder, and has better stamina. It will be interesting to see how Joshua holds up this time if he takes more risks and is open to taking more shots. Whether Joshua can keep Usyk under pressure, could be very important, Usyk has had little to no problems past 4 rounds in any fight, he's near unbeatable once he's found his rhythm, the mid rounds could be cruicial.

I think this will be a very different fight to last time, I think Joshua will be aggressive, his power shots will come off his jab, but he will be varied and have a high output, Usyk will be on the defensive, but will hold up mentally, and will hurt Joshua with a counter. I think Joshua will keep forcing the tempo even after Usyk had hurt him, will recover well, and Usyk won't be able to box comfortably. I think Usyk will punch off the ropes and punch with Joshua more often as the rounds go on, and will be far more accurate. I think Joshua will hold up well mentally in the late rounds, will keep trying to force the tempo, but his fatuige will allow Usyk to let his hands go more often, Usyk will do all the damage, will push Joshua back more easily as the late rounds go on, Usyk will make Joshua miss in the pocket, and Joshua will take punishment.

I think Usyk will win by UD again, I don't think it will be much closer or wider than last time, but both fighters ​will land a lot more shots. I think Joshua had the potential to beat Uysk the first time, the stance and tactics aspects favour him, but I think last time was Joshua's best chance, and the weight, activity aspects will be important, and Usyk is the more intelligent fighter, will make the better adjustments from the first fight, will be step ahead of Joshua for most of the fight.

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Personally, I think Usyk will stop AJ around Round 8 ish. I think AJ will try to be aggressive and KO Usyk in the early rounds, but we've seen in the Gassiev and first AJ fight that Usyk can recover well from big shots. I reckon AJ might have some success early (might be able to drop Usyk if he lands an absolute hammer) but I think Usyk will be able to survive. Joshua has had a big stamina issue in a lot of his fights and I think it will haunt him again in this one. After round 5 ish I think he will slow down massively and that's when Usyk will start to flurry him. AJ will try to hold on but by round 8 I reckon he'll be finished and will be TKO'd due to exhaustion. Basically, I think this fight will be similar to Bellew's fight against Usyk albeit I think Joshua will have more success than Bellew. I could maybe see Joshua getting an early KO if he goes for broke but considering how good Usyk's chin seems to be I think that's unlikely. I do want AJ to win as AJ VS Fury would be a huge fight but I feel bad rooting against Usyk considering everything he's done for his country and he just seems like a really cool guy.

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I think AJ will start aggressively, without much success apart from couple good shots. Then towards middle rounds when Usyk finds his rhythm, he will tire AJ out, winning the vital mid rounds, then counter AJ badly as the rounds progress ending in a KO victory for Usyk.

Usyk 10th round KO