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  • Reply to: Dariusz Michalczewski vs Richard Hall   57 min 13 sec ago

    Dariusz Michalczewski: "My poor performance in this fight was due to an eye infection. The morning of the fight I woke up with both eyes swollen."

    Richard Hall: "Yeah, yeah, that eye infection was called my right and left fists"

  • Reply to: Saul Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders Scorecard by Gold   2 hours 55 min ago

    Hunter got that Triller cash to fight a lower level fight

  • Reply to: Max Baer vs Jim Braddock Scorecard by questionMark   3 hours 45 min ago

    When Baer threw he won. He didnt really clown until the middle rounds of which he gave some away but he had the much stronger punches. The fight starts of very slow but heats up by the end. Baer should have won this.

  • Reply to: Saul Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders Scorecard by Gold   4 hours 38 min ago

    It was when Saunders was at his most effective overall but he wouldn't have won the fight even if he could have kept that up. What I mean is that Jacobs doesn't do anything technically that you mentioned at a bad level, but he doesn't have good enough ring IQ to the extent where it lost him key fights (Pirog, Golovkin) and he wasn't able to put it together at the best level so overall I would say his technical ability is limited, but not in a specifically obvious way. It's just critiquing him at the highest level, of course, he was a good fighter, but as you said, his top-level career is likely finished.

    I watched the weigh-in for Nery vs. Figueroa, Figueroa looked much bigger, it will be interesting to see if Nery can overcome it. If he doesn't, I think people will question if he really was a weight bully at 118.

    I read your prediction, I think you highlighted a lot of the relevant factors (Ramirez has done more rounds recently, will likely have a better gameplan, styles favor Ramirez). I favor Taylor because I think he is the better fighter overall and has the most relevant high level experience between them by beating Prograis but I really wonder about Taylor's inactivity and Davison, this will be a big fight for Davison's reputation as a trainer to make Taylor fight to his strengths. I think he will have to make the distance favor him at times to make the fight uncomfortable for Ramirez as the shorter fighter who has had difficulties with outside fighters, Taylor has good technical ability to do so, but he likes to mix it up which favors Ramirez. I don't think I agree with Ramirez having much higher volume, I recall Taylor's volume being good versus Baranchyk and Prograis, again Prograis being the clear best opponent between them. If Ramirez can do good compact work on the inside and let his hands go, keeping Taylor tempted to fight at his range I think he can win, it is a very well matched fight. I think Taylor has more routes to victory, it wouldn't surprise me if Taylor fought Ramirez's fight on the inside and still won, Ramirez is much better technically than Baranchyk but Baranchyk is strong for the weight and has good power, Taylor won that battle mixing it up with him. It will be a great fight in my opinion.

    I saw a rumor Madrimov may face Michel Soro next, I think that would be an interesting fight but it could be a big mistake by Madrimov's handlers. I can't give Madrimov a good chance in that big of a step up at this point in his career.

    Also, did you hear Hunter pulled out of the Hrgovic IBF mandatory fight? I'm not interested in what Hunter is doing if he's going to pull stuff like that to take a way worse fight. He must not fancy his chances versus Hrgovic because one thing about the IBF is that the winner will get the title shot if they win the mandatory.

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    Bivol vs Richards

    beaunuitmem - Bivol. Mid. 2
    Champion58 - Bivol. UD. 5
    Champion97 - Bivol. UD. 5
    Chris M95 - Bivol. Mid. 2
    Gold - Bivol. Mid. 2
    Jarrod Killian - Bivol. UD. 5
    INIMaxBOXING - Bivol. Late. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Bivol. UD. 5

    Eubank vs Morrison

    beaunuitmem - Eubank. Mid. 2
    Champion58 - Eubank. Mid. 2
    Champion97 - Eubank. Mid. 2
    Chris M95 - Eubank. Late. 2
    Gold - Eubank. Early. 2
    Jarrod Killian - Eubank. Mid. 2
    MINIMaxBOXING - Eubank. Early. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Eubank. Mid. 2

    Taylor vs Jonas

    beaunuitmem - Taylor. UD. 5
    Champion58 - Taylor. UD. 5
    Champion97 - Taylor. UD. 5
    Chris M95 - Taylor. UD. 5
    Gold - Taylor. UD. 5
    Jarrod Killian - Taylor. UD. 5
    MINIMaxBOXING - Taylor. UD. 5
    SalTnutZ1 - Taylor. UD. 5

    Parker vs Chisora

    beaunuitmem - Parker. Mid. 2
    Champion58 - Parker. UD. 4
    Champion97 - Parker. Late. 2
    Chris M95 - Parker. MD. 6
    Gold - Parker. UD. 4
    Jarrod Killian - Parker. Late. 2
    MINIMaxBOXING - Chisora. MD. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Parker. UD. 4

    Eduardo Ramirez vs Avelar

    beaunuitmem - Ramirez. SD. 2
    Champion97 - Ramirez. UD. 2
    Gold - Ramirez. Late. 3
    Jarrod Killian - Ramirez. UD. 2
    MINIMaxBOXING - Ramirez. Mid. 4
    SalTnutZ1 - Ramirez. UD. 2

    Fundora vs Cota

    beaunuitmem - Fundora. Late. 3
    Champion97 - Fundora. Early. 5
    Cheis M95 - Fundora. UD. 2
    Gold - Fundora. UD. 2
    Jarrod Killian - Fundora. Mid. 4
    MINIMaxBOXING - Fundora. Mid. 4
    SalTnutZ1 - Fundora. Mid. 4

    Lara vs Lamanna

    beaunuitmem - Lara. Mid. 4
    Champion97 - Lara. Mid. 4
    Gold - Lara. UD. 2
    Jarrod Killian - Lara. Mid. 4
    MINIMaxBOXING - Lara. UD. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Lara. Late. 3

    Omar Figueroa vs Abel Ramos

    beaunuitmem - Ramos. UD. 2
    Champion97 - Ramos. UD. 2
    Chris M95 - Ramos. SD. 2
    Gold - Ramos. UD. 2
    Jarrod Killian - Ramos. SD. 2
    MINIMaxBOXING - Ramos. UD. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Figueroa. UD. 0

    Jesus Alejandro Ramos vs Javier Molina

    beaunuitmem - Ramos. Late. 2
    Champion97 - Ramos. SD. 4
    Chris M95 - Ramos. Mid. 2
    Gold - Ramos. UD. 5
    Jarrod Killian - Ramos. UD. 5
    MINIMaxBOXING - Ramos. Late. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Ramos. Late. 2

    Ruiz vs Arreola

    beaunuitmem - Ruiz. Early. 2
    Champion58 - Ruiz. Mid. 2
    Champion97 - Ruiz. Early. 2
    Chris M95 - Ruiz. Late. 2
    Gold - Ruiz. Mid. 2
    Jarrod Killian - Ruiz. Mid. 2
    MINIMaxBOXING - Ruiz. Early. 2
    SalTnutZ1 - Ruiz. Late. 2

    Kurbanov vs Smith

    beaunuitmem - Smith. Late. 0
    Champion58 - Smith. Late. 0
    Champion97 - Kurbanov. UD. 5
    Chris M95 - Kurbanov. MD. 4
    Gold - Kurbanov. UD. 5
    Jarrod Killian - Kurbanov. UD. 5
    MINIMaxBOXING - Smith. UD. 0
    SalTnutZ1 - Kurbanov. UD. 5

    Canelo vs Saunders

    beaunuitmem - Draw. 0
    Champion58 - Canelo. UD. 2
    Champion97 - Canelo. Late. 5
    Chris M95 - Canelo. UD. 2
    Gold - Canelo. Late. 5
    Jarrod Killian - Canelo. Late. 5
    MINIMaxBOXING - Canelo. Late. 5
    SalTnutZ1 - Canelo. Mid. 5

    Nery vs Brandon Figueroa

    Champion58 - Nery. UD
    Champion97 - Nery. UD
    Chris M95
    Gold - Nery. Late
    Jarrod Killian - Nery. Late
    MINIMaxBOXING - Nery. Mid

    Roman vs Franco

    Champion58 - Roman. UD
    Chris M95
    Gold - Roman. UD
    Jarrod Killian - Roman. UD
    MINIMaxBOXING - Roman. Late

    Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Josh Taylor

    Champion97 - Draw
    Chris M95
    Gold - Taylor. UD
    Jarrod Killian - Ramirez. MD
    MINIMaxBOXING - Taylor. SD

    Haney vs Linares

    Chris M95
    Gold - Haney. Mid
    Jarrod Killian - Haney. Mid
    MINIMaxBOXING - Haney. Late

    Ward vs Fuzile

    Chris M95
    Gold - Fuzile. UD
    Jarrod Killian - Fuzile. UD
    MINIMaxBOXING - Fuzile. UD

    Cameron vs Hernandez

    Chris M95
    Gold - Cameron. UD
    Jarrod Killian - Cameron. UD
    MINIMaxBOXING - Cameron. UD

    Ouballi vs Donaire

    Chris M95
    Gold - Oubaali. UD
    Jarrod Killian - Donaire. UD
    MINIMaxBOXING - Donaire. Late

    Matias vs Jukembayev

    Chris M95
    Gold - Jukembayev. UD
    Jarrod Killian - Jukembayev. Late
    MINIMaxBOXING - Jukembayev. UD

  • Reply to: Luis Nery vs Brandon Figueroa   7 hours 8 min ago


    Figueroa is very big for the weight, he's stronger than Nery, definitely has the better chin, was in the pocket for 12 rounds against Ceja, who hits very hard, he couldn't hurt Figueroa, Nery has been down twice, Figueroa can hurt him, he won both fights by stoppage, but Figureoa is relentless, and won't give him respite if he hurts him. Nery likely hits harder than Ceja, Figueroa hits hard himself, but likely not as hard as Nery, and Figueroa is defensively poor, he'll have to take harder shots than he's taken before.

    How Figueroa takes Nery's power will be important, because if Figueroa has to respect Nery's power, that takes a lot away from him, but if Nery can't hurt him, Nery will have to make it technical, because his output isn't high, and Figueroa is very durable, took a high volume of shots to head and body against Ceja, which took a toll on him, Ceja might have got the better of the second half, but he still held up well and had a good last round. I think Nery can out box Figureoa, he has a good jab, is a lot faster than Figueroa in hand and foot, I don't think Figueroa's reach advantage will matter at all. Nery is a good combination puncher, but he is also a dangerous counter puncher at long range, is defensively good, is patient, and although it wasn't a flash knock down either time he went down, both times were a case of him trying to knock his opponent out without breaking them down, I think he's learned since then, so Figueroa might struggle to find the chin. I don't think Figueroa's reach advantage will matter at all, but his height makes him an awkward opponent. Figueroa is a good switch hitter, that could be a problem for Nery, but it could also be a problem for Figueroa if Nery can time a counter as he's switching. I think Figueroa can take the sheer power of Nery, and Nery doesn't have the volume to break him down, but I think Nery can hurt Figueroa if he sets up an accurate, well timed shot.

    I think Nery's speed will be the main difference in the first couple of rounds, Figueroa will struggle with his footwork, Nery will vary the jab to head and body, Figueroa will try to punch his way in, but Nery will land the counter left hand and move off the side. I think Figueroa will get closer as the rounds go on, Nery will throw a fast combination at mid range before Figueroa can get off, and will continue to use his feet, but he won't be able to deter Figueroa's pressure or control the tempo, the pace will take more out of Nery, and whenever Figueroa can get into range and get any shots off, the momentum will swing in his favour. Figueroa can fight his fight when he can close the gap even if Nery creates some space, and the more Figueroa throws, the more the fight will favour him in the mid rounds, because he's unlikely to tire until the late rounds, Nery will have to drain his legs to keep away from the inside, Figueroa's output will put him on the defensive, Nery will force his work, will throw shots to try to get Figueroa to back up and give him some respite, and the shots Figueroa does land will take a toll. I think Figueroa will dominate the late rounds, will do a lot of damage, the fight will be one sided on the inside, but he'll have fought at a high tempo, missed a lot, had to force his tactics in the early rounds because of the difference in foot speed, and he'll have taken a fair amount of clean, hard shots, the pace will drop, and that favours Nery, even if Figueroa still has more in the tank, because Figueroa is more reliant on a high tempo than Nery, and Nery will steal rounds by stepping back and letting his hands go when Figueroa relents, whether he throws a head/body combination at mid range, or goes back to the jab.

    I think Nery wins a UD, but no outcome would surprise me.

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    Magomed Kurbanov vs Liam Smith - Congrats on April Champ - fantastic score, hope you had some money down. Smith Late

    Saul Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders = Draw

    Luis Nery vs Brandon Figueroa = Nery Mid
    Daniel Roman vs Ricardo Espinoza Franco = Roman UD
    Xavier Martinez vs Abraham Montoya =

    Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Josh Taylor = Taylor Late

    Devin Haney vs Jorge Linares = Haney Mid
    Martin Joseph Ward vs Azinga Fuzile
    Chantelle Cameron vs Melissa Hernandez = Cameron UD

    Nordine Oubaali vs Nonito Donaire
    Subriel Matias vs Batyrzhan Jukembayev