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  • Reply to: Fast & Furious: Miguel Cotto vs. Shane Mosley Scorecard by christianthepearson   6 years 7 months ago

    No problem at all mate, I'm always up for a discussion and you can never sent me too many messages.

    Floyd boxed sensationally on Saturday and kind of shut my mouth, I can totally understand why you like Mayweather so much.

    Now this is very interesting because although I completely agree with you about Lara I will say that some people would ask, Why does Floyd get no criticism for avoiding a fight? I think I know what your answer would be and that is that when he boxes on the back foot/'runs' it is when he is easily winning the fight and that is how he chooses to fight but with a victory at steak he would get stuck in and do the best he could, Lara was in a close fight and he still avoided a fight, just assuming that is how you are looking at it. The Cotto that lost to Austin Trout widely would stand no chance against Canelo and get beaten clearly and comfortably but the Cotto that mashed up Delvin Rodriguez and dropped, schooled and stopped Sergio Martinez would defiantly have the beating of him in my opinion, I agree about Canelo although I don't really see that much impressive speed, power yes, timing yes but speed not so much. I think the new defensive, composed, calm, sensible Cotto would give Canelo nightmares and frustrate him, I can see Canelo struggling to hit the body and get countered every time he tries anything at all.

    I thought the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight wasn't great but I was very, very impressed with Mayweather, I think Mayweather will fight Khan later in the year and then fight next year in an epic rematch with Manny Pacquiao, hopefully a Pacman with both shoulders in tact, isn't it horrible that Manny gets punished for trying to stop everyone form losing the fight they have wanted for years? I really didn't think it was close and had Mayweather by 8 points, rounds 6 and 10 were very close rounds that most gave Pacquiao but I thought Mayweather was landing with the cleaner shots, believe it or not I didn't give Pacquiao that last round out of sympathy, I really thought he won it, another thing that is interesting is that Mayweather never hurt Manny Pacquiao but Pacquiao hurt Mayweather with that straight left in round 4.

    Garcia vs Peterson looked dubious to me, I have some questions for Lamont Peterson, why did his big attacks look so effortless?, why did the strength difference look bigger between him and Garcia than between Garcia and Matthysse?, what was with all that standing up between rounds?, I have a suspected answer and that is illegal substances. I hate it when people say that Kell Brook beat Shawn Porter easily and schooled him when that was not the case, it was actually a very close fight and a question of whether you preferred the effective aggression, relentless pressure, higher thrown and landed count of Porter or the controlled, smart, eye catching accuracy of Kell Brook. I guarantee you that if you watch Bradley vs Chavez again you will not call it super close, Bradley easily won it and was robbed blind, literally.

    Cool, got some big names there, it is still cool to only fight as an amateur, it is still something you have to train for and that takes dedication and if you have another job you like more then that's great. I started boxing when I was 13 and I have loved the sport ever since, I have been extremely unlucky with injuries and minor but still illness that keeps me out of the gym, I am 17 and I still don't have a license and have never officially fought but I have done many, many rounds of sparring over the years, I hope to fight very soon and I actually see my 0-0 record as an advantage because people won't be able to take any knowledge of me into the ring and I know how it feels to hit and to be hit. It is quite interesting how I got into boxing because when I was 13 I had no idea what I wanted to do with my free time, I've never been much of a gamer, had no interests or skills to my knowledge and I was a bit lost as I needed some challenges in my life, my dad told me all about my granddad who I never met but was a boxer and who I am a clone of, I said why not try it out, I have fallen in love with the sport of boxing ever since, I don't know any other 17 year olds who never drink booze of any sort, don't smoke and do not eat any junk food at all, but that is how seriously I take it, I'm a featherweight but I want to train my way up to super or even lightweight, I'm 5'6 and a half so I'm never going to be a heavyweight or anything close. I'm about to have a little workout session, not much just 200 sit ups, 50 press ups and then I'm going for a 9 mile run. My friend you have nothing to be ashamed of because you were hurt by a smaller guy, maybe that smaller guy has more time on his hands, time when you have other work, what matters is that you carry on, I remember when I fought a middleweight, well I say fought but I mean sparred, he was a beginner, a very nice guy but a kid who had been expelled form school for violence, we sparred and for the first minute and a half I was like an annoying little fly that couldn't be caught and was landing sneaky little jabs to the body consistently, I used my fast feet to stop myself being pinned on the ropes but it only takes one punch in this situation, this guy caught me with a right hook to the body when I was being cocky and I was defiantly bothered by it, I was only 14 but I don't feel embarrassed about being hurt but proud that I sparred him again, my point is that as long as you get back in the ring and face for fears than is what being a warrior is all about, it is all about hit and don't get hit but also it is about brushing off and battling through punches that do bother you. I have never sparred anyone smaller than me, I think I've usually been the physically fitter but never the stronger and never the more dangerous. One thing that is really hard is finding the time to exercise when you have a job like being a teacher, I should know given that my parents are both teachers, just keep on the treadmill pal, I'm sure you will achieve your goals in the classroom and in the gym. Great to talk to you as always.

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    The Buster Douglas that beat Tyson would have made a better account of himself. This Buster looked out of shape like he didn't really want to be there.

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    Hey! So, I'm sorry for posting on multiple things in one night, I'm just trying to catch up. lol.

    As far as Floyd's 0, while that's admirable, that is not why he's my favorite. You and I have discussed his character, so I won't go further into that, but in the ring, I see nothing better. I understand why you disagree, I honestly do, and I respect it. I've just been enamored with his skill for a long time now.

    I totally understand what you mean with Canelo, I just see something in his skills. Lara is so sharp, fast, and skilled, but I hated the way he fought. Using evasive tactics and counter maneuvers is one thing, but he clearly was just running side to side, using weird, unnecessary lateral movement, and just plain avoiding a fight. It was embarrassing. However, I could see the flaws you refer to in Alvarez. I thought Cotto looked brilliant against Martinez, but Canelo is big, hits so damn hard, has deceptively explosive speed, and decent defensive movement. Regardless of my prediction, that's a fight that I really wanna see! :-D

    I know the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is getting quite a bit of backlash, but I thought it was great. Clearly I wanted a Gatti-Ward type fight the highest skilled Welterwights, but I was realistic in knowing that wouldn't happen. It was a beautiful chess match for 12 rounds, and Mayweather dominated with his speed and smarts. Honestly though, Champ, I was just so thrilled that they shared a ring together. Lol. That's the giddy obsessive boxing fan in me.

    I still want to watch Garcia-Peterson again, I've only watched parts of Brook-Porter, but I do have the fight on my computer and plan to watch it in the near future, and I originally had Bradly winning a super close fight against Chavez, but I'm very anxious to watch that one again too.

    Beterbiev vs Kovalev? That's so tough! Kovalev can box and arguably hits harder than any Light Heavyweight ever, but Beterviev seems to be quite a force. I'd love to see that in the coming years.

    I am a fighter and a fan. I have been in the ring with B.J. Flores, Danny Green, Will Grover, and Ernest Miller. I've only fought as an amatuer, and most of my experience has been with sparring. I've never been dropped or seriously staggered, but admittedly have had a torn rotator cuff, a fractured rib, and was very bothered by a punch by a guy two weight classes below me at the time. Yikes. In my peak, I fought at 168, but I struggle with weight, and since it is not my profession, I've decreased my ring time. I'm a Heavyweight now, but I'm working on dropping some pounds. I'm getting older and my job demands all my time. I'm actually a music teacher full time, but I'll never lose my passion for the sweet science. :-) What about you, my friend?

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    Hey buddy! So, I have a hard time with this fight in general. While it is obvious to me that Castillo seemed to be comfortable and persistent in his aggression, I have never felt that he was affective nor landing clean punches (I am generalizing). I usually like the HBO crew all around, but something seemed off in this fight. For example, round 5 seemed to be pivotal in their minds, and I believe Compubox had Castillo landing 16 to Mayweather's 12. So, I've watched that round specifically multiple times counting punches to see if I was crazy. I most recently counted 20 lands for Floyd and, if I'm being generous, 11 for Castillo. Anyway, I know that's not the end all be all for fights, but I really feel that Floyd just out-boxed him. He "retreated" throughout rounds 6-10 a lot, but was landing wonderful counter punches. I think he beat up Jose in round 10, and I think the closest rounds in the whole fight were the final two. Round 7 was definitive Castillo, but other than that, I have to fight to give him rounds. Now, I understand being in the minority on this one, and I completely respect the opposing view on this one. This is just how I continually view the fight. I saw it like the judges did, oddly enough. lol. Thanks for asking. :) As far as the second fight, I really want to make my highlight video for it and watch it closely. I know I should already have done that by now, but I'm sure you understand a busy schedule. haha. I do what I can. Talk to you soon, my friend.

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    Thanks, Champ. :-)

    And Glassjoe: Yes, I love this fight. It's great when two opposite styles clash to make tension and excitement. I love it!

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    I want to score all the Ali fights, but this one might be too hard to watch. I could never bring myself to endure it.

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    Ah. Ali's finest performance is finally here!