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  • Reply to: Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri Scorecard by Zoe   6 years 10 months ago

    Added, been offline all week, it's the time of year. Happy holidays Champ!

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    Hi Zoe, you must be exited about the great match ups on tonight. I wonder if you would be able to upload them, Thurman vs Bundu, Khan vs Alexander, Bradley vs Chavez, Lee vs Korobov.

  • Reply to: Richard Abril vs. Sharif Bogere   6 years 10 months ago

    Decent fight, Richard Abril is an extremely underrated boxer and I think this plays a part in his fights. To be honest I think although he can take a shot and has the toughness to last in a long hard fight I do think that he should throw more punches and throw them with more power, there is no snap on his shots really. To be honest rounds 2,3 and 4 were just rounds for Abril to sap Bogere's energy, he knew perfectly well what he was doing, I thought that the fifth was close and after that it was a masterclass from Abril, winning the last 8 of the rounds and outclassing his opponent in 7 of them. When you watch this fight and see Abril looking worried before the verdict after his performance you just know that he hasn't been treated right as a boxer. I thought the referee was discusting, he took a point from Abril after he got fouled. That ref was bullying Abril for the entire fight but Abril is werthy of a lot of respect because he still outboxed his opponent and clearly won.

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    Great to see you have this site back up and running again! I wonder if you would upload a couple of fights for me.
    Gavin vs Skeete
    Saunders vs Eubank

  • Reply to: Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri Scorecard by glassjoe   6 years 11 months ago

    Wouldn't you agree that this creates even more reason to believe Pacquiao can beat Mayweather? Mayweather narrowly outpoints Chino without putting any sort of a dent on him and Pacquiao outclasses Algieri, knocking him down 3 times and other once very heavily, Chino is better than Algieri but not that much better. I don't think Algieri vs Provodnikov2 will happen because Provodnikov has a fight against Jose Luis Castle and AlgierI may want to fight someone like Danny Garcia.

    Eubank vs Saunders this weekend, I think Eubank stops him about round 9 as he is behind on 2 of the 3 close scorecards. I have a couple more boxing related questions for you. 1. Do you think Martin Murray beats Gennady Golovkin? Do you think Crolla has a chance against Abril?

    BTW I agree with your analysis about Pacquiao vs Algieri

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    Great work by Manny. I was worried that he wouldn't take the fight seriously but he proved me wrong. He dominated the fight but I really think what won him it was the angles. Chris is so inexperienced that whenever Manny changed an angle on him he got pegged. Chris didn't have to do this with Provodnikov because of two reasons 1. The most obvious reason is because he only knows how to fight forward and is only effective when his opponent is directly in front of him. The other reason is that unlike Manny Provodnikov is a fighter that is not known for activity. For example if you watch his match against Tim Bradley you will see that in round 2 he nearly completely gassed himself out when he threw what about 70 punches. Manny was just a different fighter who Algieri was just not ready to fight. This match really won't do anything to Pacquiao's legacy because in reality Pacquiao has already beaten admittedly much better fighters; to name a few Cotto, Morales, Barrerra, even Clottey. I really can't put De La Hoya or Mr. Mosley on the list because they were both ancient at the time they fought Pacquiao. Still a good win; should it put him at fighter of the year level? No. I honestly don't and personally I believe it should be a jumble between Terrance Crawford, Kovalev, and Cotto. That is just how I see it though. Makes me wonder where Algieri is going to go from here. Personally I'd like to see a rematch with Prodnikov or maybe put him up with Herrera. I believe Pacquiao could either be the learning force that either helps his career, or the missle that destroys it. Only time will tell.

  • Reply to: Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev Scorecard by ChrisBoxer14   6 years 11 months ago

    Just let it be champ. Personally I don't see it either but winning rounds isn't what this match was about. It was about B Hop increasing his legacy as one of the toughest fighters of all time, and what better way than not get knocked out by an artist like Kovalev. I didn't think B Hop would win- no one really did, but he did win respect. If he or did he win a round really isn't relevant.