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  • Reply to: Gary Antuanne Russell vs Rances Barthelemy   2 weeks 9 hours ago

    The only way Russell could show it was not a fixed result would be to do an official statement saying he doesn't need referee's help to conclude his fight. As long as he doesn't officially says it, there will be doubts that he and his promoters are behind the controversial decisions in his fights.

  • Reply to: Gary Antuanne Russell vs Rances Barthelemy   2 weeks 10 hours ago

    First time Barthelemy was ever in an entertaining scrap, and the stoppage is god awful.

  • Reply to: Rances Barthelemy vs Robert Frankel   2 weeks 13 hours ago

    dunno if they televised Rd 1 Rd 2 competitive Barthelemy single shots one after another doing more damage last minute and getting better of most exchanges in the second half of Rd Frankel doesnt take minute 1 off and lands his power shots stretched out across 3 and consistently

  • Reply to: What fights are we missing?   2 weeks 1 day ago

    last Thursday GB DAZN card Jousce Gonzalez vs Joe Angulo
    Manuel Flores vs Daniel Moncada
    Gabriela Fundora vs Lucia Nunez
    Eric Tudor vs Edgar Valenzuela
    Jasmine Artiga vs Amy Salinas

    Thompson boxing card
    George Acosta UD Isaac Avelar
    Richard Brewart vs Ramon Ayala
    Llamido vs Olguin
    Stephanie Chavez vs Esli Cervantes
    Leonaro Sanchez vs Erick Levya

  • Reply to: PCOM Scoreboard   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Chamberlain UD
    Kelly Bastida draw
    Danny Garcia UD
    Kownacki late

  • Reply to: Ilunga Makabu vs Ryad Merhy   2 weeks 1 day ago

    It seems WBA has declared Merhy as mandatory challenger for Arsen Goulamirian (a rematch, they fought in 2018), so this may jeopardize that fight.

  • Reply to: Joet Gonzalez vs Isaac Dogboe   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Very close fight, and an interesting fight, Dogboe didn't allow Gonzalez to use his reach, Gonzalez didn't allow Dogboe to use his height and make himself small on the inside. I think Gonzalez struggled with Dogboe's speed in the early rounds, he started slowly, his blocking got better as the fight went on, and he got somewhat accustomed to the speed, which was the main difference on the inside, but Dogboe's footwork had improved, that was very important, Gonzalez couldn't keep the pressure on him. I think Dogboe had the better game plan, he used his feet to briefly back Gonzalez up in the first round, got off first, which meant Gonzalez had to force the fight and build momentum from behind.